If everything looks accordingly with original project idea, the “original model” is prepared, which follow with next step – wax models preparation. This allows to shorten the technological process to a minimum, and achieve repeatability of the production. Making of the rubber molds is a good method as it ensures the possibility of copying jewellery elements at any time in the future. Models can be as simple as rings or more complex, like jewellery designs made out of many elements.

After hardening of the rubber mould, next step is wax department. This is the step, where under pressure, the molten wax is injected into the molds. Once the wax cools down, the rubber mold is opened and reveals wax model of the original jewellery design. Properly cut rubber is flexible and allows you to freely remove a delicate wax from the mould. The next step is setting the wax casts on the wax core, we call it “a tree”. Once the tree is completed it’s time to hand it over for the next step, where is filled with investment. Once the solution turns solid, we starting with wax burnout.