Besides to gold and rhodium plating of the jewelry, our galvanic department also does service of silver oxidizing. Another term that defines this process, is the blackening of silver or black patina. Oxidation process is getting done by the chemical compound ( Ag2O) and consists the surface of the silver element treated with a layer of silver oxide, which gives it a darker color. It gives a jewelry an antique or tarnished look. The coating is dark and matte. This is an excellent method to achieve intentionally aged jewelry look. Oxidized products are easier to use, as they don’t require cleaning (they already tarnished!) and the color of oxidation wears out very slowly.
Our laboratory also performs a test of the composition of galvanic baths using a fluorescence spectrometer. Most common baths are for gold and rhodium plating. These baths may contain, in addition to the main metal, cobalt and copper, whose presence will be detected. Data on the content of galvanic bath components can be given in any unit, but usually it’s g / l. Depending on the size of the sample sent to us, we measure the pH and specific gravity.