Jewelry trends 2021 – Spring and Summer

Jewelry trends do not undergo such dynamic transformations as clothes on the catwalks, but nevertheless jewelry designers try to consistently introduce newfangled forms, both by refreshing designs of previous seasons and presenting new products with an element of surprise. 2020 jewelry trends brought spectacular, edgy and colorful jewelry. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets were surprisingly oversized, so they were grabbing attention and dominated over the general look. Year 2020 will be remembered as an unusual one – the year in which the world has stopped for a while. Pandemic reality turned the world upside down, we got stuck in our four walls, our houses and flats turned into offices and schools, and our lives in majority moved online. Facts from around the world made us think, which often resulted in a change of priorities, values and habits. One of them is our shopping habits, which have mainly moved to the digital sphere, another – traveling, that has disappeared or turned into virtual walks. Runways of the most famous fashion houses also became virtual and were presented live or published on social media channels.
 spring jewelry 2021

Zoom Look

Jewelry designers have faced quite a challenge, as they had to make stylish jewellery that will arouse the desire to wear it, while spending most of the time at home. With time, however, more and more people switched to home office, during which applications  based on video conferences were used letting to efficient communication. Such virtual meetings were most often accompanied by a close-up shot from the shoulders upwards, which gradually resulted in the need to decorate necklines and ears in the form of necklaces and earrings. Some opted for subtle jewelry, such as cubic zirconia stud earrings or pearl earrings, and delicate layered necklace with pendants. Others, chose chunky jewellery, heavy silver chokers, thick chains, ear cuff earrings, and massive and colorful earrings that attract attention. This behavior was adopted by designers, who focused on creating jewelry that favors virtual communication, making the so-called Zoom Look – that is the look from the waist up. However, this jewelry does not differ from certain standards and will not pass with the current times, because necklaces and earrings are the basis of a woman’s look and when the pandemic leaves us, this jewelry will complete our outfits when returning to the office, having a romantic dinner in the restaurant, going to the cinema, or any other more or less formal meetings.

Pantone 2021

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute states a color, that sets visual trends around the world. In 2021, due to the previous year events, the focus was on community, i.e. making us aware of how much we need bonds with other people and how much mandatory isolation and loneliness can distress us and lead to loss of hope. For this reason, two colors were chosen: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. Ultimate Gray is a color associated with rocks and stones on the beach, which have existed for millions of years and will not disappear anytime soon, therefore the gray symbolizes peace, relief, strength and resilience. Illuminating Yellow is the color of the sun, light in the tunnel, yellow is uplifting, symbolizes optimism, strength, positive thinking and hope for better times. In connection with the above, the duo of these colors is a reaction to the reality around us and suggests, that we should be patient and calmly wait for a brighter future. In the case of jewelry, gray can take the form of silver, and yellow – gold, so it is worth mixing these two precious metals to make stylish jewelry, or combine silver with natural stones in yellow shades.

Spring jewelry

Spring is the perfect time for invigorating your collections and introducing more impressive jewelry, especially after winter trends, focused mainly on fine, toned and close-fitting jewelry, in order to avoid snagging on winter clothing, damaging or getting lost. In winter, wearing long or richly decorated fashionable earrings, extra long necklaces, as well as bracelets and rings can be bothering for some. Spring brings desire to dress up our ears, necks, wrists and fingers. We throw off our hats, scarves and gloves, thanks to which we are more likely to display fancy compositions that grab attention and evoke positive emotions. This year there are no rules and restrictions, so it is worth forgetting the golden rules and starting to experiment and play with form and scale, combining gold with silver, crystals with pearls, as well as precious metals with other materials. It is worth going into splendor and follow the principle: the more, the better. Instead of one bracelet or ring – make whole sets, decorating not one – but both wrists and several fingers, if necklaces – make them consisting of several layers, use thick silver chain, in various sizes, weaves, decorations and colors. When creating such sets, it is worth making sure, that they can be worn layered, or alone if necessary. The spring trending also include charms and pendants. We temporarily hide snowflakes, reindeer or Christmas trees and move on to the spring theme, as the breath of spring brings popularity to such pendants as: the tree of life, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, birds and flowers. Silver pendants and gold pendants in the form of openwork or plaques for engraving dominate. Examples of jewelry components inspired by spring can be found below:
fairy pendant
tree of life pendant
 sunflower charm
compass pendant
bee pendant
charms bracelets
monstera earrings
jewelry making supplies
long earrings
pearl jewellery

Spring Summer 2021 – 10 jewelry trends worth investing in this year

1. Pearls
The timeless pearl has become a fashion icon. It is elegant, chic, sensual and sexy. However, this year, jewelry with pearls is even less traditional than before, rejecting the classic long pearl necklace and moving towards a modern style. Women have always loved pearls, but they are increasingly looking for newer and bolder compositions, that not only emphasize femininity, but also add the edgy twist. In the previous and upcoming season, raw, imperfect and irregular pearls dominate. Baroque pearls adorning heavy chokers, multi-layer necklaces finished with massive ring clasp, bracelets connected with chunky chains, long earrings, mismatched earrings and cuff earrings are also in spotlight. There is a growing demand for modernist pearls decorating not only jewelry, but also clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Discover the types of pearls in our article: How to tell if pearls are real.
2. Chains
Silver chains and gold chains have become entrenched in jewelry trends and have turned out to be a permanent element of the collections of recent seasons. This leading trend will continue this year as well. We will be accompanied by delicate chains adjacent to the neck, thick chain necklaces with massive links resembling industrial chains, chain chokers, long chains with a pendant, as well as multi-layer sets consisting of various weaves, sizes and colors, decorated with stones, crystals and pearls. Making jewelry is facilitated by bulk silver chains, thanks to which you will create compositions with no limits. It is worth decorating them with pendants, connectors and recently very fashionable massive jewelry clasps. Chains have been decorating our bodies for centuries, but in recent seasons there has been a growing demand for heavy, oversized, extremely expressive, even aggressive links. Chains jewelry are suitable for all occasions, they are perfect for both simple T-shirts and jeans, as well as for highlighting the neckline of elegant evening dresses. The world-famous runways for the Spring Summer 2021 season were bursting with chains in the form of jewelry and chains adorning clothing, footwear, purses and other accessories. Vivienne Westwood used cascade necklaces to complement her latest creations, while Louis Vuitton used oversized chains instead of handbags straps.
3. Long necklace with pendant
Another announcement from the world of fashion for the coming seasons are the above-mentioned long necklaces, which take the form of one – reaching up to the waist, or several arranged in layers – consisting of various materials, colors and decorated with various pendants, tassels, feathers and other accessories. Long necklaces are perfect for deep necklines, but also for simple T-shirts and shirts with a collar, sweaters and even sweatshirts. What’s more, such necklaces optically make the neck appear more slender and give the impression of a slimmer profile. Our offer includes a wide selection of bulk chains, as well as pendants, linking elements, necklace clasps and chain extensions. For the Spring Summer jewelry 2021 season, long necklaces were presented by Saint Laurent, and their phenomenal look was emphasized by long earrings.
4. Earrings
In addition to necklaces, earrings have also been in the lead in recent seasons. Perhaps due to the aforementioned Zoom Era, but it has been known for a long time, that earrings add shine, bring sparkle and beautifully illuminate the face. Massive, colorful and dangling earrings, pearl drop earrings, as well as asymmetrical earrings, single earrings and richly decorated earrings are on top. In the coming seasons, there will also be a classic such as hoop earrings, but more and more often they will be worn in sets, from the smallest to the largest, mixed thick with slender, embellished with diamonds, cubic zirconia and pearls, in silver and gold. It is worth remembering, that hoop earrings are a safe choice because, depending on the size, everyone looks attractive in them. Dreamlike long earrings decorated with flowers, for the coming seasons were presented by the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house, while the mismatched earrings: by Valentino.

Hummingbird charm
Ag 925

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5. Charms
Another proposition, perfect for spring and summer, are charms, talismans and other pendants and connectors, that adopt a collector’s style and give character to even the simplest jewelry. All you need is
a delicate chain or trendy bracelets with one or more such ornaments. Jewelry trends of 2021 focus on entire collections that tell stories. We create both simple forms and enriched with stones, cubic zirconia, crystals and pearls. String bracelets with spring-inspired charms work great for this time of the year. On the other hand, their major moment have shell charms and pearl pendants, which bring back memories of exotic holidays, long warm evenings and walks during spectacular sunsets. A perfect addition to the holiday look are pendants inspired by beach and underwater life, such as: starfish, turtles, dolphins, as well as boho and ethno-style jewelry, which wonderfully complement summer dresses, light linen clothing, and even bikinis – as perfect addition to your beach look. This year’s precursor of ethno jewelry turned out to be Versace. In addition to necklaces with charms and summer bracelets, this year also put on coins, which refer to vintage style.

6. Vintage
The next direction worth following in the coming seasons is a return to the past centuries, through the art of decorations inspired by previous eras. Vintage jewelry referring to history, however, presented in a modern version is very popular. Trends are veering towards classic jewelry, but in a refreshed version. Perhaps this is the effect of the uncertain times in which we live, so we reach for tradition, for something we already know. In jewelry for the following seasons, there is an interest in rich ornaments with small vintage accents, as exemplified by baroque pearls, heavy chains, ornate chokers, gold bracelets, chunky rings with details and chandelier earrings. We appreciate precious metals more and more, and above all, gold and silver, which remain in a vintage style.
7. Silver
Recent seasons have been dominated by gold and gold-plated jewelry, although the warm tones remain with us, there is a remarkable turn towards silver. What’s more, it is worth going a step further and modifying the metal in such a way, that it becomes even more attractive, for example textured, hammered and distorted silver jewelry, as well as ribbed and oxidized jewelry, referring to the above-mentioned vintage style, are gaining popularity. In addition, we still encourage you to combine silver with gold, to make stylish jewellery and enrich it with crystals, pearls and precious stones, which again return to grace.
8. Gems
Gemstones are minerals that have accompanied mankind for centuries and are one of the oldest elements used in jewelry design. They come in many shades, structures, hardness and degrees of gloss, which is why jewelers all over the world use them to decorate and embed them in metals, creating phenomenal necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches. The trends and inspirations for the Spring Summer 2021 season place a strong emphasis on the use of these precious stones. Find out more about stones in our article: “Gemstone beads for jewellery making“.
9. Stacking rings
Both previous and upcoming seasons have been dominated by layered jewelry. We have already mentioned cascade necklaces, choker necklaces, and hoop earrings worn in sets from the smallest to the largest. Now it’s time for trendy rings. We also wear them layered, on a few fingers. Additionally, more and more often we mix delicate rings with heavy signet rings and large rings with stones. And following the principle of the more, the better, we additionally decorate our wrists with several bracelets. Layered jewelry, often stacked, is a great fun opportunity, allowing you to design creative compositions without restrictions.
10. Purse necklaces
The last proposition of the most famous jewelry designers are purse pendants. Most often they are hung on chains, resting around neckline or waist. This trend was presented, among others, by the Chanel fashion house at the Spring Summer 2021 show. As we can see, upcoming seasons bring a plethora of jewelry styles, so you can choose whichever you prefer and make jewelry, which will resonate with all your customers.

Summer jewelry

Summer is a time of rest, travel, spending time outdoors and socializing at a barbecue, campfire, in gardens, in the mountains or on the seaside. Taking into account the events of the previous year, despite the fact that over time some spheres of life have temporarily returned to normal, we are still hungry for freedom, travel and socializing in a larger group. Therefore, jewelry designers try to compensate us for this difficult time and create jewelry that is positive, colorful, cheerful, and often even funny. Jewelry, as well as clothing, affects our well-being, so this year it is worth focusing on creating jewelry with good energy and positive vibrations. Fashionable jewelry for summer most often consists of cheerful and positive pendants decorating necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and ankle bracelets. Huge uptake have summer related stud earrings, such as: starfish earrings, crab earrings, dolphin earrings, unicorn earrings, monstera earrings or pineapple earrings. Do not forget about the power of pearls this year and incorporate them into your summer collections. A notable standout have pearl bracelets and pearl chokers, so it is worth to mix them up with
a half-pearl half-chain elements, to create full pieces of trendy jewelry. Another must have this summer is a long chain necklace, which can be worn solo or layered with other necklaces. Finally, complete your collections with colorful string bracelets and stackable sets of rings.

phoenix pendant
fish pendan
flamingo pendant
shell pendant
trendy jewelry

The latest jewellery trends present a mixture of gold, silver, stones, crystals and pearls. On the one hand, they shimmer with colors and refer to the flash of the 90s and 2000s, here an example is Balenciaga. On the other hand, they go back to previous eras, in order to return in a refreshed version and rewrite history. After months spent alone, in four walls and working from home, we want to wear something spectacular, so the designers suggest not to limit yourself and create jewelry, that will allow you to stand out and change even the simplest stylization. When creating necklaces – let them be heavy, long, and preferably layered, if creating bracelets – let them be massive, in the company of a few, on both wrists, if making earrings – create long, shoulder-grazing, richly decorated or mismatched earrings. As a jewellery findings supplier, we follow the latest jewelry trends and produce new designs corresponding to the current styles, thanks to which our offer will meet even the most demanding customers needs. Choose from a wide range of jewelry findings and create jewelry with WOW factor. In our offer you will find silver and gold findings, as well as ready-made silver jewelry. If you do not find the product you need, please contact us, and we will produce it especially for you.

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