Jewelry trends for winter 2023

winter 2023 jewelry trends

Fashionable jewellery for winter 2022/2023. How to make jewelry for winter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Each season brings us a new palette of inspiration, especially when it comes to jewellery. Often, it is the small details, such as rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, that appeal to our imagination and add a unique character to the outfits. With the arrival of winter 2023, jewelry creators are looking for inspirations that will allow them to create designs that stand out in the winter landscape. Based on the latest styles, we present jewelry trends that will dominate in the upcoming festive season.

Geometry and minimalism – less is more

Every era has its distinct hallmarks in the world of fashion and design. The often changing landscape of trends leans towards opulence and extravagance, but the time has come to return to the roots of simple jewelry. Winter 2023 will undoubtedly belong to those who appreciate minimalism jewelry. For creators looking for tranquility, harmony, and elegance in their projects, the upcoming season offers countless opportunities. Many fashion houses are focusing on simplicity of form, combining it with refined design. Geometric shapes, simple lines, and minimalist patterns will be the perfect addition to winter styles. Especially popular are round shapes that resemble drops of water or ice crystals.

“Less is more” is the principle that guides the latest trends in jewelry. In an era saturated with stimuli and consumerism, we focus on quality, not quantity. Subtle silver jewelry is the perfect complement to winter styling, not overwhelming it but delicately highlighting it. Simple shapes, such as circles, squares, or triangles, have become synonymous with elegance. Delicate round stud earrings, whose design is based on geometric shapes, are not only fashionable but also universal. These minimalist earrings can be worn for both evening and everyday styles.

Instead of large, massive necklaces, it’s worth betting on subtlety. Thin chains, topped with a delicate ball pendant, can become a symbol of the individuality of the person wearing them. It can be a minimalist shape, a name pendant, or a symbol that has special meaning for someone. Similarly, in the case of bracelets, thin bracelets that delicately wrap around the wrist, emphasize the natural beauty of the hand.

In the case of rings, the rule of simplicity also prevails. Geometric rings with modest design are a must-have for the upcoming season.

Large and extravagant necklace pendants

Fashion is often a field of expression full of contradictions, which translates into its oxymoronic nature. Winter 2023 is no exception in this regard, offering us, in contrast to the subtle additions discussed above, a collection of large pendants for necklaces that are bold and eye-catching. Prepare for large silver pendants such as compasses, skulls, bells, and whistles!

In the digital age, where GPS navigation has become a daily routine, compasses have become a symbolic reminder of traveling, exploring, and finding one’s own path. A compass pendant will add both character and a subtle, adventurous charm to a necklace.

Skulls, although associated with gothic motifs, have been in fashion for years. They represent life, death, and rebirth, adding mystery and rebellion to necklaces. In our stock, you will find a skull in the form of a bead for bracelets, a pendant for inserting crystals, and also a Mexican skull pendant, an example of which is a skull pendant that you can use not only for a necklace but also for bracelets and earrings.

In addition to the compass and skull, massive jewelry accessories such as spatial bells, whistles, padlocks, keys, and their mixes will also be popular.

Oxymoronic fashion is a game of contrasts, contradictions, and unexpected combinations. What once was simple today becomes sophisticated, and what was previously considered shy is now bold. In the winter 2023, we are entering an era of large, extravagant pendants for necklaces, which not only attract attention but also tell a story. For jewelry makers, this is an ideal time to experiment with form and content, creating works that surprise and inspire.


Observing the collections of the most renowned designers, we see a return to nature-inspired jewelry, especially those aspects reminiscent of the winter aura. Crystals that resemble frost or semi precious stones in shades of ice and snow are the hit of the upcoming season. Think of crystals set in silver or gold findings. An excellent choice would be a heart pendantheart earrings adorned with crystals, or an infinity pendant, which serves not only as trendy winter jewelry but also as a gift idea. The winter fashion offers an endless source of inspiration, from crystal snowflakes to glistening icy formations. Imagine jewellery that captures the sparkle of light on the snow’s surface or the subtle shades of the winter sky.

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Natural stones

Multicolored natural stones have an incredible power to draw attention. By using gemstones in your designs, you pay tribute to the beauty of natural landscapes and create works of unparalleled depth. For example, birthstones like blue onyx, jadeite, moonstone, quartz, or rock crystal are excellent jewellery making supplies for creating pendant necklaces and ear decorations.


These tiny, magical gifts of the oceans have fascinated humans for centuries with their delicacy and elegance. It’s no wonder they are one of the most valued materials in the jewellery world. In harmony with other silver findings, they remind us of the mysteries of the deep sea and nature. Whether you create a bracelet, choker, or necklace resembling a string of pearls, or more delicate jewellery accessories such as pearl earrings, a pearl pendant, or a pearl ring, remember that every piece of pearl jewelry carries a touch of classic and unforgettable charm. Pearls add elegance and subtlety to every project, highlighting the individuality of the wearer. Therefore, regardless of the style or pattern you choose, pearl jewellery will always be a unique addition to your collection, attesting to your refined taste and craftsmanship skills. In our range, you will find shell, glass and cultured pearls for threading with through holes, pearls for gluing with a half hole, and a wide selection of components dedicated to the most popular pearl models.


Even though winter envelops us in a white, cold landscape and the natural world immerses itself in deep snow, jewelry designers do not forget about flowers. These tiny, subtle symbols of life permeate our projects, adding vitality even on the coldest days. Why are flowers in jewelry so universal, and how can they transform winter creations?

For centuries, they have been a symbol of beauty, love, transience, and rebirth. Their delicate designs and patterns refer to the beauty and ephemeral nature of life. In jewellery, flowers have the power to draw attention, adding grace and subtlety to each creation. They are a perfect reminder of summer gardens when everything around is teeming with life.

Although winter does not favor colorful gardens, jewelry artists use floral motifs to bring warmth and colour to winter days. Imagine rose earrings design, a flower bead, or charms for a bracelet with a delicate floral motif and a crystal in the center. These projects combine the strength of winter style with the delicacy of flowers, creating an unforgettable combination.

Flowers in jewellery remind us that, despite the cold days and long nights, the beauty of nature is eternal. For jewellery creators, they are a source of endless inspirations, allowing for the creation of unique designs that will bring the charm of flowers to winter days. Let flowers be your muse, adding magic and life to your winter jewelry.

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Regardless of whether your vision focuses on the smooth shine of a pearl, the sparkle of a crystal, the depth of gems, or the subtlety of flowers, we encourage you to combine all the jewelry components into a harmonious whole. Jewellery inspired by the treasures of the earth and oceans is not only an expression of art but also a tribute to the uniqueness of our planet. Such designs easily blend with various styles, from every day to the evening. They are universal and timeless, ensuring that customers will wear them for many years to come.

We encourage you to combine your craftsmanship with the endless inspiration provided by nature. Introducing elements of nature into your designs can not only refresh your collections but also attract a new group of customers who are looking for unique, authentic, and nature-connected jewellery. Let the strength and beauty of nature become your guides in the upcoming season!

Thick chains are still current in jewelry trends

Silver Everything

Jewellery making is a true art. In the right hands, simple jewelry findings can transform into spectacular creations. One of the most important jewelry supplies are chains, which have undergone a real metamorphosis in recent years. In previous seasons, gold plated chains dominated. However, in the winter 2023, silver chains in their pure form will take the stage.

Chunky Silver Chains

Although gold chains still hold their place on the podium, it is indeed the silver models, especially those in the chunky style, that are number one among jewelry makers. Thicker chains, exemplified by the curb chain, were previously mainly associated with masculine style but now have become a symbol of self-confidence, courage, and sophistication. They can be worn on their own as a strong accent or combined with other jewelry and findings, creating trendy layered necklaces.

H3.Chains Adorned with Shimmering Crystals

We cannot forget about the second, equally important trend: crystal chains. Delicately shimmering pieces add sparkle and depth to simple chains, creating jewelry perfect for special occasions. Sparkling crystals, often used as accessories or woven into the chain, add a phenomenal glow, making the jewelry even more unique.

Silver chains come in various weaves, from classic through more complicated to unique, which will certainly distinguish your jewellery from others. Regardless of whether you are looking for a delicate or strongly expressive chain, at 925CRAFT you will find ready-made necklaces chains and bracelet making supplies with clasps, and for those who want to experiment with lengths and create their own combinations, we offer bulk chains. With their help, you will create fashionable long chains with pendantschokers, as well as layered necklaces with different patterns and sets of necklaces, which will work great both for a special occasion and in everyday styles.

Jewellery trends change quickly, but certain elements remain eternal. Silver chains, regardless of their thickness or decorations, will always be a classic in the jewelry world. For every jewelry designer, the new season brings not only inspiration but also the opportunity to experiment with various forms and materials. Let the upcoming winter be a time of discovering the charm of sterling silver!

What jewelry for Christmas 2023?

As Christmas approaches by leaps and bounds, jewelry makers wonder what designs will be most desired during this magical period. The holidays are a time when we want to feel special, and jewellery plays an important role in creating these feelings. Here are a few inspirations for jewelry designers for Christmas 2023.

Although classic motifs such as stars, bells, snowflakes, Christmas trees, or reindeer will always be popular, it is worth looking for new interpretations of these well-known symbols. A simple cross pendantstar earringsChristmas tree earrings, or reindeer earrings can be excellent choices for those who appreciate subtlety, while a pair of hoop earrings with gemstones or diamonds, a gold star necklace, a ring with pearls or a Christmas charm bracelet are a proposal for those looking for more refined solutions.

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Gold and silver are classic Christmas colors, but it is worth enriching them with additions of colors typical for this period. Gemstones for jewellery making in shades of red and green colour, such as rubies or emeralds, will perfectly match the atmosphere of the holidays. Colorful accents in shades of blue and white referring to the winter aura, such as aquamarines or opals, can add a cooler character to the jewellery.

Christmas 2023 is an opportunity for jewelry makers to experiment with both classic and new motifs. The key to success is combining tradition with fresh ideas, which will allow customers to feel special during this unique time of year. Let the upcoming holidays be a source of inspiration and a creative approach to jewelry design!

Christmas gift jewellery making

Christmas is a magical time of gift-giving. For many people, the ideal gift is jewelry – a symbol of love, memory, and special moments. As a jewelry designer, you have the opportunity to create not only beautiful ornaments, but also lasting memories. What trends and inspirations should be taken into consideration when creating jewelry for a 2023 Christmas gift? Here are a few suggestions.

Personalized gifts are gaining popularity. Jewelry with engraving, featuring a date, initials, a short quote, or a dedication, is a gift that will surely be remembered for years. Christmas is a time spent with family, so personalized jewelry will certainly appeal to many people. A few examples of gifts for her on Christmas are pearl necklaces with a letter, necklaces with names, or charms with important dates, or another short phrase. A surefire idea for a 2023 Christmas present for him is mens personalised bracelet, a pair of cufflinks with initials, either smooth or adorned with gemstones. There is nothing more timeless than precious stones. Choosing a stone that matches the recipient is a hit, and zirconia earrings are perfect for someone who appreciates classic elegance. Such subtle and phenomenal earrings are also an excellent gift idea for grandma for the holidays.

Another suggestion is jewelry sets. By assembling jewelry into sets, you provide the gifted person with a ready-made coherent look. Such Christmas jewelry ideas are often more valuable and give a sense of luxury. A set consisting of silver earrings, a bracelet, and a pendant with a uniform motif, such as a water drop or geometric shapes, is an excellent choice for a Christmas gift for girlfriend.

As Christmas approaches, people are looking for gifts that are not only beautiful but also full of meaning. As jewelry makers, we have the extraordinary opportunity to provide such unique Christmas jewellery. Let’s remember that what we do goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary decoration – we create memories that will last forever. Let the upcoming holidays inspire us to create unforgettable works of art.

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How to make earrings and other jewellery perfect for NYE?

New Year’s Eve is not only a farewell to the old year but also an opportunity to celebrate and present oneself in full glory. For jewelry makers, it is a time when we can afford a bit more sparkle, extravagance, and creativity. If you’re wondering what kind of jewelry will be perfect for this special night, here are some hot trends and suggestions that fashion designers recommend for New Year’s Eve 2023-2024.

The most frequently chosen jewelry for New Year’s Eve is the kind that catches the eye and adds sparkle to every outfit. Examples include subtle gold earrings with zirconia or long, dangling earrings adorned with many small crystals that beautifully reflect light. A good choice will also be hoops, heart earrings, or tassel earrings, which should be paired with sparkling pendants. However, remember that New Year’s Eve earrings should be light and not interfere with moves on the dance floor.

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights when “more” can really mean “more.” Therefore, when creating jewelry for this occasion, opt not for one necklace, but richly decorated multi-layer necklaces, combining metals, pendants, beads, crystals, pearls, and other magnificent ornaments.

When creating accessories for the hands, also opt for jewelry that makes an impression. Examples are bracelets made of multicolored natural stones and rings decorated with crystals or pearls. All components are available in our shop.

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New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to experiment with jewellery and unleash your creativity. As creators, we have not only the opportunity to highlight the uniqueness of this night through our projects, but also to add sparkle and confidence to those who wear them. Let the upcoming New Year’s Eve be full of sparkle, elegance, and unforgettable moments highlighted by beautiful New Year’s jewelry reflecting the latest jewelry trends.

The time has come to prepare for winter in the world of jewellery. Based on the trends set by the most famous designers, we can create projects that will not only catch the eye but also become an integral part of winter clothes. It is worth considering what inspirations best reflect our vision and how we can transform them into unique works of art worn on the ears, neck, fingers, or wrist. Let the upcoming winter be a time of sparkle and uniqueness in the world of jewelry!

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