As a direct manufacturer, beside our offer, we have extended our view and in order to match the best the customer’s requests, we provide the services to accomplish every individual’s idea for jewellery according to the each design and request. Although we are open to every demand and we could provide counselling and advice, we remain faithful to the metals that consecrated us, the 925 silver and the 585 gold, but we have never excluded other materials.

One of the best examples and one of the most successful and ordered products, are the personalised tags or plates with the name or a representative word for the customer, a perfect way to create something unique and that could signify and represent certain emotions or memories. As a simple inside view inside this process, the pendant is created or chosen from our offer by the customer in a simple online creator available on the website and then the customer could continue with his own specifications in the realisation of the product. The pendants available to create this personal and symbolical customised products are both available in silver and gold. Moreover, in combination with a suitable base like a chain or bracelet base, they could form one of a kind necklace or bracelet.

As customers requests for customised products represent a great part for our services, in our offer you can find numerous types of plates and tags on which the personalised engraving can be applied, it is only a matter of choosing the right one according to every person’s preference. For example, we have in our offer a charm in the form of feet, on which it can be engraved the names of children and dates of birth, it is a perfect gift for young mothers and for anyone to remember a changing life moment. Silver rattles with an engraving are also a good example in this regard, they are often chosen as a souvenir of baptism, a one time celebration which creates bond. Other examples could be a heart-shaped pendant with an engraved name will be always the perfect gift to symbolise and express the most important feeling or silver tags and cufflinks with an engraving for personalized men’s jewelry.
Additionally, beside the engraving customised engraving product, we make jewelry according to the designs of our clients. Every idea, design, sketch or photo is counselled and carried out by our specialists. The created project is subject to customer’s acceptance who is free to bring modifications and it would be later available in his own account to order it. We also protect the intimacy and the innovation of ideas for every customer, so beside universal symbols or universal products, the customised projects will be visible on the customer’s account.
In order to have a simple view on the process, laser cut designs are prepared in 2D programs, cut out of silver or gold sheets and engraved. Designs of more complicated shapes are prepared in 3D programs through the process of foundry technology, which is first printed in a 3D form, thanks to which the mold of the design is created and later used in the casting creating process. There is no limit on this creation technology, various parts or finished product of silver jewelry can be created – pendants, earrings, rings or components from castings.
In addition to silver jewelry and gold jewellery, we make customised designs of bracelets or products with Italian Alcantara. The bracelet can be engraved with a pattern, for example, a name or any word, symbols or you can attach any silver plates with an engraving and decorate it with Crystals from Swarovski.