The process of soldering is an important aspect in jewellery business and in the creation of every jewellery piece so we pay a great attention to our products that are created through this technique. Thanks to soldering, using the parts of our silver and gold materials, we are able to present a wide range of jewellery bases and semi-finished products as the basic elements for the creation of outstanding jewellery that would be suitable and would please everyone’s ideas and tastes. Thanks to techniques of soldering, we have unlimited possibilities of making personalised jewellery according to individual projects.

Most probably, the technique of soldering is familiar to all jewels creators and jewellery passionate persons. Just as as small incursion on this process, soldering consists of permanently joining silver or gold parts using high temperature burners that would have as a result a perfect base for a finished product or why not, the exact finished product.

Because we accord a great importance to this technique, our company already has and we are continuously improving various types of soldering equipment and various soldering technologies, which in the hands of our qualified and experienced personnel, will provide the opportunity to combine almost all parts in silver and gold, in new and innovative products.
The process of soldering consists in the assembly of soldered parts done by hand, which ensures the high precision of connected parts, having as a result beautiful aesthetics and sustained durability.
In this regard, along with all our other products realised through the process of soldering, we have prepared for our clients a wide range of chains, including base chains for necklaces and bracelets, with different structures and different endings, in order to match any preferences(flat endings, round endings, etc.)
As we are concerned in the quality of the products, in the same measure we pay great importance to the compatibility between parts. For example, silver soldered jumprings are attached to chains with higher dimensions, so to say, with larger links. The soldered connection is particularly important in this case in order to grant the quality and durability, but also to have a smooth appearence and touch, almost invisible to the sight.
Elements intended to the process of soldering are prepared using various technologies so each fragment intended ti soldering has the highest quality. Separate preparation of the products are subject to various processes like a precise laser cut from the metal sheet, a perfect engraving and polishing or an extremely careful preparation of the cast that would ensure the ideal result.
More than this, the finished silver elements carried out through the process of soldering can be further customised according to every preference, having the possibility to chose different options like rhodium plated or gold plated in yellow 24K or rose 18K gold.