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Spring is associated with the time when everything comes to life! The grass turns green, the flowers bloom and shimmer with thousands of colors, and we wake up from winter lethargy, feel a burst of energy, and look at everything with greater optimism. Heat from the sun’s rays makes us throw off woolen hats, scarves, gloves and heavy winter coats and expose our necks, ears and faces. We begin to dress up with patterned dresses and colorful blouses. Spring style encourages us to refresh our collections, both in clothing and jewellery. When choosing silver findings to create original jewellery, you should be aware of the fashion trends of current season. As we mentioned in the article: Spring 2020 jewellery trends, the spring 2020 is filled with heavy, colorful and rescaled jewellery. What’s more, we forget about the “less is more” and follow “the more, the better”.

Spring jewellery trends 2020

chunky silver necklace, almost like the industrial chains;
– popular in the 90s, choker necklace — also in heavy version and high decorated version;
– timeless hoop earrings, but this time in XXL size, embellished with pendants and crystals;
– other earrings in XXL size, decorated with fancy pendants, engraved plaques, chains, tassels and other elements;
unpaired earrings are an absolute novelty of the spring summer 2020 season. They may consist of one small, one large earring, or each of them with a different pendant, or one could be a stud earring and the other the long earring.
– another innovative trend is solo earring, worth exposing by pinning the hair up or just revealing the side of the face with the earring;
ear cuff popular for several seasons, boldly decorated with silver chains, pendants or crystals;
– more subtle option is ear jacket, which creates an interesting refraction of perspective, looking like two separate earrings;
– the pearl, being fashionable all the time, but this season seduces us, in both the classic and avant-garde style;
– our ankles will be adorned with an ankle bracelet;
– adjustable cord bracelets with pendant are back, as well as bracelets with charms. During warm days, our wrists are exposed and just waiting to display beautiful jewellery. It is worth choosing adjustable bracelets, with a knot – in the case of cord bracelet. In case of a silver bracelet, use a stopper with silicone inside or silver chain extension to fit each wrist;
– in addition to heavy and massive jewellery, delicate silver and gold-plated jewellery will also be popular, referring to the spring style. Few examples of most trendy spring jewellery: tiny stud earrings, a delicate necklace with pendants, a pearl bracelet with charms, charm rings with pendants, as well as timeless jewellery with Crystals from Swarovski and openwork jewellery, which perfectly fulfills light outfits;
– and lastly, exotic boho style jewellery that returns every year in spring and summer, referring to nature and freedom. Boho jewellery is distinguished by unconventional connections, filled with colors and dangling elements in a light spring and summer style. Examples are layered necklaces with pendants with floral motifs, feathers or shells, cascade chains, silver bracelets with charms, as well as long tassel earrings.
Finally, it is worth adding, that gold jewellery will perfectly highlight the beauty of tan, while silver jewellery will be perfect for pale skin. Another trend popular in recent seasons, is mixed jewellery, for example silver with gold-plated, rhodium-plated or oxidized jewellery, so don’t be afraid to experiment with material, form and style and remember the motto of this season: the more, the better!

Bee pendant, sterling silver 925

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Symbols in jewellery

Jewellery, apart from just decorating bodies, is also associated with dating back to ancient times symbolism. Nowadays, more and more women, when choosing jewellery, does not focus just on its beauty and the material, which it was made from, but is looking for specimens that carry a certain message through which, they can express their values and beliefs. In connection with the growing demand for jewellery with a message, jewelers are increasingly referring to the jewellery symbols in their collections. If you create jewellery, whether you use symbols intentionally or unwittingly, or avoid them purposely, it’s worth knowing their meaning, or at least the most popular ones. Symbols in jewellery are most often used in the form of pendants, which can be attached to sterling silver chains, chokers or earrings hooks, as well as in the form of silver links dedicated to cord bracelets, string bracelets and necklaces or charms for pearl bracelets. Discover the most popular symbols in jewellery referring to spring and explore the story behind them.

Bee jewellery

Bees have had a huge impact on human life since ancient times, as they have always played a key role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem and the proper development of crops by pollinating plants. Albert Einstein stated that “If bees become extinct, man will have four years of existence”. In addition to the hard work of pollinating flowers, bees produce honey, that sweetens our lives and wax, that is commonly used, among others, for making candles, which give us light. Another positive feature of bees is loyalty to their family, which consists of the queen and other bees living in hive. Bees at all costs will protect their community, often even sacrificing their own lives, therefore they are an extraordinary symbol of sacrifice and protection of the family. Already in the Enlightenment, eminent thinkers presented bee society as a model to which people should strive. The rhythm of life of bee families is coordinated through the pheromones sent by the queen and an extraordinary messaging system, using various buzzing tones, smells and dance. Bees also have a great sense of orientation, they can travel long distances and thanks to the angle of incidence of sunlight and polarization of light, always find their way back.
Therefore, the bee finds a place of honor among jewellery, symbolizing diligence, care, loyalty, neatness, purity, fertility and sweetness. Most often it comes in the form of a pendant, connector, bracelet charms, stud earrings, or rings. Jewellery with bees  makes perfect gift for people under the sign of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


Interesting facts about bees

– for 1 kg of honey, 6,000 bees must work for 2 weeks, visiting about 4 million flowers;
– 1 bee produces 1 teaspoon of honey during its lifetime;
– a hive of bees and honey should not be given for free neither bargain, because it threatens the beekeeper with the infertility of bees;
– there is a belief that killing a bee is treated as a sin;
– some believe that bees are not kind to bad people, so they should not approach to bee-garden and become beekeepers;
– the bee queen lives for about 5 years, while bee workers for about a few months;
– bees are threatened with extinction through the widespread use of pesticides.

Clover jewellery

The four-leaf clover is one of the most popular motifs in jewellery, symbolizing happiness, prosperity and success. Probably, this symbol has derived from Celtic beliefs, because the druids believed that a four-leaf clover would protect them from evil. According to tradition, each clover leaf has its symbolism: the first is hope, the second faith, the third love and the fourth happiness. An interesting fact is that, according to statistics, the chance of finding a four-leaf clover is 1:10,000. Clover leaf is used in jewellery in the form of earrings, necklace or charms for bracelets. There is a perception, that jewellery with clover will ensure prosperity and strength for life of its owner.

Butterfly jewellery


Butterflies are beautiful, subtle and delicate, and at the same time amazingly strong. They hypnotize us, phenomenally floating in the air and spreading the magic of colors and announcing some changes. An interesting fact is that butterflies must accumulate energy with open wings, when basking in sunny places, and the fastest butterfly can fly at speed up to 48 kilometers per hour. Butterfly in jewellery is a symbol of happiness, beauty, lightness, as well as a new beginning, internal transformation and freedom. It makes us feel happier, independent and easier to undertake life and big changes. Jewellery with butterfly mostly occurs in the form of pendant, for example, as openwork, laser cut plaque, 3D pendant, a silver pendant base dedicated to Crystals from Swarovski, but also leverback settings, threaded chain earrings for Swarovski, post earrings or rings.


Swallow jewellery


Most people associate swallows primarily with the arrival of spring, but this bird has a much broader meaning in culture. The swallow symbolizes successful life changes, brings good news, and heralds new love. Because it is known for living in a monogamous relationship and connection to one place — symbolizes loyalty and persistence in love. Jewellery with swallow was often given to sailors. When the swallow sat on the bow of the boat, heralded the near arrival of land and the omen of the successful return of the sailor home. Swallow jewellery works perfectly as a pendant in the form of engraved tag, hung on a subtle silver or gold chain. To add even more charm, it’s worth to cover it with 24-carat gold or 18-carat rose gold.

Life tree jewellery

Trees have always provided food, shelter, warmth, and were also home to many animals and insects. The tree grows its roots deep into the earth, taking food from it, and its branches climb towards the sky, receiving energy from the sun, thanks to which they build an infinite circle of bonds, symbolizing the interconnection of sky with the ground and all living creatures. Thanks to this, tree is identified with unity, harmony and development. Tree also symbolizes family and fertility, because it grows out of a seed, forms bonds of branches and creates new fruits to give life to the next generation and become immortal. Trees are considered immortal, because they grow for hundreds of years, but never die of old age, usually they are killed by disease, insects or man. For this reason, they have become a symbol of strength, power, beauty, wealth, wisdom and longevity, because for many years they must fight heavy wind, strong sun rays, heavy frost, heavy rain, droughts and floods. They are also a symbol of rebirth, because in autumn they lose leaves and enter hibernation, in order to give life to new leaves in spring time. Thanks to this, the tree is a symbol of a new start in life, positive energy, vitality, health and a bright future. Due to the very rich symbolism, the tree has always been one of the most popular motifs in jewellery. Today, most often it occurs in the form of pendants, connectors for necklaces, charms for bracelets, as well as stud earrings. Tree of life jewellery is a perfect honor for someone’s knowledge and wisdom, as well as a reminder of internal strength and motivation to constantly broaden horizons.

Lotus jewellery

The lotus flower is a kind of water lily, that grows out of the mud of rivers, lakes and ponds, but never gets dirty. Its symbolism goes thousands of years back, when the Buddha was sitting on the lotus flower in the lotus position — a symbol of divine beauty, purity and perfection. The lotus flower also seduces us with its visual beauty, in addition to many small stamens growing out of the interior and pure white hue gently turning into pink, it consists of eight petals that represent the Noble Eightfold Path: right view, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right meditative absorption. Although the symbolism of lotus flower has derived from Eastern culture, now its meaning has lost its purely religious value, and has gained a metaphorical value and is associated with beauty, happiness, purity and spiritual harmony. The lotus flower has become very common all over the world and is often used as a motif in jewellery also symbolizing rebirth, eternal life, female sexuality, fortune and prosperity. The lotus flower also refers to psychology, where it became a symbol for people who are able to fight their pain and then transform it into serenity, the ability to self-control and pursuit of a new goal. Their motto is: “Be like a flower Lotus: Rebirth every day“.
Interesting facts about the lotus flower:
– the lotus flower seed has the ability to reproduce and bloom for 3000 years, thanks to which, it becomes the seed with the highest longevity and resistance;
– when the night comes, its petals close and the flower submerges under water, when dusk comes, it rises above dirty water clean and intact;
– its fragrance is considered to be hypnotizing and changing the state of our mind;
– the ability of self-cleaning plants was called the lotus effect and is used, among others, in the production of paints and fabrics.
Lotus jewellery is appreciated by people with a passion for spiritual development, living in harmony with nature and health awareness, both mental and physical. It looks beautiful in the form of necklace with connector, as well as an openwork pendant and earrings.

Dragonfly jewellery


Dragonflies, formerly called dragons, belong to the oldest insects. They delight us with the subtle movements and the beauty of colors, magically shimmering in the sun. Their life cycle undergoes dynamic changes in a fairly short time, begins in water, develops in the air, and ends in the ground, which is why they have become a symbol of transformation and connection with nature. The message of their behavior encourages us to avoid stagnation, to be active, take care of our mental and physical health and fully experience every day moments.

Interesting facts about dragonflies:
– dragonflies are the best flying insects;
– they can fly in all directions;
– they fly with the speed over 10 meters per second;
– as one of the few animals they mastered a hanging flight.
Dragonflies are often used in jewellery. They come in the form of connectors for necklace or bracelet, which suggest their flight line, or pendants, earrings or charms for a bracelet. Get inspired by the jewellery set, which consists of silver hooped earrings and necklace with silver dragonflies and epoxy resin settings. All components have been assembled using silver jump rings and jewelry pliers. The dragonfly in the form of a silver connector perfectly matches the green colored epoxy resin.

Flowers jewellery

Plants, especially flowers have been delighting with their beauty and diversity for centuries. They emphasized the charm of women, influenced well-being and were a source of inspiration in many areas of life. The symbolism of flowers dates back to ancient times, when they were used to decorating statues of gods, glorify the sovereigns, pay tribute to the dead and decorate important ceremonies. Over time, flowers began to be used to express feelings and intentions. This tradition has survived to this day, and because the symbolism of flowers is based on their species, color, quantity, development of buds, and even the technique of giving them — it is worth getting to know the meaning of flowers, because ignorance in this area may end with serious faux pas.

Flower meanings

– cut flowers are more elegant than potted ones;
– the number of flowers in the bouquet should be odd;
– flowers should be given without packaging;
– flowers should be given upwards;
– formerly, half-opened buds were most appreciated;
– formerly, when a woman accepted a bouquet by right hand, it meant that she shared the feelings of the person giving, and when left, unfortunately not;
– in the past, regarding the symbolism of flowers, men were passing messages like: you impress me, you stole my heart, you intimidate me, I think about you, I will fight for you.
Knowing all above traditions, although some of them are not practiced anymore, it is still worth considering the species and color of flowers, when choosing them.

Symbolism of flowers

roses: flowers with a very rich symbolism, which, however, significantly depends on their color. Red roses are responsible for passionate love and desire, white roses for innocence and virtue, pink roses for sympathy and friendship, and tea roses are the evidence of gratitude;
tulips: from these spring flowers only positive feelings flow such as: happiness from the presence of another person and great respect for them;
carnations: often handed out during official occasions expressing appreciation and admiration, as well as acknowledgments for some effort;
violets: symbolize longing, as well as hidden love and loyalty;
forget-me-nots: desire for strong bonds and long relations, a common choice for grandma’s day;
orchids: symbolize sensuality and perfection, as well as deep feelings, admiration and fascination;
hyacinths: express regret caused by the behavior of someone. Pink hyacinths symbolize fervor and white hyacinths — sympathy;
freesias: express respect, but also an invitation to flirt;
daffodils: mean jealousy and love without reciprocity, as well as self-confidence and selfishness;
lilies: symbolize purity, innocence and best wishes, but also serious intentions;
lilacs: are symbols of crazy love and youthful joy;
lilies of the valley: hide subtlety, delicacy, shyness and admiration;
chrysanthemums: they are associated with sadness, the world of the dead, because they often adorn the graves of our loved ones, but that’s because of their durability and resistance to low temperatures. In fact, depending on the color, they symbolize: love, loyalty and memory of another person;
cyclamen: announce relationship breakup.

Meaning behind flowers colors

– red: love, passion, desire, interest of someone, but also love for parents;
– white: innocence and purity, which is why they are so often used in wedding bouquets;
– pink: sincere sympathy, gratitude, care, admiration, they are also a symbol of femininity and subtlety;
– yellow: on the one hand: they symbolize happiness and friendship, on the other: jealousy, betrayal and falsehood. They also became a symbol of rejected love, but when combined with other colors, they mean energy and optimism. They are being a safe choice in situations requiring comfort or congratulations;
– blue: symbolize friendship, loyalty and peace. It’s a safe color, so it’s worth choosing for a friend, sick person or someone who experiences a stressful stage in life;
– purple: they express sadness and regret, which is why they have become popular in funeral bouquets.

Flower jewellery — gift ideas

The symbolism of flowers is very rich, which is why it is so popular in jewellery, as earrings, rings to necklaces, bracelets, charms and cufflinks. Thanks to the fact that jewellery with flowers has always emphasized the beauty of a woman and showed affection, it has become a popular gift for such occasions as: Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, as well as congratulations or apologies. However, considering the wide selection of jewellery with floral motifs, it is worth considering what will be perfect for the occasion. For Mother’s Day, it is worth choosing earrings with flower and join them with engraved tag in circle or heart. For Women’s Day, you can opt for bouquet of flowers connector pendant, which you can hang on a silver chain or gold chain necklace. For Valentine’s Day great idea would be an infinity charm with flowers in form of beautiful necklace. For birthday or name day it is worth choosing ear wires or silver bail dedicated to Crystals from Swarovski and create beautifully shimmering jewellery. In spring, cord bracelets with pendants reach the peak of their popularity, as well as Swarovski bracelets with pearls, silver spacers and charms. Depending on the occasion, you can choose pendants in a more casual or elegant style.


Kids jewellery

Subtle spring jewellery is also an ideal gift idea for children. In this case, the motifs are simpler, resembling children’s drawings, or shapes from cartoons or animated films. Small pendants, delicate earrings, kids bracelets or rings will certainly make many girls happy. For boys, however, we offer friendship bracelets or silver chain necklace.


Rosette jewellery

Rosette is a flower shaped motif that has long been used in folk art, relating to the worship of the sun and protection against evil powers. In the past, it often decorated lintels, door joints, doors, fences, furniture, emblems, household items and clothes. Today, the rosette takes many forms and designs, but most likely it is one of the oldest symbols known to man and is part of a larger geometric structure called the “Six-petal rosette“ or “Flower of Life“, which can be found in old manuscripts, temples and many other buildings scattered around the world. Its ideal shape was a mystery to many thinkers, including Leonardo da Vinci, who used this motif in his art. This symbol became part of sacred geometry, which in ancient times was associated with understanding the structure of the universe, the meaning of life on earth and finding a connection between what is visible and invisible. The Flower of Life was created as a result of superimposing several circles, thanks to which, its form resembles a flower placed in a circle, consisting of six symmetrically arranged petals. It was believed that repetitive geometric patterns explain all the components of this world, stretching from man to every element of inanimate nature. In addition to the Flower of Life, sacred geometry includes: Egyptian Pyramids, Aztec Calendar, Middle Eastern mosaics, and Eastern Medicine. The Flower of Life is a symbol of the beginning of everything, perfect order, harmony of the universe and continuous cycle. In addition, it is believed, that this symbol has the power to energize and improve the structure of water, relieve headaches and reduce harmful radiation.

Today, the rosette has become a popular talisman in jewellery, and its role is to recall balance and ensure a harmonious flow of energy. Rosette looks great as jewellery in form of earrings with rosette pendants or necklace connector or bracelet with charm. An interesting complement will be delicate rosette stud earrings.

Other spring symbols: sunflower, squirrel, dandelion and poppies

What else do we associate with spring? Sunflower, squirrel, poppies? Or maybe dandelion, which is a symbol of freedom, unlimited possibilities, survival and a new beginning? And this symbolism results from the fact that dandelion transforms into a transparent and ephemeral form, susceptible to even the most delicate gust of wind, which falls to the ground and gives new lives. It is also an allusion to falling apart into tiny pieces, in order to be born even stronger later. Dandelions are popular in form of silver pendant hung on a delicate chain, earrings base or charm for bracelet.


How to make jewellery with symbols?

Symbols in jewellery are used in many forms like earrings, spacers for bracelets and motives on rings. However, the most popular and limitless, are symbols as pendants and charms, in the form of 3D castings or 2D laser cut. Making jewellery with pendants is very simple, but at the beginning you need to answer 5 questions:
1. What jewellery do you plan to make: earrings, necklace, bracelet or maybe ring?
2. Will you use pendant or connector?
3. How do I plan to mount pendant on the base: by using jump ring, clasp, lobster clasp, bail, spacers, separators or maybe I will opt for a bead, threaded directly through a chain, jewellery cord or other base?
4. Will the jewellery be in 925 sterling silver, or covered with gold plating, rose gold plating or rhodium plating?
5. After answering the above questions, all you have to do is choose jewellery supplies that you are interested in, order them, and put together with basic tools such as flat and round pliers. Most popular categories are below:
laser cut pendants,
pendants for engraving;
All jewelry findings are made entirely of the highest quality sterling silver 925 free of allergic nickel. All of them can be covered with 24-carat gold or 18-carat rose gold, as well as dark or light rhodium. The great advantage of jewellery with symbols is the fact, that various pendants can be combined with each other in many ways. Depending on your needs, you can make jewellery with one pendant, and over time replace it with another, or add multiple. Thanks to this option, we are able to match jewellery to most styles. If you are looking for more inspirations, look at our Silvexcraft blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and join our group for jewellery lovers.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments below. We are more than happy to help!

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