Epoxy resin – silver bases for embedding souvenirs


Many faces of epoxy resin as jewellery glass

Creating epoxy resin jewellery (liquid jewellery glass) has become very popular lately. Probably because it gives a lot of possibilities and everything depends on the imagination of the creator.

More and more craftsmen surprise us with their ideas and works, creating very phenomenal unique items, which, moreover, find a wider crowd among fans of extraordinary, even artistic jewellery. Resin is an extremely attractive material, because it allows the designer to experiment, giving it any form and color, embed various elements such as crystals, laces, plants, photos, shells and even insects. (For more information on epoxy resin, see “Epoxy resin – colorless jewellery glass.”)

Liquid jewellery glass also gives a great opportunity to create personal jewellery, because you can close your memories in it, for example, a photo or silver plaques with engraving or laser cut name pendant. Personalized jewellery is great gift idea for relatives and friends. With this technique, you can match the color, size, shape, other components and decorations, as well as its purpose, whether it will be a pendant, earrings, ring, bracelet, or maybe the jewellery set! There are many possibilities 🙂
If you don’t have experience with epoxy resin, we invite you to read episode 1 of our DIY guide, which discusses basic information about types of epoxy resins and its use, as well as the process of mixing the resin with the hardener, dyeing and pouring molds to create unusual castings.

Jewellery accessories for epoxy resin

When working with epoxy resin, molds for making casting are very helpful. Silicone molds are great for this, but more about them here. Silver cabochon bases are also very useful, which as jewellery 925 silver components are used to create unique jewellery that is appreciated not only by a professional jewelers, but also handmade jewellery makers. Resin bases can be combined with other silver jewellery findings, such as: earring bases, pendants, connectors or silver chains. Some pendants are already paired with bails so they can be used as ready semi-finished silver element for necklace, by adding any silver chain or a ready base for necklaces made of chain, cord or both. Silver bases for epoxy resin with jump rings can be easily used to make charms for silver choker necklace made of alcantara or silver charms for bracelets, made of silver or cord bracelets bases. Great addition for them are spacers with jump rings and lobster clasp for silver chain bracelet. If an element does not have a bail or jump ring in the set, they are available to buy separately. They are very handy with mouting all silver elements together. Jump rings are available in various sizes. Using the above elements, you can easily create extraordinary jewellery in the form of exotic rings with embed shells, galactic handmade earrings dyed to deep pearl ultraviolet, natural bracelets with embed leaves and bunches of flowers, or elegant necklaces with a subtle touch of fantasy. Below are some examples showing how silver jewellery can look in combination with epoxy resin:


Silver bases, which are perfect for creating jewellery made of epoxy resin, are usually round, oval, square, but also available in more sophisticated shapes like hearts or stars. By choosing, for example, silver oval bases, we can create a unique silver jewellery set with epoxy resin consisting of an adjustable silver rings with an oval base for epoxy resin and silver cabochon setting with bail, which can be easily mounted directly on sterling silver chain (examples below). More demanding can enrich the jewellery set and add ear wires with an oval bowl, leverback earrings base or silver stud earrings and instead of a silver pendant you can use an oval connector, thanks to which you can diversify the silver necklace with another element like silver rosette, a viscose tassels, pompons, shells, feathers or any other dangle elements. Below we present a set of sterling silver jewellery consisting of pendant and epoxy resin ring, as well as examples of DIY jewellery combining epoxy resin with tassels, fringes and other pendants.


Usually jewellery for women is the dominant theme of jewellery blogs, but we cannot forget about the opposite sex 🙂 If our intention is jewellery for men, oval-shaped silver cuff links and round cuff links will be great choice. The cuff links settings can be filled with clear epoxy resin and embed a souvenir or other ornament in it, or you can pour a resin colored with transparent or pearl dyes. You can find out more about dyes here. For these who like to draw attention, we recommend using a pigment that glows in the dark. If you are looking for more silver jewellery for men, check silver chain for men, bracelet for men or silver ring for man.

Epoxy resin jewellery is usually associated with heavy, impressive, colorful and eye-catching jewellery. However, our wide range of silver findings also includes suggestions for fans of more delicate and subtle jewellery. An example would be an earring base – a 925 silver chain going through the ear is finished with a small casting for resin. Another item can be a minimalist universal silver ring with 7 mm base for resin or tiny silver stud earrings with 4 mm base for resin.

We have already suggested rings, pendants, earrings, cuff links, so it’s time for another proposal, which is the silver bracelet. Typical epoxy resin handmade bracelets can be created by using silicone form, examples here. But if you plan to create more exclusive jewellery, a silver silver bracelet for women consisting of 10 connected bases with a diameter of 6 mm will work great. This sterling silver bracelet also has chain extension, in order to adjust the size of the bracelet to the size of the wrist.

It may be hard to believe, but epoxy resin looks also great with crystals from Swarovski, which delight women around the world since 1885. Read more about the history of Swarovski here. The idea of joining epoxy resin with Swarovski jewellery is addressed to people creating jewellery more phenomenal and prestigious, although some more often wear such jewellery with their everyday stylisations. An example would be a connector pendant consisting of a main “cushion” base dedicated to Swarovski crystals and Swarovski teardrops, as well as small bases dedicated to fill with epoxy resin. The ready pendant can be combined with a silver chain by using silver jump rings, to create unusual Swarovski necklace. The second example is star pendant with some bases dedicated to Swarovski crystals and some dedicated to epoxy resin. Depending on your preferences, it is possible to fill all bases with resin instead of glueing crystals to them. Similarly you can make Swarovski crystal bracelet with crystals from Swarovski or epoxy resin, or both to make it more unusual.

Base for earrings

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Another suggestion is pendant in the form of a bottomless frame itself. Working with such settings is much heavier. As long as you need to make sure that the bottom of the frame is 100% flat and firmly attached to the ground, so that our resin does not spill sideways after pouring. To attach the base to the ground, we can use glue or very strong adhesive tape. It is also worth applying the resin gradually using for example brush. However, this process requires more time and patience, because after applying one layer, there is a need to wait few hours for the resin to harden gently, and then apply the next layers. This process is not simple and requires practice, but it is comforting, that if the resin spills out of the mold, we can always get rid of it by using a file, and if the base is scratched, just polish it. The bottomless forms offer includes pendants and connectors, in the shape of heart, clover, bubbles, stars, lotus flower, rosette and many more.
Below we present what silver jewellery looks like using pendants and bottomless connectors:


If epoxy resin jewellery was created by filling silicone molds, which we wrote about here, silver bails will be useful. The choice of them is huge – various forms, sizes and setup methods are available. Some are suitable for joining directly with a silver chain, cord, or other base for a sterling silver necklace. Some have a hook permanently soldered and some just temporarily connected. The offer also includes bails without hooks or jump rings, but you can buy them separately. Bails in the form of wire of different diameter are also widely used. Silver pins can be an alternative to bails. They have different lengths, they can be bent and shortened if necessary, some of them end with a hook, some with a ball and some with a cap.
Some suggestions for silver jewellery with bails and pins are below:

In summary, when creating epoxy resin jewellery, helpful are silver jewellery components such as:
bases for epoxy resin,
Epoxy resin jewellery is relatively easy to create, and jewellery silver findings and silicone molds for epoxy resin greatly facilitate this process. Another advantage is the price of epoxy resin. The packaging of the resin together with the hardener, contains 840 grams and costs less than 36 € (excluding tax) – however, this one packaging at the beginning is enough for a long time, because the silicone molds for jewellery are usually small, and we are able to create dozens of pendants, rings and earrings from one package. For larger form, such as bracelet, obviously, we will need more epoxy than for rings, but we will still be able to create a quite considerable collection. Unless there is a plan to make the table or door, but that’s another story 🙂
As we mentioned earlier, for some pendants it is enough to add bail and connect it with ear wires to create charming sterling silver earrings, or hang on a chain to create an effective necklace. Silver findings harmonize well with epoxy resin, and their wide selection means that everyone will find something for themselves. Silver is a metal available at a very affordable price, and remember that it is a precious metal. In addition, Silvexcraft jewellery findings are made of the highest 925 sterling silver, nickel free. Apparently there are known cases of allergy to silver, but usually such situations are associated with a greater amount of nickel in the alloy, so Silvexcraft has this fact in mind and creates nickel-free jewellery. No cases of allergies caused by our products are known yet. If such situations take place, please contact us immediately through phone visible at the bottom of the page: silvexcraft.eu
Silver bases can be used not only for filling with epoxy resin, but also for gluing cabochon type stones. Cabochons are streamlined, have no sharp edges. This type of grinding is one of the oldest methods of grinding stones. The cabochon fittings we offer fit stones with a flat bottom and have precise dimensions, which facilitates their selection to the size of selected cabochon stones.
At a time when fashion for originality prevails, the surprising combination of materials in jewellery attracts the interest of customers. Liquid glass, or DIY resin, where you can embed creative accessories and epoxy resin silver basescabochon bases will successfully be used to create original, personalized jewellery.
If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We are more than happy to help!
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