X-ray fluorescence is an analytical method for determining the concentration of metal elements
in the sample. It is currently the most commonly used technique in the non-destructive testing. It is widely used due to the speed of analysis and the lack of sample preparation. The device uses a beam of X-rays, which does not affect the tested material in any way. The device allows you to test the substance in solid state, powder and a solution. The limitation is the size of the subject, which in the case of jewelry does not really matter. However, the minimum dimension should be at least 1mm or more in diameter.
The fluorescence spectrometer which we use, it’s possible to test the thickness of galvanic coatings of gold, silver and rhodium, and to examine the elemental composition of the sample. Thanks to which, the customer is aware of what product he receives. The measurements made are characterized by very high accuracy, which gives the assurance and repeatability of results. It is possible to perform the following measurements:

  • Gold coating thickness test on any metal (this includes 24 elements)
  • Examination of the thickness of the rhodium coating on silver alloys
  • Examination of the thickness of the silver coating on the metal alloy (includes 12 elements)

Our equipment also allows testing of the sample of gold and silver, determining the percentage composition of 24 metal elements in the alloy. Thanks to this, it does not limit our ability only to jewelry testing.

  • testing the alloy composition of gold jewelry,
  • testing the alloy composition of silver jewelry,
  • testing the alloy composition of titanium jewelry,
  • testing the alloy composition of platinum jewelry.

A good example in the case of determining the alloy composition will be the examination of gold or silver granules, which can be cut and examined internally. Very important information will be the concentration of elements recognized as a contaminants.
In the case of examination of items that we do not want to damage, it should be remembered that the outer layer of jewelry or coins, which can be found on the market will often be etched or subjected to other processing processes, that may affect the fineness of tested subject. Each time you should consult what kind of data you want to obtain, how to interpret it and what method of testing will be the most effective.