Personalized jewellery with individual engraving


Personalized jewellery, created according to your own ideas, allows you to express your individuality, giving at the same time the opportunity to express your feelings in a unique way: mood, view and passion. The personalization is possible thanks to the impressive technology of laser marking or cutting, a process with stunning results, even for small openwork designs.

Personalized silver plates

In our everyday life and relationships, there could be found a lot of opportunities to treat ourselves or to offer someone close to us an original bracelet, necklace or pendant. But why not to take this one step further and offer to the loved person a necklace or bracelet with a silver plate that has an engraved name, an important date, symbol or text, an emoticon or even a face? This will not be only an extremely nice way to express feelings, but will solidify them and at the same time, leave important memories. An important aspect is that we can play and realize various compositions in such personalized jewellery, combining for example, a plate with a silver chain, with a cord base or Italian leather Alcantara. The final result would be an unique necklace, choker or bracelet. Alcantara is a pleasant material that combines delicacy, softness and strength, representing therefore an excellent base for personalized bracelets or chokers. Engraved inscriptions on a silver plate decorated with Swarovski crystals, will also create an extraordinary gift dedicated to our closest ones.
For a fresh mom, a nice gift that would be sweet, are the silver pendants in the shape of a child’s feet, which can be engraved with the name of a baby and date of birth.
Moreover, if we choose crystals and attach to another baby feets, we will create a more luxurious souvenir.
Dog lovers can engrave the name of the pet on a dog-shaped plate or on a bone pendant.
The heart represents the timeless symbol of love and as we know, love can be expressed in many ways, but is very original method to give someone a silver or gold jewellery with a heart motiv. SILVEXCRAFT offer includes a range of options in the selection of both shapes and sizes and even the thickness of hearts on which, through a dedicated inscription, you can express your feelings.

Men’s jewellery

Although personalized jewellery is usually associated with the beautiful gender, our proposals for personalized jewellery will fit also for gentlemen. Fans of military stylizations can express their intererst on silver tag, these types of plates with their own engraving project becoming thus a masculine expression of their own values ​​and passions. In order to complete it, the appropriate chain is chosen, so that the final effect will bring a smile and satisfaction. But there are more ideas for men’s jewellery: for men who like sports, we can create a personalized sports necklace with a silver pendant, for example like shape of a bicycle or a dumbbell.
Of course, gentlemen will complete their stylization with a personalized silver signed ring and unique engraved cufflinks.


In the subject of personalized jewellery, there could be countless variations of jewellery using various materials such as silver and gold, alcantara, epoxy resin, jewellery strings or even exotic wood. Different types of Swarovski crystals and pearls will create exclusivity for personalized and creative projects.
An especially avant-garde combination is represented by beautiful looking jewellery glass (epoxy resin) with exotic wood. Wood with a beautiful color and original jars will be composed uniquely with a resin that can be colored with multi-colored pearlescent pigments and transparent pigments. Using the finished wooden frames and flooding them with resin, we can create unique personalized compositions.
Wood parts, fragments of plants and flowers, Swarovski crystals will be perfect for this creations having a result that would be extraordinary, such gadgets taking a final form, for example, the form of earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, key ring or other customer concept.

Personalized jewelry is truly wide field of expressing personality and preferences through your own, individual and unique designs.

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