Spring 2020 jewellery trends


Spring is a herald of waking up to life, lush greenery, warmth, fresh scents, as well as rebirth and change. Swallows, storks and cranes return from warm countries, snowdrops, crocuses and primroses flourish, and bears wake up from winter sleep. Everything blooms and intense colours begin to surround us, not yet burned by the strong summer heat. Design spring jewelry and make your collection flourish, with jewellery supplies such as: swallow pendant, stork pendant, birds silver stud earrings, flower pendant, flower earrings or create a jewelry set for bear lovers: bear charm, bear earrings, silver chain necklace.

Trends inspired by 70s

Spring fills us with inspirations. It is also a symbol of fresh, new energy that is felt every year, among designers and artists from around the world. This year, the return to the 70s style is dominating. The era of freedom, which broke existing conventions and was full of contradictions, while putting emphasis on play and comfort. This decade belonged to individualists, who wanted to express their ambitions through clothing. Trends were influenced by a total mishmash, a mixture of various materials, colours and styles, such as: neon, vinyl, lycra, lace, sequins, paisleys, pleats, frills, wide collars, bell bottoms, miniskirts, jumpsuits, denim overalls, printed T-shirts and mohawk hairstyle. Complementing these creations is massive jewelry, characterized by large dimensions and expressiveness – massive earrings and solid chains dominate, adorning the necks of both women and men. Stylisations from the catwalk collections for Spring 2020, largely refer to trends from fifty years ago. The basis of spring stylisations will be earrings decorated with beads and crystals, mismatched earrings, massive chains worn short at neck, heavy chokers, heavy colourful necklaces,
as well as green pearl, avant-garde version of nude pearls, and tropical designs.

Pantone colour of the year 2020
According to Pantone Color Institute, the colors for this season will oscillate in earthy colors. Referring
to nature, expressing our desire for comfort and freedom, but also humor, modernity and entertainment. Beige, brown, khaki and pale green, will allow us to recreate the Safari style, which is promoted this year. However, these subdued collections should be enlivened with an intense hint of saffron, orange peel, fiery red or biscay green. This year’s palette also includes pastels in shades of: cream sunlight, coral pink and lavender. However, the color of the year is a calming and timeless shade of blue, inspired by color of the sky at dusk, or deep ocean. It’s called “classic blue
Add the character to your designs and include the colour of the year 2020 in your projects, which is the classic blue Pantone 19-4052. A shade associated with reliability and credibility. Choose crystals from Swarovski in the colours of Crystal Royal Blue, Crystal Dark Lapis, Crystal Capri Blue and Crystal Ocean Blue DeLite and emphasize the elegance of this year’s shade in your collections. Inspiration can be this jewelry set (photos below) which consists of: silver bracelet, silver pendant, silver earrings and a silver ring.
Baza do bransoletki
baza kolczyka
Pierścionek regulowany

Spring 2020 fashion trends

This year’s collections straight from New York, Paris, London and Milan for the Spring 2020, are full of life and surprise with exotic patterns and bright colours. From previous seasons, logomania, plastic and bizarre distorting figure and not very practical clothes disappear, and some of old trends evolve. Comfortable, timeless and everyday styles are starting to dominate.
1. Spring 2020 fashion has gone crazy on trend with tropics. Exotic jungle plants and wild animals dominated catwalk, adorning bold stylizations. The tropical trend was initiated by the “jungle dress“, designed and refreshed after many years by Versace and presented by Jennifer Lopez during the Milan Fashion Week at the end of 2019.
2. The Safari style once promoted by Yves Saint Laurent is back. This time designers focused on natural materials such as linen, cotton and silk, with hand-braided and wooden inserts, decorated with emphasizing the waist straps and rolled-up sleeves. Fashionable styles have been perfectly complemented by espadrilles, sandals and moccasins. And all these created in subdued colours, reminiscent of Savanna: desert sand, khaki, beige or ivory.
3. Another inspiration for the upcoming season, turned out to be sea voyages and sailor stylisation, created on the basis of the classic blue color, its strong contrasts with white, as well as striped designs. Jackets with shoulder straps, striped T-shirts and high-waisted trousers, complemented by stripes in the form of ropes, silk scarves and sailor’s hats.
4. Dots and spots also return. Black and white, small and large, combined with each other, or in more extravagant version, combined with contrasting stripes and tropical prints. Let’s remember that in this season, there are many possibilities, because the designers play with patterns, styles and colors. They set the bar very high, creating dynamic, eccentric and crazy compositions.
5. There was also a classic accent on catwalk this season, when a timeless black&white check appeared. However, attention was also drawn to its modern version, in the form of a colourful, almost fairy-tale design, transporting us into the world of Alice in Wonderland.
6. There could not be missing some party inspirations. Disco-style creations clearly dominated. Long, outstretched and sharp collars, like straight from the legendary New York Studio 54. Attention was also drawn by mini dresses, almost entirely decorated with glitter and sequins.
7. If anyone thought, that jeans would not surprise them anymore, they were wrong. References to the ‘70s fashion captivated us with a wide range of styles: from bell bottoms, through culottes, comfortable slouchy and balloon pants, mini skirts, katana jackets, as well as jumpsuits in the shades of classic blue.
8. A timeless and elegant white, will also be desirable. In addition to the classics, there will be a subtle reference to folklore and rural idyll, thanks to lace decorations, decorative sleeves and flimsy dresses.
9. We were also charmed by the creations with neo-Victorian frills and big bows tied at the neck.
10. And finally, a reference to the season. The explosion of flowers announcing the arrival of spring, is visible in the form of creations reminiscent of meadows melting in flowers, as well as large expressive spring flowers, similar to those from paintings. Fashion 2020 meets art. Of course, referring to the main principle of the season, the more ornate, quirky, bolder and attention-grabbing, the better.

Spring 2020 trends in jewellery

Spring stylizations 2020 in jewelry is a breath of freshness, but also multicoloured and energizing combinations. Minimalism has gone into oblivion, and its place is taken by flashy, oversized, neon and asymmetrical specimens. In the next season, the trendy jewelry will be inspired by nature, ecology and strong individuality. Referring to the creation of the largest fashion houses for the Spring 2020 trends, we distinguish 10 major jewelry trends.

1. XXL hoop earrings

Promoted, among others, by Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. In addition to the eye-catching size, they are accompanied by additional decorations such as rhinestones, beads or Swarovski crystals. Swarovski jewellery was also promoted by Brandon Maxwell. If you want to learn more about Swarovski jewelry, read here. And if you want to find out who Daniel Swarovski was, read here. Hoop earrings appear in a modern version, in vintage style and street style. In addition to decorated hoops, they also appeared covered with gold, dark rhodium, and enamel – to enrich them with colour values and artistic accents. Designers also encourage to join several hoops together, of different sizes, creating impressive trendy earrings, reaching below the shoulders. Huge and flashy earrings, however, are not suitable for everyone, that’s why for people with a delicate beauty, we recommend small silver hoop earrings. Swarovski bracelets in shades of juicy spring green or a silver chain bracelet will be an ideal addition to them.
kolczyki kwiaty

Add a character to your jewelry and personalize it with jewelry supplies, such as a silver hoop with 5 cm diameter, which can be combined with ear wires and silver engraved plaques, by using jump rings. Learn more about engraving silver and gold jewelry here. If you plan to engrave your logo, name, initials, important date or other personal message, use our services: engraving silver jewelry or engraving gold jewelry.


However, if you plan to create a collection reminiscent of unique specimens from the largest fashion shows, get creative with silver findings such as: round earring with loops, which can be easily combined with flower hooks, or extended with other hoops or spring pendant such as: bee, dragonfly, swallow, butterfly, clover or sunflower with Swarovski crystals. Silver jewellery makes perfect match with the colour of the year, so an interesting proposal could be a silver hoop earring base, which you can decorate with crystals from Swarovski in classic blue and silver plaques for engraving, or other delightful charms.

2. SOLO earrings

An astonishing trend of this season is the SOLO earring, but this version is reserved for the bolder people, because it is oversized, long, rich, decorated with beads, zircons or crystals. Eye-catching, dominating over the outfit, and especially delighting with its uniqueness. Keep up with best trends and shine with phenomenal jewelry among customers, in the form of single earring. Try the silver spiral, which you can mount on ear wires and use as a connector for other silver charms. An excellent suggestion are also sterling silver XXL round hoop earrings with a diameter of 10 cm, which can be worn alone, or combined with selected charms, by use of silver clasp.
To add variety, complement your compositions with silver ear cuff, fashionable since last season.

3. Unmatched gold earrings

In addition to SOLO earring, unpaired earrings also aroused delight on catwalk. Attention was drawn to original Jason Wu models, decorated with pearls on one ear, and shells on the other, or chains of different lengths. Such combinations are proof, that the spring trends this year rely on mixing and creating original compositions, so don’t limit yourself and create unique collection, that doesn’t match each other. Spring 2020 trends make great opportunity to let your imagination run wild, so that’s perfect time to go crazy with your projects.

A great example is GIORRE, which has created an extraordinary asymmetric hoop earrings, perfectly harmonizing with the upcoming trends, using universal hoop earrings, silver crosses, which are trendy in recent seasons, and the timeless subtle Swarovski pearl. All elements made of the highest quality 925 silver, 24-carat-gold-plated. Silver jewelry is timeless and offers many possibilities. Add some variations to your offer and create unpaired silver long earrings, choosing jewelry findings such as: hoops or other earrings bases and combining them with a wide range of different pendants.

4. Long earrings, a new combinations of boho chic with glamor
Catwalk this season have clearly been dominated by earrings. This is evidenced by the fact, that the fourth proposal, are again earrings, this time long earrings. These include tassel earrings, very trendy in recent seasons or decorated with chains, fringes, studded with crystals – like mini versions of baroque chandeliers, or textile flowers – attached to silver dangle earrings. Artists skillfully combine glamor with the era of flower children. There is also an offer for minimalists, because Christian Dior gives us inspiration of flowers made only of gold 585. It is worth adding, that an asymmetrical and long earrings usually visually slims the face. Liven up your jewelry, by introducing a spring aura, thanks to motifs such as flowers and plants, adding some crystals from Swarovski, spacers for bracelet or creating a set of jewelry, which consists of sterling silver earrings and Swarovski necklace connector or silver pendant necklace:

Combine tradition with colourful youthful energy and colour your designs, by using silver components with floral motifs.


Create charming silver earrings, similar to shiny chandeliers with beads from Swarovski, combining them with a silver rosette and ear wires, using silver headpins and jump rings.

Following the colour of the year, it is worth creating several pieces in this shade. All you need are earrings bases, Swarovski Rivoli bases, end caps, jump rings and crystals from Swarovski.

5. Oversized chains
In addition to earrings, catwalk have gleamed with chains. This time, heavy, oversized, single or multi-layered as cascades. Among others, Alexander McQueen and Moschino presented them. For fans of more delicate jewelry, subtle gold chains remain fashionable, but not in a single version, but arranged as silver layered necklace, with mixed patterns and thicknesses, decorated with few pendants and charms. Create a sophisticated silver necklace made of bulk chain, with patterns such as: anchor, curb chains, cardano, popcorn chains, figaroa, rolo, rombo, box chains, snake chains, wheat catene, hearts or balls, you can also use ready-made bases for necklaces.

6. Heavy chokers
Despite that choker dominated catwalk in the autumn of 2019, however, in the upcoming season, the designers opted for more massive versions, heavy, carved, with thick links and rough edges, looking almost as industrial chains. Striking colour mixtures, oscillating not only in sterling silver, gold and black, but also other materials, such as coloured enamels and epoxy resins, are present in the latest Ditta Zimmermann models. What is epoxy resin and what it is used for, read here. Find out more in our  episode 1 and episode 2 of our guide: Epoxy resin – how to start?

7. Silver name necklace
Apart of oversized chains and silver choker necklace, the neck is also decorated with delicate silver necklaces, with initial pendant or name pendant. Such personalised necklace is a perfect gift idea. Add variety to your offer and focus on the opportunities offered by personalized jewelry. Create individual designs with initial necklace in silver, gold-plating or rhodium, paired with a delicate chain in the same, or different shade. Mix of silver element with gold and rhodium, follows a popular trend in this year.

8. Avant-garde pearls
As every year, a timeless and elegant pearl could not be missing. In the classic version, but also refreshed, more avant-garde. This season, we will be seduced by, on one hand heavy and massive strings of pearls, sometimes forming knots, and on the other, delicate, asymmetrical and unpaired, formed right next to the ear, or hung on tiny chains.

Enrich your jewelry sets with current fashion trends, and present sensual silver earrings with Swarovski pearl! Rose earrings, spiders, cherries, moon pendant, pendant for cat lovers or classic pendant.

9. XXL shell
Shells have accompanied us for several previous seasons. However, following the principle of this season, putting emphasise on the dimensions and dominance of jewelry over clothing, some designers such as Prada or Balenciaga presented earrings, necklaces and bracelets, decorated with any type of shells in XXL size, or smaller, but in large quantities. However, it should be taken into account, that giant shells will not be very comfortable in everyday stylisations. Therefore, it is worth taking care of those, who are looking for comfortable everyday jewelry, but still in the convention of the latest trends. An example is shell earrings base, where you can hang further elements, or shell beads, which are perfect as charms for bracelets. The uniqueness can be added by silver shell, hung on hoop earrings or silver chain, forming a shell necklace. Silver charms will add beauty – by placing a Swarovski pearl in it, and creating an elegant charm bracelet, earrings or necklace. Swarovski pearls offer a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Choose the perfect one for yourself, and prove that pearl jewellery can still surprise.

10. Return to nature
has influenced many jewelry 2020 trends. Not only colourful, artistic field flowers, but also exotic jungle designs and wild animals appeared on catwalk, visible for example in the Dolce & Gabbana collection, in the form of a cheetah lined with jewels. Colour your collection, by introducing exotic motifs such as: palm, pineapple, watermelon, elephant, tiger, flamingo, giraffe, zebra, parrot, and bring your customers’ imagination to paradise islands, recalling sandy beaches and hot exotic aura.


It is also worth paying attention to the models that Dior presented, as gold jewelry with floral motifs, which was accompanied by moons, snakes and moths, often supplemented with pearls. Add glamor to your designs, incorporating silver findings with a moon motif, or refer to ancient times by using a symbol of snake.

And finally, let’s not forget about this season’s fashionable marine jewelry, which goes perfectly with the colour of the year. Strengthen your image and expose that you follow trends 2020 by creating marine jewelry with motifs such as: anchor, ship, ship wheel, rope, shells and cord bracelets.

Tree of life pendant, gold 14K

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Do you design jewelry?
What jewelry is most desirable in the Spring 2020? Jewelry distinguished not only by its dimensions, but also by its bright colours. Breaking all rules, resulting from fun and a mixture of different materials and styles. Jewelry that catches the eye, which can be seen from far away, which often shines in the dark. However, when planning jewelry for 2020, it is worth considering the values, that guide the generation of so-called Millennials. These include individuality, no patterns, freedom of choice, ecology, harmony with nature and ease of travel. In addition, interest in handmade jewelry is growing. There was a quantitative and mass saturation, and the time has come to be aware of quality and value. So let’s create jewellery that lets you express yourself, where you give something from yourself, give it some value. Whether this value will be visible in the design, communication, packaging, or any other way, it is an individual matter, depending on the style and profile of your product. And also on your taste 🙂

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