Jewellery with pearls


Pearls are an absolute revelation of the season in 2019. Their captivating beauty and attraction it is like a magnet capturing everyone’s admiration.

Jewels of the seas, they represent all that is the purest and most beautiful, being a symbol of chastity in many cultures. For this particular reason, they are still the most popular decoration of wedding jewellery fitting perfectly in the image of such a memorable moment. In the fashion shows there are presented numerous variations of women’s ornaments with pearls. The most popular are hair combs and silver earrings with pearls. They might be a great inspiration for jewellers who want to create unique and beautiful jewellery.


Earrings have always been a representative accessory and almost an inseparable element of everyday women’s outfit, both in business and leisure, like meeting with friends, going shopping, taking a walk, etc. SILVEXCRAFT’S offer is well prepared in these regards and for this particular and amazing item, so it includes a wide range of silver bases for earrings, which represent the basis for the preparation and creation of interesting jewellery designs starring with Swarovski pearls. With this playful element, both classic and modern jewellery can be created, finding in pearls an unique and ideal suitability and beauty.



In addition to silver and gold earrings with pearls, current trends are also predominated by hairpins, hairpieces, combs and other hair ornaments combined with these elements. This offers to jewelers, a large opportunity and horizon to create wedding compositions using pearls and also jewellery for less formal events. Swarovski pearls together with silver accessories in wedding arrangements can turn into exquisite jewellery that will add splendor to the wedding look. As silver components represent a great base for this type of decorations and for the creation of pearl jewellery, jewellery silver wires play an important role as well. In order to match any need or preference, there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from according to their thickness, softness and flexibility. Wires made of silver 925 can be braided into various patterns and decorated with pearls, zirconias or Swarovski crystals.




An interesting idea to create a fashionable choker necklace, would be to use an Italian Alcantara base made and to combine it with a charm decorated with a Swarovski pearl. Alcantara leather is a very durable material and with a soft touch, therefore, together with a selected pearl on a silver charm, it will create a comfortable and interesting combination that can become a favorite jewellery addition. The pearl can embedded in a more classic silver frame or in more interesting and innovative forms, for example in the shape of a spider. In addition, we can always think about choosing the color of the binding element. The right color of the binding item and the chosen color of Alcantara, will create a background for our pearls. We have the possibility to choose their color, shade and size, thus creating an unique and extravagant composition.

The beauty and splendor of pearls deserves the highest quality silver bases but let’s not forget that, when matching the silver components with the pearls, to take care not to steal or to conceal their captivating attractiveness so they could be admired in their splendor.