Swarovski crystals – how to check if they are original?

Crystals from Swarovski

Swarovski® crystals – what are they?
Contrary to what many people think, it’s not rock crystal, but glassware – also known as crystal glass, and often just crystal. Swarovski® is a family company created by Daniel Swarovski (read more: Swarovski. The history) in 1895 in Wattens – located at the foot of the picturesque Austrian Alps. Crystals of this brand are mainly known as Swarovski crystal jewelry, but also a variety of decorations that can be applied to clothing, footwear, handbags, scarves, hats, watches or phones, as well as jets and sequins called crystal Pixie that have found wide application in the cosmetics industry, consisting of nail decoration.

alcantara crystal wrap bracelet
Star earrings with crystals
tennis bracelet with Swarovski zirconia
Swarovski handbag
Cross necklace with Swarovski crystals
 Swarovski crystals and Madonna
Swarovski shoes
Swarovski phone case
Swarovski pen
Swarovski glasses

The magic of Swarovski® crystal world was also discovered by interior designers, who are increasingly implementing shiny elements in their designs in the form of chandeliers, door handles, furniture handles, knobs for blinds and many more – creativity in this field has practically no limits. Swarovski® also works dynamically in producing contact lenses and other lenses, used in hunting optics, as well as in reflectors installed on roads. The leading crystal manufacturer is identified with luxury collections of the highest quality and flawless precision, thanks to which the crystals shine in both, natural and artificial light. Read more about the Swarovski® world here.

Swarovski lighting
Swarovski glasses
Swarovski photo frame
Swarovski crystal swan figurine

Swarovski crystals – why they are so popular?

Swarovski crystals appeared on the market over 120 years ago (read: Swarovski. The history) and since then, they dazzle with their splendor, evoke admiration and desire, conquering the hearts of women and artists around the world – adding the magical glow to even the simplest styling. A wide range of colors, shapes and sizes as well as regular expansion of the offer – by introducing new products twice a year, makes the Swarovski® collection a fabulous treasury of inspiration for designers from all countries. The brand is also famous for its masterful innovations and creativity, thanks to which, it creates trends (one year ahead) instead of following them. This strategy results in cooperation with world-renowned brands and fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior architects and lighting designers around the world. The most recognizable include: Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparell, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, Emanuel Ungaro, Alexandre Vauthier, Gianni Versace. Creations decorated with Swarovski® crystals were worn, among others, by Maria Callas, Marlene Dietrich, Elżbieta II, Tina Turner, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Swarovski costume
Rihanna Swarovski dress
Madonna Swarovski costume
Spice Girls Swarovski costumes
Lady Gaga costume with Swarovski crystals

In 1962 Marilyn Monroe, while singing a song to President Kennedy: “Happy Birthday Mr. President”, wore a dress consisting of 2,500 Swarovski crystals, which in 2016 was sold for almost $ 5 million.

Marylin Monroe Swarovski dress
Marilyn Monroe crystal dress
Marilyn Monroe Swarovskki crystal dress
Taking into account the variety of styles and the above-mentioned personalities, it’s easy to guess that in the Swarovski® collection, everyone will find something for themselves, from glowing crystals, through matte, iridescent, retro, vintage, classic, romantic, as well as techno, electro or steampunk.
Swarovski® jewelry finds its recipients not only in the most famous fashion houses, big screens, legendary music, politics, the biggest stars and celebrities, but also more and more often it is found in chain stores, as well as decorating everyday stylizations of people walking on the streets. Due to the fact, that this brand’s crystals are so popular and collect a growing number of receivers, more and more jewelers, as well as craftsmen, they use them to create their own jewelry. Nowadays, a wide range of gold and silver components, designed strictly for specific Swarovski crystals, makes it much easier to create amazing and original designs. An example is 925CRAFT, which combines silver findings with the most popular crystals and pearls, and creates a separate collection available at: for crystals as well as a collection dedicated to one of the most popular crystal, which is Rivoli 1122. The collection of silver settings dedicated to Rivoli 12 mm, also perfectly matches to GAVBARI RIVOLI semi-precious stones, which have identical shape as Swarovski Rivoli crystals.
Jewellery components
Semi-finished silver products

Swarovski crystal Rivoli 12 mm

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What is the difference between original Swarovski crystals and other – often immitated crystals?

The innovative and very precise method of grinding Swarovski® crystals has been developed, and tested over the years, by a team of design and engineering specialists, using geometrical and optical measurements. For this reason, all techniques, compositions and solutions are closely guarded secrets. However, taking into account few facts:
  • Swarovski® crystals have become recognizable worldwide and reached a wide audience,
  • they have been decorating the creations of the best designers for over 120 years today,
  • delight most women,
  • The company is the world leader in the production of cut crystal,
  • The brand sets trends for the upcoming seasons,

the popularity of this crystals encourages attempts to copy the cuts and release less and more intricate immitations on the market.

  1. The first step to avoid buying false crystals is to receive a Swarovski® certificate of authenticity (more information on the certificate later in this article). This document should be attached to every crystal, every crystal jewelry, as well as any other product – containing Swarovski® elements. Regardless of whether we make the purchase in the Swarovski® store, online or in other jewelry stores cooperating with the brand – everyone should be able to show and offer such a certificate. If the certificate is not included with the purchase, you can always ask for it, and in case of refusal, there is already a shadow of uncertainty.
  2. Often, the determinant of authenticity is price. Counterfeit crystals can be bought from less than 25 cents to several dozen euros each. Original Swarovski crystals have a very wide price range, however, it is enough to check and compare the prices of the same crystal in 3-5 online jewelry stores and find out if the product you are planning to buy is not suspicious. In the case of single crystals, the difference in price will not be significant, but the ideal example is Swarovski® jewelry, which for example is priced at around €100, while its counterfeit can sometimes be found for up to €10. However, as you can guess, its quality will leave much to be desired. Counterfeit jewelry quickly loses its shine, is susceptible to scratches and damage, and in a fairly short time is covered with an unattractive coating, which is why it is not suitable for everyday use. The above tips should be enough to guard against fraud. However, what if we receive Swarovski® jewelry as a gift? Namely, the authenticity of the crystals can be checked, by looking deeper into the quality of the cut.

How to distinguish original Swarovski crystals from fakes?

If you decide to buy Swarowski crystals or jewelry, you expect to receive an original product, made of the best quality materials, not an imitation. To avoid disappointment, it is worth learning a few rules that will distinguish a fake from the original:

How to spot genuine Swarovski crystals?

The company made a revolution in crystals processing (read more: Swarovski. The history). By refining the precise quality of the grinding and cutting, it creates compositions of many layers, angles and colors, obtaining almost perfect solutions. Years of practice and continuous development allow them to guarantee the identity of each product due to the quality, shape, size, color and gloss, not only of the front surface of the crystal, but also its bottom, interior and even the hole:

  • exceptional and flawless glow,
  • no air bubbles,
  • no scratches,
  • no other blemishes,
  • all walls at same angle,
  • a unique effect of light splitting,
  • shiny and smooth surface,
  • does not oxidize, does not rust,
  • durable and resistant to abrasion and scratches, maintains its state for a long time.
  • no exceptional expressive glow,
  • visible bubbles,
  • visible scratches,
  • visible other blemishes,
  • walls divide at different angles,
  • no exceptional light splitting,
  • imprecise workmanship – scratched and rough surface,
  • unsightly coating over time,
  • less durable, susceptible to scratches, chips, change in color,
  • fakes are lighter.
Below, please note the comparison of the original bicone crystal from Swarovski® with the fake one.
How can you tell if Swarovski crystals are fake?

Swarovski® Authenticity Certificate – what is it?

Swarovski® authenticity certificate should be issued for each purchase, both single crystals and finished products – containing original elements, because it proves their originality. If the certificate is not included with the purchase, you can always ask for it, and in case of refusal, it is a signal that the product may be an imitation. That’s why it’s worth shopping with trusted sellers, who can be easily and quickly verified.
As imitations are expansively flooding the market, and the creators are getting closer and closer to perfection, the company introduced another security feature, in the form of the Swarovski® seal. It includes a hologram depicting the image of the Alps, the year the company was founded by Daniel Swarovski, mapping his signature, the name of the newest collection “Crystals from Swarovski”- and an individual number – based on which you can identify the manufacturer and check if he is an authentic Swarovski® Partner. The seal means that the brand meets all standards required by the company and has the right to use the Swarovski® seal to mark its products, in which the crystals have been used.

Swarovski® appreciated designs and the quality of the GIORRE brand

Swarovski® recognized the quality and design of original GIORRE jewelry by promoting its products on its website and on social media. GIORRE offers silver jewelry 925 and gold jewelry 585, combined with crystals. It has its own designs, sent to, and executed by 925CRAFT – the manufacturer of silver components, who fine-tunes every element with the greatest precision and attention to detail. In addition to the production itself, 925CRAFT also offers engraving, rhodium plating, galvanic gold plating, oxidation, soldering, laser cutting and 3D printing.
Due to the radical business changes of Swarovski® and the resulting difficulties in purchasing its crystals and pearls, which have been used by GIORRE so far, the brand uses high-quality GAVBARI crystals, pearls, gemstones and semi-precious stones in its designs. In the impressive GIORRE collection, you can find: silver earrings and clips, necklaces and chokers, silver chains and bead spacers for bracelets, pendants and charms, silver bracelets and rings, as well as cufflinks, devotional items, jewelry sets, wedding jewelry, occasional and personalized jewelry and men’s jewelry. All in sterling silver 925, 24K yellow or 18K rose gold plated as well as oxidized. When you buy GIORRE jewelry, you will receive an elegant packaging that will be perfect as a gift or safe storage.

Rivoli stud earrings
Rivoli stone spiral ring
Rivoli cufflinks
Fine stud zirconia earrings
Pearl stud earrings

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