Swarovski pearls – beauty, durability and innovation

Swarovski Pearls are produced by iconic company called Swarovski, which was established in 1895 in picturesque village of Wattens in the Austrian Alps and it owns more than 3,000 authorized stores in 170 countries. If you want to find out more about this brand, read Swarovski history. The company mainly produces crystals and pearls, which are made of crystal glass, often called crystal, according to methods developed over the years, repeatedly improved and patented, which are kept as secrets. During the 125 years of its existence, the company, in addition to its thriving activity, also appeared in the world of music, film, theater and art. Already in the 1950s,
it fascinated Coco Chanel and later Christian Dior, who used crystals in their projects. Costumes decorated with crystals were presented by legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Crystals also appeared on the big screens in the movie Titanic, Moulin Rouge, James Bond, Black Swan and Bohemian Rapsody. Swarovski has also been cooperating with The Academy Awards for several years, decorating the stage and curtains. The brand is constantly involved in many projects with the greatest artists and designers from the world of jewelry, fashion, art, design, cinema, architecture, lighting and interior design.


Swarovski Pearl – what is it

The Swarovski Pearl consists of a crystal core covered with a silky coating, that perfectly imitates the surface of real pearl. What’s more, it stands out by an authentic shine and it warms up when worn. Swarovski pearls are ideal for jewelry design, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, as well as for decorating textiles and other accessories. They are very durable and resistant to external factors, so they can be worn every day without losing their color and shine.

Swarovski pearls come in many sizes and colors: including classic, pearl, shiny, iridescent, neon, baroque, natural, and all of them delight with the richness and intensity of colors, and many shapes: apart from classic round pearls, we can find cabochons, as well as pearls in the shape of drops, pears, rice, pastilles, in irregular and baroque style.

The color palette surprises with extraordinary shades and unique effects. The offer includes classic white and cream pearls, transforming into delicate and powder pinks and shades of light and vintage gold. We can also find a color reference to almond, peach, mulberry, violet, lavender, elderberry and platinum. Those who like precious stones, will surely be enchanted by the pearls from the gemcolors collection, inspired by real coral, turquoise, lapis, jade, as well as black pearls and ivory pearl. Pastel lovers can admire delicate and matte shades: pastel yellow, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel green and pastel gray. The iridescent palette looks phenomenal, there are pearls shimmering with many colors inspired, among others, by the scarab, ocean’s depth or Tahiti pearl. The hit of recent seasons are neon pearls in the colors of flashy neon yellow, neon orange, neon red, neon pink and neon green. Regardless of the color chosen, all pearls grab attention and create extraordinary reflections and effects, depending on the light exposure.


Types of Swarovski Pearls


1. Swarovski 5809 is a classic round pearl without a hole. It is produced in various sizes, the smallest is 3 mm, which is ideal for filling tubes or mesh. They can also be placed in a ceralun or epoxy resin. The advantage of these pearls is that they save time as there is no need to hide the holes when placing them.
2. Swarovski 5810 also is a classic round pearl, but this time with a full hole. It covers a a wide range of colors and sizes, as well as in several application methods such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, beading, threading, weaving, knotting, or wire working.
3. Swarovski 5811 is a classic round pearl with a larger hole for greater design options. It works perfectly with bold, expressive, scaled and richly decorated jewelry. Larger holes allow the use of thicker threads, fabrics and leather.
4. Swarovski 5818 is also a classic round pearl with a half hole for gluing in a pin. Often used to make earrings and rings.
5. Swarovski 5816 is in oblong shape and has a half hole, into which a pin is usually inserted. Its shape fits perfectly with earrings, pendants and jewelry sets.

6. Swarovski 5821 is pear-shaped pearl with a full hole, which makes it widely used in the making of necklaces and bracelets. It is also perfect in combination with other pearl shapes.
7. Swarovski 5824 is small pearl, similar to rice shape. Popular with hand makers and diy-makers. They perfectly harmonize with embroidery and wedding dresses. They can be sewed, knitted, crocheted, threaded, weaved, knotted, and wire worked.
8. Swarovski 5840 – baroque pearls, the shape of which is irregular and therefore it reflects light in a phenomenal way. Loved by artists and craftsmen, creators of non-standard jewelry and recently popular in the boho style jewelry.
9. Swarovski 5817 is flat back, half hole cabochons. Perfect for application on flat surfaces with a pin. Often used to make earrings, brooches, handbags, as well as decorating luxury stationery.
10. Swarovski 5860 in coin shape, easy to apply, often used to create earrings.

Swarovski Pearls – high quality pearls

Swarovski Pearls are designed to endure harsh conditions such as: high and low temperatures, humidity, air pollution, solar radiation, contact with perfumes and detergents, as well as some mechanical factors. Apart from their resistance, however, they have many more advantages, and the most important are:
1. Precision, perfection and superior quality, visible in shape, finish, surface, weight, size and hole. Great diligence of workmanship makes your planning easier and facilitates the estimation of the required quantity.
2. Almost zero reject rate – often when choosing imitations, some pearls contain flaws in the form of scratches, distortions, bubbles, paint chips, difference in color, difference in hole size, sometimes accidentally they even have no hole at all. In the case of this brand’s pearls, the above flaws practically do not occur, which leads to time saving and costs minimising.
3. Color consistency in the same model as well as in other shapes, sizes or application methods.
4. Variety and ease of application – Swarovski listens to its recipients and develops new methods, thanks to which, it extends its offer. The current methods of applying pearls are: threading, sewing, sticking and ceralun.
5. The applied varnishes guarantee resistance to abrasion, which often happens in the case of imitation, resulting from frequent wear or use.
6. Pearls proof chemical resistance, which has been tested through 10 washes and 5 chemical cleanings, after which the Swarovski Pearls did not change, while in the case of imitation – the varnish came off during the first wash.
7. Swarovski uses the patented lead-free Advanced Crystal formula, which complies with all applicable legal standards. Imitations usually contain lead and therefore cannot be classified as crystal glass.
8. Regarding popularity of the Swarovski brand and the mass production of pearls, the company strives to have a positive impact on people and the planet, so 60% of the electricity used to produce the crystals comes from renewable sources and 69% of the water used is recycled.

Swarovski Pearls jewelry

Thanks to the different application methods, we can very easily create pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, silver pearl earrings, clips, rings, head jewelry, hair accessories, brooches, as well as hats, veils, scarves, handbags, shoes and other accessories. Swarovski jewelry is also very popular as wedding jewelry in the form of long earrings, rich decorated necklaces, and also hair combs. Using pearls, it is also worth designing jewelry sets and several bracelets, that have been very popular in recent seasons. Bracelets can consist of only pearls, or they can be separated with decorative spacers with charms, pearls could also be combined in half with a silver or gold chain, or be mounted on a bracelet chain itself. Although pearls harmonize wonderfully with many metals, they are most often combined with silver 925. Making jewelry with pearls is easier by using ready silver settings dedicated to Swarovski Pearls. To increase the quality and the value of jewelry, it is worth using the option of gold, platinum or rhodium-plating, depending on the visual needs. Below are few examples of the combination of pearls with silver, gold-plated and rhodium-plated silver findings:

Pearl jewellery has always been, is, and will be timeless, complementing not only evening outfits, but more and more often, less formal, and even everyday styling. Thanks to the large variety of pearls available on the market, combined with the creativity of jewelers and designers, phenomenal unique items are created, which not only add elegance, but also give character to the person, who decides to wear jewelry with pearls. Examples include long dangling earrings, gold earrings with pearls, pearl drop earrings, mismatched earrings, gold-plated letter bracelet, pearl choker necklace, pearl rings or silver earrings. Pearls in jewelry will charm everyone, and by adding silver components such as: ear wires, chains for necklaces, bases for bracelets, hoop earrings, charms, decorative spacers or base for rings, you can easily create unique jewelry and please most of your clients. Moreover, silver jewelry with pearls is also a perfect gift idea. Below we present few examples of original GIORRE jewelry with Swarovski Pearls in combination with gold-plated silver 925 and gold 585:

125 years of Swarovski’s existence proves, that the brand does not stay in the same point, but dynamically moves forward, responding to the needs, and satisfying more and more demanding customers. Cooperation with many talented people and market analysis, have a huge impact on their success, which results in systematic design and introduction of new patterns for each season. In addition to developing new products, Swarovski in consultation with many designers, artists and trendsetters, also presents inspiration with the use of new products, thanks to which it has established a strong position in the fashion market. What’s more, Swarovski introduces its new products a year in advance, allowing for creative planning and creating fashionable collections for the coming seasons. Below are some Swarovski inspirations for the Fall/Winter 2020/2021.

Wings bead spacer for pearls

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H2: Summarising

The Swarovski company, thanks to many years of tradition, experience and constant development, continues to surprise with its new products. The unique beauty of crystals and pearls, developed over the years, not only enriches the jewelry, but also takes it to the next level of elegance and luxury. Jewelry with pearls emphasizes the feminine charm both, in every day and festive stylizations, so enrich your collections with these eye-catching accessories and create jewelry, that will look phenomenal, and will always be trendy. Our gold and silver jewelry findings for jewelry making will help you to create various combinations.

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