Modeling – 3D designing

Our company has great experience with designing and modeling 3D jewellery, in order to expand our offer and to create custom designs for our clients. Our custom made jewellery service is aimed at companies that want add to their offer a new designs. This service is also available to our individual customers. Each customer has the opportunity to realize their idea thanks to our 3D jewellery design service. Making silver castings according to the customer’s design creates possibility not only for expanding the assortment with new unique designs, but also gives the opportunity to create a unique jewellery pieces for their end customers.
The requirements for individual implementation of a jewellery designs are pretty simple. All you need to do is send us a photo, drawing or description of your jewellery along with dimensions. Based on that data, our designers make freehand sketches, then create a 3D model.


Our jewellery designers work on the newest software programs, thanks to which they can create fascinating and unique projects, conveniently and efficiently. We are able to design unique rings, pendants, earrings, wedding bands, bracelets and many other castings of jewellery components that we can combine in many ways. Thanks to our programs, you can develop the desired collection in a short time. Designing jewellery can be described as though task, due to the way the individual models are developed. Sterling silver castings is not easy craft, where a lot of experience, knowledge, artistic, manual and aesthetic skills are required. Of course, our experience allows you to shorten the work itself from the technical side, however the idea, vision and inspiration are difficult to measure and put into exact time frame. Therefore, to have a fresh and individual view, in some cases the designs are being prepared by at least couple of designers. The designing is a continuous process. The tests, trials, corrections and improvements are constantly being carried out. Usually, refining a project means several hours of work for several days, which are needed to get familiar with the initial design and make additional changes, if need it. After this stage, we send the client 3D visualization. If the customer is satisfied with the design, the model goes to print.