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Epoxy resin – colorless jewellery glass

We do not have to be doomed to monotony and repeatability both in the issue of clothing and its accessories. Deciding on the elements that diversify our wardrobe, we do not have to be guided only by the already beaten jewelery routes. Jewellery, in addition to the traditional one from 925 silver or 585 gold, can be made of many different materials. Epoxy resin –  colorless jewellery glass was used and had found its place in the jewellery industry. It is a material that thanks to its properties and extraordinary visual qualities has crept into the grace of the most demanding tastes.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a synthetic two-component material. It is a material that is made of crystal-clear resin and hardener. When these substances come together in a chemical reaction and as a result they harden. However, be sure to use the right proportions. The mass thus created is congealed and is then suitable for use or further processing. Thanks to its unique properties, it works well in the jewelery industry. The biggest advantage of epoxy resin is its freedom in shaping its shape and the ease of combining it with other elements. Adapting it to the shape we’ve prepared is very simple – just choose the right casting form. To obtain the shape we want, remember to apply the resin carefully and slowly to the material. We recommend to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that will ensure the best effect. In addition, the molding resin can be subjected to machining. Grinding, drilling or polishing will give our jewellery the final form. Epoxy resin achieves total hardness after 7 days, therefore any mechanical treatment should be performed only after this time. When the mass cools, to the base of the ring or other prepared form, we can attach the obtained shape made of epoxy resin and enjoy the new jewellery.

We’re adding splendor

The use of only crystal-clear resin will not make our jewellery shine, the mass obtained by us is just a colorless material. If we want to highlight its aesthetic values with color, it must be taken into consideration adding specially designed dyes for it. Only in this combination with them we will obtain the effect of colored glass imitating crystal. The pearl pigment is also used to impart color to the resin, the coloration can then take place by applying the pigment to its surface or adding it to the epoxy mass. In this way we will obtain the effect of pearl, metallic gloss.

Hand-made jewellery

epoxy resin

When starting to prepare our product, first of all remember about an casting form. This is what will be crucial in the whole process. What it will look like will directly affect the shape of our future jewellery. The shape of jeweler’s glass that we desire depends on our creativity. We can allow ourselves to let go of fantasy, which will create even more unique jewellery.

The next step we will take is to prepare the epoxy mass itself. The proportions that we should keep are resin and hardener in a ratio of 2: 1.
While mixing, it is also recommended to air the room and be careful. If we want to bleed our jeweler’s mass, we can heat it up. Remember to not heat the hardener. We place a bottle of crystal colorless resin in water at about 35-40 ° C for about 10-15 minutes. Then mix with the hardener and leave the mass aside for another 15 minutes. After a quarter of an hour we can start the creative process.

Strengths of epoxy resin

The color of the dye and the mold does not have the only effect on the uniqueness of our jewellery. Another advantage of epoxy resin is the possibility to experiment with what will be inside of it. To create a truly original and unique look, we can place other elements in it – sink flower buds, seeds, Crystals from Swarovski or ready-made components in the form of hearts or other desired shape.
The final form of epoxy resin jewellery is always unique and guarantees an extraordinary look. All jewellery enthusiasts of unprecedented form and unique appearance are encouraged to check the qualities of epoxy resin. You can use ready-made products or try your own strength and create something peculiar and surprising.

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