The main purpose of jewelry plating is to protect the base metal against tarnishing and to give the whole element high decorative qualities. In the case of silver jewelry, it is important because this metal in contact with airborne contaminants, in particular with sulfur compounds with the time is covered with yellow, brown and black coating. Also the human body can contribute to the loss of the jewelry glow because in the human sweat there are similar compounds. Our galvanic services allow you to secure the surface of your jewelry so can be used for many years to come.
Silver jewelry coating with the gold, we obtaining depend on the expected result, using different types of plating baths.
For decorative and anti-tarnish purposes, we plate sterling silver jewelry 925 in four color variants:

  • 24K yellow gold,
  • 18K light yellow gold,
  • 18K rose gold,
  • platinum,
  • white rhodium.

Gold plating is the process of applying a gold coating to a thickness around 0.5 microns. The color depends on the alloy composition of the applied coating. In the case of rose gold plating, such a component is copper. Depends on the proportions it is possible to obtain a color from light pink to almost red.
Yellow 24K gold plating gives a bright yellow color and a clear gloss, which makes gold plated silver jewelry a great alternative to more expensive products made entirely of gold.

Rhodium plating of the jewelry gives objects a lighter color than electrolytically platinum or palladium. A particularly important advantage of rhodium is its high resistance to sulfides, while silver can tarnish in the presence of these compounds. Rhodium plated silver jewelry changes its color to a small degree, and the applied coating is characterized by high hardness, which increases the mechanical resistance. In this respect, it gives way only to electrolytically applied chromium coatings. In addition, rhodium emphasizes the glow and illuminates the bound stones, thanks to which, for example, diamonds appear whiter, which brings out them even more.
Rhodium plated silver jewelry has a unique glow and high longevity values, which is why very popular among customers.

Black Rhodium plating basically has similar mechanical properties as light rhodium, it is distinguished by deep black color of rhodium-plated jewelry, which goes along very well with other colors, eg with yellow gold and strongly contrasts with embedded light stones.
These properties change the aesthetics of the plated jewelry and protect it against the harsh environment.

It should be remembered that the coating of gold and even toughened rhodium is not eternal. Exposed to abrasion during normal use, it will matt over time, scratch and discolor.
Taking good care of sterling silver jewelry comes down to following a few small rules that will extend the time, in which we will be able to enjoy shiny finish:

  • avoiding contact of silver jewelry with salt water, chlorinated water,
  • avoiding contact with strong chemical compounds,
  • removing jewelry before applying cosmetics, as they may contain, for example, alcohol,
  • removing jewelry before bathing,
  • Store unused jewelry into a box / clipboard, so that it does not come into contact
    with polluted air.