Letter K pendant, LK-0733 - 0,50

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A=9,60 mm; B=7,00 mm; C=1,20 mm, sterling silver (AG-925)

EAN13: 85155
Package: 0.640g (~4 pcs)
Pieces in package: ~4 pcs
Weight of one piece: ~0.16 g

~ The tilde mark means an approximate value, which may vary slightly


13 packages available


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8,42 zł tax excl.

156 PKGS 78 PKGS
Price per lot 5,62 zł 5,88 zł
Price per gram 8,78 zł 9,18 zł
Price per unit 1,40 zł 1,47 zł
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Thickness of the plate: 0,50 mm

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