Types of jewelry clasps

Lobster, spring ring and toggle – all these unusual terms define the different kinds of clasps, which are the necessary findings used as finishing jewelry elements. How to choose the right ones? Anyone who takes their first steps towards making handmade jewelry, is in a dilemma of what model to choose for their projects. The vast majority of designs require a specific type of clasp. The exceptions are, for example, bracelets and necklaces on an elastic band or string.

If you create jewelry made of silver or gold,
in our offer you can find clasps in various forms and sizes
with the possibility of adding gold, platinum or rhodium plating.

Barrel end caps with clasp


How to choose the right clasp for a bracelet or necklace?

Choosing the right clasp should not cause a big headache, especially since every artist should know how to combine the elements of a created product.

When opting for the right model, it is worth following the tips below:

  • The colour of the chain, string or other elements should go in pair with the colour of bracelet and necklace clasps.
  • If you create bracelets composed of Miyuki beads, you can use ready-made sets of fasteners with ends dedicated to these beads such as crimp end with clasp. However, for string or strap bracelets, in our offer you can find sets of end caps with clasps in various sizes.
  • Choose the size of the clasp so that it does not stand out too much if it is not intended to be a decorative element. Small-sized clasps will fit thin and delicate chains. Attach a larger clasp size to more massive and heavier jewelry.
  • Also consider which model will be more comfortable when clasping and unclasping.
  • For expensive bracelets or necklaces, use a more solid type of clasp to minimize the risk of accidental detaching and the loss or damage of jewelry.

Types of necklace and bracelet clasps

The jewelry clasps are one of the many silver findings. They are finishing elements of a piece of jewelry, thanks to which you can eventually revel in the final effect of a ready-made bracelet or necklace. These components allow you to easily put the bracelet on and take it off. 925CRAFT offers silver findings to most classic designs. Among them, very popular are lobster clasps, ring clasps or toggle clasps.

Lobster clasp (CHP)

Lobster clasps (CHP) are much appreciated silver findings in the jewelry industry. The idea for their form was taken from the mechanisms used in mountaineering carabiners – accessories used in climbing.

The lobster clasp is fastened by tilting the movable part and catching the hook on a chain link or a jump ring on the other end of the bracelet or necklace. Such fastening is very safe – as there is a small risk of its spontaneous opening.

Due to its convenient opening-closing mechanism and its ease of use, this type of fastener has become a very popular choice among jewelry clasps. It is also an excellent choice for creating charms.

Ring clasp

Spring ring clasp (AM) has a round shape which resembles a tire. The fastening mechanism consists in tilting the movable part (similar to a lobster clasp), which in this case, however, goes inwards.

This part opened in this way takes the shape of a hook with which a jump ring at the other end of the jewelry is attached. A  ring clasp is a more subtle type of fastener that goes well with delicate bracelets and chain necklaces.

It is commonly used in small necklaces. See: cable (anchor) chain with clasp.

Lobster claw clasp CHR

Among the silver and gold findings with an unusual name are lobster claw clasp (CHR). Its name derives from the shape resembling a claw of a lobster or a bean.

This model has a closing mechanism consisting in tilting a tiny lever to open the fastener, so it is as solid and safe as the lobster clasp CHP.

Chain clasp CHR is generally compatible with the majority of chain types. It is recommended to consider the right size to the thickness of the chain and their possible ends that are not composed of links. This clasp goes well with, for example, a snake chain.

Toggle clasp

Toggle clasp is more decorative than previous kinds of clasps, thus a more visible piece. This two-pieces model consists of  a stick and the circle, however the heart is also a frequently used shape.

The fastening mechanism is extremely simple in use. In order to fasten it, the stick is put through the circle.

Toggle clasps are used for necklaces and bracelets. When choosing a model, make sure that the stick is long enough so it will not slide out of the circle part by itself when wearing jewelry.

Ball chain connector clasp

The ball chain clasp is a model designed for ball chains. In shape, it resembles a bean. It has an empty chamber inside, a hole and an incision.

You insert the end of the chain into the hole. The narrower part of the chain goes through the incision to the end of the fastener, thus blocking it.

This kind of fastener for a bracelet or necklace only fits ball chains. When choosing its size, take into account also the size of the chain’s balls to fit them into the hole of the clasp and not allow them to slide from the holes at the end of the fastener.

Clasps for beaded bracelets​​

Beaded bracelets clasps are ready-made sets of fasteners with end caps, such as ends for a bracelet with a clasp. They are dedicated to bead jewelry. Our offer includes lobster clasp and crimp ends for Miyuki. The fastener should be selected according to the width of the pattern you want to make. You can also choose the size of the end caps yourself to fit your original project.

Barrel cord end caps with clasp

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have enriched our offer of jewelry making clasps with other ready-made sets, such as barrel cord end caps with clasp. These sets will help you speed up your work, because you do not need to mount any clasps extra.

What do these sets look like? See: cord end caps with clasp – set.

Similar products and various types of jewelry end caps can be found in our offer in the “End caps” category. Among them are also crimp ends for leather cord.

Clasps with fold over crimps – sets

Various jewelry designs require different end caps and, of course, fasteners. That is why we have prepared ready-made sets of clasps with fold over crimps. An example of such a set are fold over crimp ends with CHP clasp and chain extender. Such fasteners can be successfully used with strings and straps. In our catalogue of this type of silver fold over findings, you can find models of various sizes to easily match the right components to the jewelry you create.

Gold clasp 585

The offer also includes gold findings, among which you will find gold clasp for bracelets like ring clasps and lobster clasps. They are perfect for small necklaces and bracelets made of delicate chains. A chain bracelet base may also be helpful for composing gold jewelry. The base is a chain with a clasp and attached links to which the selected connector type pendant is attached. Also get inspired by our designs of gold pendants to create a beautiful classic or small necklace.

Where to buy bracelet and necklace fasteners?

If you are starting your adventure with handmade jewelry, you are probably facing the dilemma of where to buy bracelet and necklace fasteners. When looking for sterling silver semi-finished components, you are probably considering the price and quality of the product – including the silver alloy from which they are made. In the era of unfair trade practices, products made of 925 silver are available on the market, but they contain nickel, which is often the cause of allergies. For this reason, it is worth buying silver clasps in recommended stores, wholesalers, and preferably directly from a jewelry findings manufacturer, such as the 925CRAFT company.

As a manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry, and at the same time a wholesaler and retail store, we offer almost 10,000 products of the highest quality in the category of silver and gold findings. We do our best to meet customers’ expectations, adjusting prices to both wholesale and retail demand. We want the creators of handmade jewelry to spread their wings with us and to be successful in creating amazing, unique products.

Gold spring ring clasp


Top-quality 925 silver without nickel

Our silver 925 does not contain nickel, so when you buy fasteners for necklaces or bracelets or other jewelry clasps, you can be sure that they will not cause allergies that could be a reason to place a complaint.

Plating options

All our fasteners are available in several colours of galvanic plating, so you can create jewelry following the current trends or your preferences.

silver gold plating

Dar yellow gold plating

gold plating jewelry

Light yellow gold plating

gold plating service

Rose gold plating

platinum plating jewelry

Platinum plating

light rhodium plating

Rhodium plating services

Handmade jewelry – get inspired

Handmade jewelry is an engaging activity that can bring a lot of joy, satisfaction and financial benefits. You can express your creativity and passion. As we produce sterling silver findings, for both large jewelry companies and handicraftsmen, we wish to inspire those who are a novice.

How to make a clasp for a bracelet?

For jewelry-making, including, of course, mounting clasps, jewelry tools and other accessories in the form of ready-made basic components are very useful, which facilitate and accelerate the work. Among them you will find basic pliers and side cutters at a very attractive price, as well as bracelet and necklace bases. Fasteners are small jewelry components, however, despite their size, they are crucial in almost every project. We wish all jewelry makers an abundance of creativity and fruitful work.

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