Sports jewellery

Active lifestyle for jewellery fans

Sports, as a ressemblence of the past like the Greek olimpic games in which the winners get a medal to represent their victories, continue and will continue through future times to play an important role in every person’s life. More and more people are concerned about their health and the importance of sports so they choose to have a healthy lifestyle which becomes an important part of their lives. As jewelleries represent or could express someone’s personality, the jewellery field has adapted to this trend where we can find various motives with particular fashion accessories for every person, for example silver bike pendant. Jewellery with sports themes, from the past till future, will remain one of the most popular fashion trends.

Jewellery for the fans of an active lifestyle

Sports jewellery may represent an ideal solution for physically active people. People find in all sports a form of active recreation or a motivation to exercise, becoming a part of their life purposes. Sports jewellery, as a symbolical representation of their personalities and passions, is the right choice to express this.
For example, wearing a silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a dumbbell, will seed in everyone’s mind the idea of a weight lifting enthusiast or just simply a habit of going to the gym. Seeing other people wearing a bracelet with a silver bicycle-shaped pendant with the text engraved like “Bike Forever”, would give already to anyone a hint about the passions or entertaining activities. The same would go for a pendant on a a running shoe with a representative message, each person would identify a run lover, enjoying the outdoor experience. Also, there are simpler, more obvious versions of symbolic charms, perfect for each sport, either we are talking about fans of basketball, tennis or football. As a perfect gift, all the ladies of football fans can definitely think and make the right choice on pendants with football motives, offering to their beloved the gift in the form of a plate with the image of the preferred footballer or T-shirt pendant with their own name engraving.

Dumbbell pendant, AG 925


Bike pendant, AG 925


Soccer shirt pendant, AG 925


The trendy sports style in jewellery

In our offer of sterling silver jewellery components, there can be found a lot of themes related to sports, like bike-shaped or tennis racquets pendants which connected to a bracelet would be the perfect idea to fit with the themes. Of course, these are only some examples, we have in our offer different and numerous choices of sport pendants like football symbols, ballet pendants, a sailboat or dumbbells which could be perfectly combined them with delicate chains, creating fashionable necklaces or extraordinary and unique bracelets.
In addition to the aesthetic values of such products, they are the base of a meaninguful and representative universal lifestyle in both sport and personal life.
Silvexcraft, as a direct producer offers a wide range of jewellery components and accessories, pays a lot of importance in creating fashionable sports jewellry. We believe that a piece of jewelry represents a part or something for the person wearing it. So, it is worth mentioning that our almost all our products are available in rhodium and gold plating because the jewellery pieces could be exposed to the interactions with all kind of external agents.The plating options are not only to increase their attractiveness but they are also a protection against many external factors. No matter the experience in the jewellery creation, we are sure that we can offer a huge range of combinations that would be viable through the changing trends, representing the fashion for passioned and active people who love sport and it will be surely timeless.

Sports and jewellry, what to be careful at?

Having a healthy lifestyle and doing various types of sports, means that we should take care of ourselves. Even in the case of sports jewellry, wearing jewellry during sports would require a special attention and before all, it is necessary to assess a total comfort in it. It is better to avoid any sharp items that may cause injury during the activities or they could simply imply the simplest sign of danger. So it is important to choose carefully every jewellry pieces according to our safety first, passions and depending on what we plan to do. A sporty image must take into considerations this two factors: the aesthetic image of a representative sporty pendant and of course, the safety commodity of this item into a person’s sportive style. Of course, all these specific pendants would bring an interested result in a combination with an Italian Alcantara.