Silver and gold components for jewellery making, what are they?

High quality silver findings ( Ag 925)  so-called silver jewellery supplies for the production of jewellery are products primarily intended for the business client, but they are also popular among retail customers, home jewellery producers (so-called handmaders).


How can we divide jewelry findings?

Jewellery findings can be divided into several main groups. One of the most important categories include earwires for making earrings and bails for making pendants. Apart from that there are many other jewellery accessories which are essential in jewellery production such as all kinds of jewellery bases such as bases for making earrings, bracelets as well as bases for making necklaces. There are many other interesing supplies for jewellery making such as linking elements with open or soldered jumprings or connectors with holes, not to mention, components for making jewellery with crystals. Jewellery bases and frames can be combined with any many beautiful charms or laser cut tags.  Thanks to this we can create high quality and beautiful silver or gold jewellery for sale.

Silver bail for pendants, silver 925, KR 1
Heart pendant connector tag, sterling silver, LKM-2006

How to produce well, cheap and how can you get it?

Silver and gold jewellery supplies are not very expensive. Thanks to this almost anyone can become a jewellery maker. Small jewellery makers win to the fact that they do not have to bear the costs of running a business and their products are finally extremely cheap. Big companies that have to cover much more costs connected with running the business buy components at lower prices because they usually buy large quanities. Nevertheless, it is hard to compare them with small jewellery manufacturers who make 925 silver and 585 gold jewellery on their own. People who work in their own home often develop their business to such a level, that are able to set up the business and start mass production under their own brand, creating a professionally operating company over time.


How to well start?

If you want to start your adventure with jewellery making, first try to find high-quality courses and tutorials about jewellery making. What is more, it is worth thinking about creating an interesting and eye-catching logo  of your brand as well as a nice way of packaging your jewellery. Silver jewellery accessories are easily accessible and can be bought in many various shops. As soon as you manage to buy silver accessories for jewellery making you can begin your adventure with the production of jewellery. It will be very beneficial to buy components directly from the direct manufacturer or a large wholesaler. One of the largest producers of components in the world, especially in terms of the diversity of products, high quality and attractive prices, is SILVEXCRAFT (Polish manufacturer of jewellery supplies and finished jewellery as well as the owner of the GIORRE brand). The company is a direct producer and has its own line of stamping machines, a foundry line, galvanic line with special equipment for coating. Thanks to this the company successfully produces several thousand of products which are essential in the process of jewellery making. A wide range of products they offer is for sure sufficient to choose elements which allow you to create unique and affordable jewellery.  Semi-finished products from the offer of the above-mentioned manufacturer will allow you to create a full collection of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other jewellery. If you want your brand to be associated with high quality products you have to place much importance on the quality of jewellery you offer. Furthermore, it is worth to consider the galvanic coating like rhodium or gold plating, which is also offered by Silvexcraft. It needs to be highlighted that rhodium plated jewellery findings and jewellery are much more resistant to the negative influence of many external factors and also protect your products against blackening (oxidation).