As a silver jewellery manufacturer, we have our own innovative foundry line, thanks to which we can make silver casts of designs available in our offer, as well as according to the individual client’s design. The entire foundry process is based on the method of melted wax, otherwise known as the lost wax method. This allows us to create also more complicated elements. The procedure for casting sterling silver jewellery is done in several stages. The first of these is the placement of a wax tree in a special flask with holes. After hardening the investment, they moved into to the furnace. When furnace heats up, the wax is melted from the channels inside the molds. When the molds are burnt out, they are filled with a previously prepared metal alloy. Depending on the type of alloy and its characteristics, casting takes place at different temperatures appropriately selected by our experienced employee. Then the molds are left to cool and then they are cooled in water container. The last step is to remove investment residue and to cut and segregate individual products from the casted tree.