How to use silver hoop earring findings – part 1

hoop earrings making essentials

Hoop earrings are a timeless decoration of the ears and a trend that has not subsided for many years. This pattern is popular in many sizes and thicknesses. It is popular because of its universal design, which fits any styling and various types of face contours.

What’s more, silver, gold or gold-plated hoop earrings, both in the classic version and with pendants, are one of the styles of fashionable jewellery in the upcoming season. Observing the trends, it does not go unnoticed that this simple and highly valued shape of earrings also becomes an element on the basis of which effective and expressive ear accessories are designed.

The silver hoops are decorated with flowers, pearls, crystals, gemstones, semiprecious stones, zircons, beads, chains, tassels, pendants, and many other earring making materials. The popularity of hoop earrings makes lovers of this form of ornaments pleased because they can complement their jewelry boxes with classic designs in a new version. Jewelry companies, such as wholesalers and producers of silver, are also satisfied with this fact because they can offer numerous jewellery making supplies for richly decorated hoop designs. 925CRAFT as a wholesaler of jewellery blanks is pleased to present a wide range of round earrings, among which you will find:

They complement our extensive category of earring bases, and their specific feature is that they can act as both ready-made accessories and a jewellery making supplies to create fancy hanging styles.

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Sterling silver hoop earrings – made of tubes and wires

Classic hoop earrings most often are made of a tube. On one side, they are finished with a wire, which, after bending the rim, is put through the hole in the ear, and then inserted into the tube on the other side, thus fastening the jewellery. This is a simple way to secure the item and is almost invisible, thanks to which the earring forms a perfect circle. Hoops captivate with their simplicity and universality, and at the same time decorativeness, through which they expose the beauty of feminine beauty and complement any stylisation.

In our assortment, we present sterling silver hoops with a diameter of several millimeters to ten centimeters, in a wide range of thicknesses. Despite the fact, that these jewellery supplies are finished products, they are in the category of earring bases because they suit for composing more sophisticated projects, such as beading hoops or hoop earrings with charms. It is among these models that you will find large silver hoop earrings.

Wire hoop earrings are similar in their simplicity to the classic hoops. The difference between them is that wire loops are made of wire instead of tube, and their clasp is formed into a hook in which the other end of the earring is blocked. Thin silver hoop earrings are often used for simple affordable jewellery, beading and creating fan-shaped decorations.

Thick hoop earrings

Jewellery is so rich in forms that the same patterns can be presented in different versions. The same goes for hoop earrings. The 925CRAFT assortment also includes thick circle earrings in the round and flat form. We offer these earring findings in two types: full thick hoops with a round cross-section, and profiled – made of silver sheet.

Silver hoops made of sheet have a semi-circular surface from the outside, and from the inside they have a groove into which a fastening wire is inserted. Flat hoops are also made of metal sheet, but they differ from them in that they have a flat outer surface.

Silver and gold hoop earrings made of tubes are round in their entire cross-section and equipped with a more complex type of fastening – a snap. Fastening them consists in the fact that a piece of wire, which is mounted on a hinge, snaps onto the part fixed on the other side of the earring.

Large silver hoops are usually worn alone, but those with a round cross-section can also be successfully treated as jewellery making supplies for making charm earrings. For this kind of projects, you need to use larger jumprings.

Thick hoops look impressive, creating a noticeable ear jewelry design. Larger earring components also allow for a richer play of light, and thus intensify the gloss, which can be given an additional colour tone if you suit the proper galvanic coating. Discover more about gold plating and other jewelry services.

Hoop ear studs

Fans of studs and circular jewelry for ears will also find stud hoop earrings in our offer. In this group of jewellery making supplies we have diversified designs, such as double hoop earrings, twisted hoop earrings, as well as circles made of silver sheet and round earring settings dedicated to crystals. See also flower stud earrings with a fashionable theme this season. The hoops made of silver sheet refers to the popular small silver hoops of celebrities, among which we also offer pieces made of 585 gold.

Double hoop earrings are designed in two patterns in the form of circles connected to each other parallel or perpendicularly. The advantage of this type of finished product is also the possibility of using it as findings for making dangle earrings. For example, these earring supplies will help to create a harmonious composition with chains or pendants made of beads or feathers. In order to implement such projects, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of bulk chains with various weaves and thicknesses, which can be ordered with the option of galvanic coating. To fulfill your ideas, you can also use ready-made short chains for earrings. Some styles are equipped with ends for attaching additional pendants or crystals and stones. A stone or crystal with an AB effect decorating the chains will create a beautiful color accent that will add shine to the face.

Semi circle earrings and leverback hoop earrings

Apart from classic hoops and hoop studs, our range also includes similar round and half round shapes, which can be both ready-made products and a kind of jewellery supplies for designing earrings with pendants. An example of them are semi-circle earrings and leverback hoop earrings, which represent another round form of ear decoration. We offer them in a hanging version and as ready-made accessories, as well as semi-circles, for which you only need to choose earnuts. Half hoop earrings are based on studs, and leverback hoops are referred to as leverbacks with mechanical clasp.

These popoular earring designs vary in diameter, thickness, profile (oval or flat), version (with or without a jump ring) and decoration in the form of crystals. They are a more massive type of earring findings compared to wire hooks. Semi-circle earrings differ from each other primarily in diameter, ending in the form of a ball and version (for hanging or not). They are made of a round tube. We also offer a wider half-ring earring profiled flat, which is a cast. Below we present inspiration how to make affordable jewellery with the use of hoops and pendants.

Using this type of jewellery making supplies, you can realize your creative ideas of silver hoop earrings with charms. Even semicircles without a loop, but ended with a ball, allow you to make a wide range of projects because the ball will act as a blockade against slipping off the attached decoration. In this case, it is worth remembering to choose the right size of the jumpring.

Sterling silver hoop earrings with charm

Silver or gold hoop earrings are a must-have jewellery for many ladies, and the prevailing fashion for impressive hoops with suspended elements tempts you to enjoy buying new styles. Whoever has manual skills and a passion for composing ornaments by hand, can make phenomenal earring designs for themselves or as a gift. They will bring joy not only because of their beauty, but also because of the satisfaction from the self-created work.

In this part of the article, we focus on presenting the offer of round forms of earrings and the possibility of using them to create styles with extremely popular pearls. You will read about other suggestions for decorating hoops soon in the next part of the article. In the second part, we want to inspire you to design fashionable hoop earrings with zirconia or with decorations such as crystal, natural stone or silver beads with letters.

The virtual showcases of our store are filled with hanging elements that will be perfect for implementing the original concepts of hoop earrings with pendants. Using the various jewelry supplies presented above as bases, you can make unlimited designs of fashionable ear ornaments – both in a pair, as well as solo or asymmetrical (not paired). In creative work on hoop earrings with pendants, in addition to pendants, round connecting jewellery supplies will also be useful, which will make it easier to compose, for example, chandelier earrings. You can browse and buy jewellery making supplies equipped with one or more catch rings that allow you to make fancy, richly decorated accessories.

925CRAFT, as a jewelry manufacturer, designs components in accordance with the trends and needs of customers from around the world. They are appreciated both by craftsmen and jewellery makers thanks to the high quality of hypoallergenic 925 nickel-free silver and due to the workmanship in which they put over 35 years of experience. See also the other jewelry components and let them become an inspiration to create jewellery desired by women around the world.

Pearl hoop earrings

Creative ideas for fashionable accessories will be realized with silver semi-circle earrings and various types of hoop earrings as a base, as well as timeless pearls, which occupy a top place among decorative details on the jewellery market. When it comes to the design of hoops, items with different diameters are popular, but large hoop earrings stand out on top. Using the search engine filters on our website, as settings for pearls, you can choose, for example 10 cm hoop earrings in classic design, double hoop earrings on studs, or leverback earring findings.


Our store offers GAVBARI pearls – freshwater cultured models, irregular shapes, GAVBARI shell pearls and Swarovski pearls (while stocks last). This range includes models with a half hole – for gluing, beads with a through hole, and pieces without a hole. Among the irregular pieces, you will find unique shapes in large sizes, thanks to which you can compose original styles of hoop earrings. For example, a flower pearl alone, or in the company of colorful details, will add uniqueness to the earrings. If you are making personal jewellery, instead of pearls, you can use gemstones or semiprecious stones. Birthstone pendant decorating hoops will make great gift idea.

Pearl pendants

In addition, we also offer ready-made silver elements – pendants with pearls – in a simple or more sophisticated form. For example, hoops combined with crosses will create a very fashionable arrangement of earrings. The universal colors of pearls perfectly harmonize with any colour of the galvanic coating. We give the possibility of making such a coating of light yellow gold, dark yellow gold, rose gold, as well as platinum and light rhodium.

Jewellery supplies for making pearl pendants

On large hoop earrings, short pendants with pearls, which can be fixed on silver pins, will look aesthetically pleasing. Jewelry pins are the right choice for pearl beads, which has holes drilled through. You can also make pendants with pasted pearls, choosing pendants dedicated to this type of decorations. An example of a simple cup setting for pearls with a hook will allow you to make a series of pendants, elegantly decorating the lower part of the hoop earring.

Depending on whether the silver item is to act as a pendant or a connector, you can choose the variant of a jewellery pin with an eyelet or with a pearl blocking head (in the form of a ball, cap, or cone). Pins dedicated to pendants allow you to hang the ornament directly on the earrings blanks. For this purpose, leave a section of approximately 1 cm in length to form a loop. Jewellery making tools such as round-nose pliers will come in handy for this task.

Ending the first part of the article here, we would like to point out that the 925CRAFT brand functions as an online store with jewellery findings, where you can buy various types of earring making supplies. Almost any cut from the bases presented in this post can be used to design a rich collection of original hoop earrings – solo, paired, and asymmetrical earrings.

Jewellery is a special expression of beauty and aesthetics that appeal to a woman’s heart. Therefore, among the works that you will create, ladies will certainly find designs that complement stylizations for many occasions. We invite you to cooperate and create with us fashionable, richly decorated silver hoop earrings.

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