Jewellery for winter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve

In winter season, warm sweaters, turtlenecks, fluffy jackets, fur coats, woolen hats, scarves and gloves are coming back to favor, therefore we decide to choose smaller and more body close-fitting jewelry to minimize the risk of damaging or loosing it. For this reason, many people during this time completely give up wearing jewelry, so below are some ideas on how to deal with this inconvenience. If wearing long earrings becomes troublesome, due to the risk of getting tangled in clothing, it is worth choosing small silver earstud settings with backstoppers that stick to the ear, thus minimizing the risk of loosing them. In case of necklaces, the solution will be massive necklaces wrapping around neck or loosely falling over the sweater, as well as delicate pendants hung on tiny chains. In winter, it is worth choosing some thematic jewelry such as: snowflake pendant, star pendant, angel pendant or reindeer pendant. Fans of bracelets often go for more fancy bangles slipped over the sleeves, and in case of wearing thick sweaters, perfect would be chunky chain bracelets loosely entwining the wrists. We also have good news for ring fans, because rings worn on gloves have become a popular trend in recent seasons. In this case, it is worth to take care of larger sizes or choose spiral or adjustable models. In addition to the jewelry itself,
in winter we can also decorate shoes, belts, handbags, and other accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves. We recommend decorating them with GAVBARI crystals or Swarovski crystals, as well as silver chains or other decorations. Remember that cold aura outside does not disqualify from wearing jewelry, so warm up the cool aura and create forms adequate to the season.

winter jewellery trends

What jewelry for winter 2020?

Jewelry trends for winter 2020 are especially favorable for people who love phenomenal and eye-catching jewelry that is not only an accessory, but plays a leading role, sparkles, surprises and dominates the rest of the styling. In this season, there is no place for boredom, it is time to have fun and make spectacular jewelry with splendor, shine and stardom. Most of the forms appeared many years ago, but now they return in new versions, in bolder combinations, in crazy colors, breaking with the current patterns of jewelry making. It’s time to break all the rules, mix different materials together, play with colors and styles. Very popular is combining gold with silver, what few years ago was treated as a lack of taste. Current jewelry designs are romantic, elegant, punk rock, hippie and artistic. The return to nature is also a part of the latest trends, the eco, retro and boho style, as well as motifs inspired by travel, are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays much more people start making handmade jewelry, combining metals with epoxy resin, wood, strings and natural materials, interwoven with crystals and pearls, very often in earthy shades. 
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 chain necklace
Below we present the most fashionable jewelry for winter 2020:
The color of the year is Classic Blue, which represents a combination of nature and technology and harmonizes beautifully with both, gold and silver. It refers to the color of the sky at dusk and the depth of the calm ocean, which also influenced the development of marine jewelry themes, such as an anchor pendant, starfish pendant, seahorse pendant or seashell pendant. Another reference to the ocean is one of the hottest trends in recent seasons in the form of pearls, but no longer in such classic style. New trends break the existing conventions, according to which, the most valued pearls are almost perfectly round, and similar in shape, color and surface to each other. This year pearls have gained a modern character and most popular are the ones in irregular shapes, shades and sizes, resembling natural pearls, which decorate earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Pearls in cold shades such as white pearl, mystic black, classic blue and iridescent dove gray are perfect for winter. The strings of pearls cascading on the neckline and the wrist are also returning to favors, referring to the principle: the more the better. They are also willingly combined with various weaves of gold-plated chains decorated with boho style pendants, such as moon, stars, and letters.
Swarovski crystals
gold-plated charms
pearl charms
pearl bracelet connector
curb links
The basis of 2020 trends are earrings. Most often huge earrings, richly decorated with colorful crystals, pearls, tassels, chains or other pendants, often resembling chandeliers. We still love asymmetrical earrings, or mismatched earrings, where most of the time one of them is massive and eye-catching, and the other is much smaller. Another dominant trend is the solo earring, often long, dangling and outstanding, what compensates the lack of the second earring. Ear cuffs with ear chain that have already appeared in previous seasons are also in the lead, but now they are growing in strength and size, as they begin to cover the larger, and often even the entire surface of the ear. For people without ear holes or who cannot wear earrings, ear clips can be the option, which can also be decorated with crystals, pearls or other pendants. Finally, we cannot ignore the hit of the 90s, which are hoop earrings. However, this season is dominated by massive, thick, twisted ones, often consisting of several circles connected together in a bunch, or one under the other, forming pendants, reaching over the shoulders. Below we present few inspirations of earrings made of SILVEXCRAFT jewelry findings in silver 925, gold 585 and 24-carat gold plating. The offer also includes GAVBARI crystals, pearls and Swarovski crystals and pearls.
moon pendant
 silver hoop earrings
custom letter pendant
cross chain earring
earrings with pearls
Another dominant trend of this year appears as massive necklace, most often consisting of chunky chains with giant links in a raw and industrial style. Chains with large links are also used to decorate bags, belts, shoes and sophisticated head accessories. Chain necklaces are often contrasted with delicate and elegant pearls, thanks to which they break jewelry conventions once again, and create surprising and original compositions, so the jewelry collections gain a completely new character. Timeless gold chains with delicate weaves, which can be used in many ways, will be the right choice for lovers of more delicate jewelry. One of them are subtle chains with charms that have been reigning for several seasons and offer endless possibilities of making jewelry for any occasion. The most popular of them are heart pendants, baby feet, angels, crosses, engraved plaques, initial pendants, animals, zodiac pendant, or other symbols in boho, marine, rock music or traveling style. Apart from neck chains, it is worth going a step further and make long necklaces consisting of single or several weaves of chains arranged in layers. This year, chains decorate not only neck and wrists, but also the ears, head, back and even the waist. We also do not forget about chokers, but this time also in a very impressive edition, and thus – heavy, massive and richly decorated.
 cascade necklace
 star pendant necklace
choker chain with pendant
name chains
initial pendant necklace
Bracelets are an inseparable element of jewelry, which also come in many forms and styles. From chain links, through pearl bracelets, string bracelets, made of epoxy resin, multi-layered, silver, gold-plated, with charms and connectors. This year, wide bracelets, heavy, with lots of pendants and other decorations dominate. When choosing chain bracelets, we recommend personalizing them by adding pendants relevant to the season, occasion or styling. In SILVEXCRAFT’s offer you will find charms for fans of travel, animals, nature, music, molecular symbols, religious symbols, or other, both classic and modern. If, on the other hand, wearing bracelets with pendants turns out to be problematic in a duet with winter clothing, we recommend slip-on bracelets or chain bracelets with massive links, that can be worn loosely on the wrist, or wrap them around the sleeves.
The 2020 winter jewelry trends are a fusion of rich inspiration, that surprises and gives the green light to limitless creativity, encouraging going crazy in terms of mixing shapes, colors, materials and styles. Flashy and oversized jewelry, such as huge earrings, chunky bracelets and layered necklaces, harmonize perfectly with warm sweaters, and this time they do not complement – but dominate winter styling. For fans of minimalism, there is an equally wide range of possibilities, because fine jewelry is always a fashionable and safe choice. To diversify it a little, we recommend adding various galvanic coatings and encourage to play, combine and create outstanding compositions, that will delight with their unique form and creativity.

Christmas jewelry

Christmas is a special time, usually associated with happy and joyful moments spent with the loved ones. For some, it is time to stop for a moment, think and especially relax. For others, it is the only occasion in the year to meet, recall the old times, give gifts and show, how much loved ones mean to us. Often such an elevated atmosphere makes us want to look special, but at the same time, to feel comfortable. For this purpose, it is worth tempting to wear jewelry that will fit into the festive atmosphere, sparkle and illuminate the winter, slightly pale complexion in the candlelight. As we mentioned earlier, earrings dominate this year, so do not give them up and create jewelry sets consisting of earrings with necklace or earrings with bracelet. Gold-plated stud earrings with pearl and a pearl pendant hung on a fashionable twisted box chain will be perfect as Christmas jewelry. Such a combination will create a charming duo with a black or bottle-green outfit, because gold blends perfectly with these colors, and the subtle shine of pearls will add class and elegance. Another proposition are long silver earrings with crystals, which will add a phenomenal glow, complete with a chain bracelet with charms referring to the magic of Christmas. Another example are intricately braided necklaces made of various weaves of sterling silver chains, of various lengths and galvanic coatings, such as rhodium, platinum or gold plating. Openwork jewelry in the form of necklaces or pendants for earrings will also work great. Other proposals include timeless pearls, in less classic versions, such as choker, which add elegance and bring out magic from even the most modest look. Regardless of whether we prefer jewelry sets or individual elements, it is always worth taking care of hands, by decorating them with sterling silver rings in a subtle form, or more sophisticated, decorated with crystals or pearls. It is worth remembering that properly selected jewelry will add not only charm and elegance, but also self-confidence, and Christmas is a special time, full of positive energy and warmth, so make your customers feel comfortable during this magic time of the year.
angel wing pendant
chain bracelet
gift jewelry
pearl studs
sterling silver stud earrings

Jewelry for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a magical evening celebrating the last day of the year, so it is worth going crazy and enrich the outfit with appropriate accessories, that will attract attention and delight, shimmering in the glow of artificial light. When going to the New Year’s Eve ball, we can afford a bit of extravagance and take care not only of the dress itself, but also an unusual hairstyle, makeup, accessories and jewelry. Of course, the right fit of the jewelry will depend significantly on the costume. Lovers of the classic black dress will have a wide range of possibilities, because this choice is the perfect background for most accessories. To add a bit of charm, we recommend long chain earrings or dangling earrings with crystals, which will slim the neck, glow up the face, and shine beautifully with a thousand of colors. An alternative will be silver large circle earrings with various pendants attached.

The earrings should be complemented with a silver chain bracelet or bracelet with crystals, because in general bracelets add class to any costume. It is also worth taking care of a delicate ring with zirconia, which will shine subtly during dance, perfectly complementing the New Year’s Eve outfit. Instead of earrings, it is also worth choosing silver or gold-plated ear cuffs with chains strikingly wrapping the ear.
An alternative to the rich decoration of the ears, will be a fancy and eye-catching chain choker or necklace, which should be matched to the shape and depth of the neckline. In case of deep, v-shape or neckline with
a closed top – long necklaces are recommended, most often single chain necklaces, or consisting of several layers in various weaves and lengths. For square, round shaped or boat neckline – shorter necklaces are better, for example braided, with a connector or with a pendant. When choosing a necklace, it is also worth taking care of a hand decoration in the form of a bracelet or ring, matching the necklace, which in this case plays the main role. The perfect complement will be delicate stud earrings, which will not dim the charm of the dominant choker or necklace, but will add a delicate shine, thanks to which the face will look radiant. Richly decorated jewelry for New Year’s Eve helps to turn even the most modest outfit into a phenomenal play of light, allowing it to shine on this special night. It makes a modest creation – glow, and adds life to the boring one. The New Year’s Eve is one of these days, when we are allowed to have lots of fun, so we encourage you to go crazy on this special night of the year. For the followers of minimalism, we recommend
a delicate chain with pendant, a subtle ring or small stud earrings, which will add elegance, lightness and delicacy. In case of richly decorated outfits, it is worth choosing smaller accessories, that will perfectly complement the New Year’s Eve outfit. Examples include earrings with zirconia, silver or gold earrings with pearls or other crystals, as well as a delicate bracelet or ring, that will highlight the attractiveness of the costume.

Infinity sign with heart
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This year, impressive, phenomenal, shiny and eye-catching jewelry dominates, such as large earrings, massive bracelets and heavy chains, often combined with pearls and colored crystals. However, during this special evening, remember, that the perfect outfit is one, in which we feel not only attractive, but also comfortable. Bearing in mind your own comfort, it is worth taking care of the practical side of accessories and in the case of long XXL earrings, choose those made of lighter material, because huge earrings can be bothersome when dancing by getting tangled in the hair, and heavy ones – unnecessarily strain the ears. Rings should be exactly sized and necklaces and bracelets should be securely fastened, to avoid opening and getting lost.

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 christmas earrings
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What jewelry for a gift?

There are many occasions in the year, when we give gifts to our loved ones. Most popular ocassions are: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandma’s and Grandfather’s Day, birthdays, name days, christening, communion, weddings, but also anniversaries, congratulations and other occasions. There are people who have clearly defined needs and desires, so we can easily choose something, that will make them happy. Often, however, we are in a less comfortable situation, and we wonder what to buy to meet the tastes of them. Then jewelry turns out to be the perfect choice. This is because jewelry is worn by almost all of us. Some people prefer larger and more attractive, some finer and more subtle, but by choosing silver or gold jewelry, it also becomes an investment for years, because it is durable and precious. If we know the taste of the person, we can take a risk with a bolder choice, in the form of massive jewelry decorated with colored crystals or pearls. However, if we are not sure how to meet the taste of such a person, it is worth choosing classic jewelry, that fits everything and is worth having in a box for special occasions. Examples include silver stud earrings, a silver or gold chain, as well as adjustable silver rings with a tiny crystal or a pearl that can be worn individually or in sets. For younger people or with a sense of humor, thematic pendants appropriate to the occasion, such as: reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, a woman’s symbol, handcuffs, mustache, or a palette with paints will be perfect. The perfect gift idea is also jewelry with a message, thanks to which we can express our feelings or convey any messages. The most popular are heart pendants and infinity pendants, which symbolize our feelings, most often unlimited love and friendship. Initials pendants are very popular recently, as well as pendants with intention, which carry a unique message and are designed to remind people about important and wonderful people, places or moments. Pendants such as a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe or an elephant are great symbols, that add strength and energy, as well as happiness. In the SILVEXCRAFT offer you will find a wide selection of products and inspirations for the perfect idea for a Christmas gift, so catch the positive energy that flows from the pre-Christmas period and make jewelry, that will give these moments additional uniqueness, and your customers’ relatives – even more joy.

Gifts for jewelry lovers inspired by winter

Below we present some examples of winter-inspired components and examples of winter jewelry:

snowflake pendant necklace
fashionable jewelry for winter
 winter pendant
trendy jewelry for winter
wing pendant
winter jewellery trends ideas
snow earrings
 jewelry for christmas
chain bracelet
 winter bracelet
Making jewelry during winter may seem limited due to the inconvenience of wearing heavy, woolly and fluffy clothing, but this is not the case. Beginning of the winter, mostly is a time of meetings, visits and spending time together with loved ones, so we encourage you to create minimalist jewelry that will work great for everyday use, without the risk of catching on clothes, as well as party jewelry that fits into the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which will make every woman feel special. Our jewelry findings are available in 925 sterling silver as well as gold 585 and gold 333. In addition, we also offer various plating such as 24-carat gold, 18-carat light gold, 18-carat rose gold, platinum, as well as light rhodium. Popular engraving plates, which are popular as Christmas gifts, are available in various shapes and thicknesses of the plate. In addition, we also encourage you to create projects according to your own ideas, both 2D and 3D models. You can learn more about our jewelry services on the website: SILVEXCRAFT – jewelry services.

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