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Sklep Silvexcraft

We are constantly changing for you

Dear Customers! Due to the dynamic development of our company, we decided to refresh the Silvexcraft brand profile.

Concern about professionalism has become a step towards further changes. We invite you to read the details.

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Sklep Silvexcraft

Regular sterling silver wire - WIRE-S 0,5 mm

Product details


Height Width Length Diameter Dedicated to Thickness of the plate Wire thickness Thickness of the weave Inner jumpring diameter Outside jumpring diameter Inner tube diameter Outside tube diameter Thickness Hole diameter Additional The size of the hole Dedicated to the category Number of holes Shape Polished 925 stamp in the back Diameter of the hole for the stone Link size Link size (internal) Link size (external) External link size Internal link size The depth of the cup The inner diameter of the cup External dimension of the cup Internal dimension of the cup Stick length Feature
EAN13: 28691
Package: 2.100g (1 pcs)
Pieces in package: 1 pcs
Weight of one piece: 2.1 g
Wire thickness: 0,50 mm
Length for packages:

~ Larger quantities are sold accordingly to weighted average, and small differences in the number of pieces can occur +/- 5%


Sent in 1-10 working days


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More Info

Among the many jewelry products, there are those that are dedicated to specific decorations in a specific size, and those that are used for original jewelry projects. The latter ones include, for example, jewellery wires. They can be divided into various categories depending on the adopted criterion, such as silver fineness, hardness, thickness and cross-section. The silver wires are largely used to create jewelry using the wire wrapping technique, which involves wrapping thicker models with thinner and softer ones. It is an extremely creative method that allows you to make beautiful and unique designs. This technique can also be used to compose other accessories, according to the imagination of the designer. The presented silver thin soft wire for jewelry making has a fineness of 925 and is round in cross-section. It can be used to create intricate, braided decorations on a base made of harder wire. It can also be used to connect wires or other jewelry findings. Soft wires are a good choice for beginners - they make it easier to master the wire wrapping technique. However, as science progresses and the desire to create more sophisticated designs, models of different hardness and thickness will be needed. Proper selection allows you to make a durable ornament, the elements of which can withstand the stresses and weight of, for example, interwoven stone.