Although we are a direct manufacturer, SILVEXCRAFT offer is not intended only for wholesale customers, enterprises or large jewellery companies, but also for people who are just starting their way in creating jewellery as an occupation or as a passion.

In order to fulfill the individual requests of our customers, we offer a wide range of silver and gold semi-finished components and accessories for creating your own DIY jewellery according to your ideas. For jewellery makers who implement individual designs, we have in our offer elements to match each type of jewellery making such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants, and many more. In our store, throughout the large range of products, there is the possibility to purchase even individual pieces intended for a particular jeweller’s article.

The company’s activity is not limited only to the manufacturing and sales of the silver and gold elements. We are continuously trying to be innovative and improve our services, thus we have extended the offer with services such as jewellery trainings, which are held periodically in our Jewellery Training Center at the company’s headquarters. This represents a great opportunity for the persons who seriously want to dive deep in the production and sales of their own jewellery projects. Thanks to professional training, which includes not only exponential and theoretical parts, but also practical workshops, knowledge and skills that are necessary in this field can be acquired during these sessions. Also, these jewellery trainings are an interesting proposition and opportunity for amateurs – jewellery lovers who want to create jewellery just for their own pleasure and of course, for beginners who need an introductory lesson in this field.

In addition to jewellery trainings organized at our headquarter, we have also prepared helpful instructional videos on interesting topics and products, which are available and could be seen, among others, on our Youtube channel DIY WITH SILVEXCRAFT. The tutorials show step by step how to make your own DIY jewellery and the videos will definitely be an inspiration for people who want to start their adventure in creating jewellery. Most part of the jewellery designs that are presented in the tutorials are available for sale in the form of DIY jewellery sets, this product being an ideal starter kit for a beginner but also a great gift proposal for a jewelry – making passionate.