How to make summer jewelry?

In summer, we wear skimpy, light and airy materials that expose the body, which is why it is a great opportunity to create jewellery that will phenomenally emphasize the charm of the body bathed in the sun. Summer allows for fun and carefree stylizations, which encourages designing jewelry in various styles, dedicated to many ocassions. In summer, we wear beach jewelry, festival jewelry, nautical jewelry, and also inspired by nature, relaxation and exploration of the world. Summer jewelry has always had its own rules, but this year it delights and surprises with the richness of colors, a variety of forms, textures, materials and styles. Accessories not only complement the stylization, but dominate it. This season, when making jewelry, we additionally reach for aristocratic, vintage, boho, astral inspirations, as well as hits from the 2000s, and we make projects resembling those created a few months ago by world designers. Below we present the most fashionable jewelry trends and sterling silver findings for jewellery making, which are worth choosing to make collection for summer 2022.

wholesale jewelry findings for summer

What kind of summer earrings are in style 2022?

Summer temperatures make us willingly reveal our body, exposing the ears, neck, shoulders, waist and other parts of the body. People with longer hair, pin them up, in order to cool up, creating the perfect canvas for the presentation of ear accessories. The warmest season is the best opportunity to let your imagination run wild in creating bold and original compositions for all parts of the body. Jewelry trends 2022 surprise with intense colors, XXL sizes, as well as the effectiveness and variety of forms. This season, choose bold, colorful and oversized earrings that dominate the rest of the outfit. The most fashionable earrings for the summer 2022 are chain earrings – including heavy chains, hoop earrings, earring cuffs, intricate compositions made of stones and crystals – often resembling chandeliers, as well as a solo earring – that is, an earring for one ear.

Chain earrings

In recent seasons, custom chains in various forms have dominated the jewellery market. From earrings, through necklaces and bracelets, rings, earrings, waist chains and belly chains, as well as glasses strings. For making earrings on quick and easy way, we have designed threaded earrings, in the form of silver chain earring findings. However, they can also be treated as final jewellery.

In addition to finished products, we also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of jewelry making supplies intended for combination with other components. From chain earrings findings you can choose variants with a loop for hanging, for resin and for sticking stones, crystals or other decorations. They are very useful in creating jewellery saturated with colors and sensually shimmering with every movement. If you choose sterling silver findings with cups, get white chaton or the colourful GAVBARI rivoli crystals in shades that will emphasize the summer tan and the beauty of your clients. The glued-in stone or crystal will decorate the earlobe, and the chain will extend the jewellery, creating fashionable long dangling earrings.

The studs and chains have been polished in such a way as to facilitate the safe insertion of earrings in the holes. These sterling silver findings can be found in our assortment in various cuts and sizes of cups, with a different chain length and weave. The single chain earrings will be perfect for everyday use as well as for special occasions. Additionally, by deciding to apply a galvanic coating in a shade of gold or pink, you will match the silver tone to multi-colored compositions. If you are looking for even more spectacular solutions, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the category of chains by the meter, which offer unlimited possibilities in jewellery making.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings have been accompanying women in summer stylizations for years, so this year they could not be missing. These popular products for the ears, in previous seasons, were mainly used as classic hoop earrings, varied mainly in terms of size or tone. However, this year the trend has been diversified with a madness of colors, textures and decorations. By choosing silver hoop earrings, you will create a collection that includes large, medium and small variants. These products can also be used as earring settings, from which you can design, among others, hoop earrings with pendants. To connect them together, you can choose sterling silver open jump rings. When selecting jump rings, adjust their diameter to the diameter of the hoops, so that the components are loosely connected to each other. If you do not create silver jewelry, we offer gold hoop earrings, which will also serve as a finished product, and also as a base to combine with other jewelry supplies.

As we have already mentioned, the latest jewellery trends are dominated by colorful and flashy accessories, which is why, as a manufacturer of silver jewelry supplies, we have expanded our offer with new enamel earrings in energizing colors that will enliven even the most boring outfit.

The earrings are available in two sizes, with a diameter of 2 and 2.5 cm. Their sorbet colors will allow you to enjoy the holiday carefree, which is why we focused on lavender, turquoise, sea, pink, yellow and light-green, which evoke happy memories of summer. These elements are made of high-quality 925 silver and belong to finished products, however, nothing prevents you from decorating them with additional components.

Earrings with stones

Earrings with natural stones are another hit of the recent and upcoming seasons, so it is worth focusing on them, at least a little attention. Natural stones come in various types, shapes, cuts, sizes and methods of assembly, so when planning the compositions, it is worth choosing components that will help you to implement the project in the easiest and fastest way. When deciding on earring making supplies dedicated to the stones, you can choose from sterling silver findings for hanging, clamping, crimping, threading and gluing. Thanks to the available variants, you can create minimalist stud earrings, leverbacks, earring hooks, closed ear wires and even earring clips – an alternative to non-pierced ears. If you are looking for quick solutions, we recommend earring bases which require only pasting the stone and possibly buying earring clasps to make the product ready.

However, if your collection include more sophisticated projects, there are many possibilities. You can create original compositions by selecting separately earring setting for hanging, for attaching charms, connectors, short silver chains, eye pins for threading or silver settings for specific stones. In order to connect these elements, we recommend open jump rings, a lobster claw clasp and pendant bail. The example shown above shows long dangling earrings, built on marquise ear wire connected with pear-shaped stones. In this case, additional links such as jump rings are not needed, but in other creations it may be necessary to attach them.

Earrings with pearls

Pearls have been accompanying us for years on catwalks, elegant meetings and every day basis, so it is no surprise that they still fit into the current trends. Their timelessness does not fade away, but the form and application do. Currently, massive, irregular and asymmetrical trend dominates, from which you can create unique combinations perfect for any occasion. They have been classified as baroque pearls that have won the hearts of customers around the world, and that is why jewelry makers use them to decorate accessories on all parts of the body.

The hit of the summer 2022 are hoop earrings with baroque pearls, which you can create by using endless hoop earrings and attaching baroque pearls to them with a silver pin. The thickness of the pin should be adjusted to the hole of the pearl through which it will be threaded, and the length of the pin – to the size of the pearl, or the number of pearls in case of threading more than one piece. It is also worth remembering that after threading the ornaments, leave about 1 cm of empty pin in order to form it into a loop, blocking the strung decorations.

If you create simpler and less fancy jewelry designs we recommend stud earrings, which, after gluing small pearls, will become subtle, but very elegant decorations on the ears. An alternative to the studs are leverbacks with a secure clasp and hoop leverbacks with a pin for fixing decorations. More sterling silver findings dedicated to pearls can be found in settings for pearls category.

In addition to the above examples, in the summer time also choose earrings with holiday motifs, such as: rainbow earrings, dolphin earrings, moon earrings, seahorse earrings, seagull bird or turtle. These findings are delicate laser cut patterns with soldered studs. All you need to do is match them with earring clasps to create sensual jewelry for beach.

How to make bracelets for summer

Wrist decorations in a summer holiday style can take countless designs. Bracelets are accessories that offer the possibility of quick and convenient personalization, especially when it comes to interchangeable charms. Regardless of whether you make them from strings, chains, with stones, crystals or pearls, you can attach pendants to each of them, depending on the customer’s taste. Currently, massive and modular styles with stones, pearls and charms dominate. This summer, also don’t forget about beach anklets, as well as bracelets sets representing a mix of different styles, colors and materials.

Bracelets with stones

Summer is the most colorful season of the year, so it is a great time to add a little fun and play with patterns, materials and juicy shades. Colored stones are an absolute hit nowadays, so if you do not have them in your collection yet, it is high time to change it. The perfect proposition for this time of year is a bangle bracelet that is loved by women all over the world. In our offer you will find bangle for pasting GAVBARI stones and crystals. This silver 925 finding is intended for decorating the forearm, but nothing prevents you from dedicating them also for the wrist. The great advantage of this product is a wire splint that can be adjusted to anyone’s forearm or wrist. Two cups are soldered to the rail, dedicated to stones or crystals. You can also fill it with epoxy resin to create epoxy jewelry. Its design seems minimalist, but when combined with colorful accessories, it becomes a very impressive silver bangle bracelet.

If two stones are not enough for you, we suggest an option with eight cups, which you can fill according to your own ideas. A modular bracelet is a perfect proposition for creating one or multi-colored compositions from the famous rivoli and rose cut stones. If you need a different length of the bracelet, you can always compose your own version by combining silver connectors in the form of cup for rivoli or rose cut stones.

A bracelet for beads is also popular. To decorate it, we recommend silver beads or semiprecious beads for bracelet with a 5 mm hole diameter.

Pearl bracelets return to fashion periodically, especially during summer. Currently, we are going a step further and enriching them with additional ocean themed charms. The natural origin of pearls harmonizes wonderfully with sea inspired motifs such as shells, starfish, seahorses or other creatures that inhabit the seas and oceans. In order to place charms for jewelry making between the pearls, use spacer beads with a loop to attach them directly, or with the use of an additional cut jump ring.

Bracelets made in half – of pearls and half – of chain with massive links, to which you can also easily attach additional pendants, are also very popular this year. Following this trend, you can make a bracelet from single pearls and chains by the meter, but you can also use ready-made pearl string, which you just need to connect with a chain by jump rings – also available on our website.

Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets are the most universal wrist accessories, but currently heavy, massive chains with large links dominate. Such products were previously associated with the rock style, but in recent seasons, they have dominated the jewelry market and even have become a symbol of elegance. An example is a hand-folded chain link bracelet.

In our offer, you will find various types of bracelet making supplies that will allow you to create both classic and more avant-garde variants. The most popular are bracelets chains for connectors, which contain a jump ring on each side, between which you can place the connector type pendant. If you plan to mount a pendant with one hole, the snake chain with a clasp will be perfect. For people who create products with charms, we recommend a wide selection of sterling silver findings, such as charm bracelets.

findings for jewelry making
silver findings for jewelry making
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Cord bracelets

Although the 2022 jewelry trends suggest XXL sizes, many people in this hot season prefer lighter and more comfortable designs, but still written in the summer theme. An example of such jewellery are delicate cord bracelets, which are perfect for every day, casual and beach outfits. What’s more, these findings allow for full personalization by selecting the appropriate color of the cord, the method of fastening and additional charms, which can be easily replaced depending on the occasion or style. In the summer, openwork, nautical, boho, inspired by nature and travel, dominate. In our offer you will find charms that fit into summer holiday themes such as: shells, anchor, boat, wind rose, globe, compass, feather, dream catcher, birds, dandelion, rosette, plants, insects, birds, fruit and many more. To create this type of jewellery, we recommend ready string bases, as well as strings for bracelets by the meter in various colors.

Ankle chains

In summer, we not only put on more airy clothes, but also shoes. By revealing the ankles, we create the perfect place to display accessories, which are associated mainly with the hottest time of the year. The ankle bracelet should be slightly longer than the wrist models. They are usually 22 cm long, but you should also attach an extension to easily adjust it to the client’s preferences. If you plan to create a chain around your ankle, you can use our ready-made ankle chains or bulk chains, which offer more possibilities.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of jewelry components, we design products that facilitate the jewellery making in line with current fashion and jewelry trends. Our sterling silver supplies will help you to create individual models in different styles, but it is worth bearing in mind that recent seasons have promoted and put more layered jewelry over the one found in the solo version. An example are sets of bracelets that you create by combining various silver chain weaves, as well as chains with pearls, stones and other materials. Such jewellery is more visible and adds charm and character to the summer look.

How do you make trendy necklaces?

Jewelry trends of the summer 2022 season is a real paradise for lovers of maximalism. One of the leading one is not single, but layered necklace of various weaves, decorated with stones, pendants, as well as tassels, shells and feathers. If you want to create fashionable necklaces, such as long pendant necklace, heavy chain choker, pearl choker, necklaces of various lengths with connectors, as well as necklace sets consisting of a crazy mix of materials, colors and styles – check out our necklace making supplies which will not only enable, but also make it easier for you to create jewellery that is now up-to-date.

The catwalks of top designers for the coming seasons are influenced by necklace chokers and oversize chains. A choker is a form of a necklace that wraps around the neck, resembling a collar. You can create this fashionable accessory by choosing one of our choker set or chains by the meter, from which you can make products that combine elegance and avant-garde. If you have chains with large links in your collection, we recommend a paperclip necklace bulk chain, the visual value of which can be enhanced by choosing a colored galvanic coating. The neck choker is also very popular in the combination of a string of pearls or stones with chain. This type of decoration is diversified with toggle clasp, which apart from fastening but can be also used to attach fashionable pendants such as a shell, starfish or coin.

Another iconic proposition for this season is a long silver chain necklace that slims the figure, and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. In the summer, it will create an excellent duo with a swimsuit or airy dresses with a long neckline. Silver chains up to 100 cm in length, which you will find in our offer, are ideal for making this type of accessories. In addition to various lengths, there are also numerous weaves that can be perfectly matched with other findings. The most frequently chosen summer chain pendants are nautical, astral, boho beach themes, as well as pearls and natural stones.

Ones of the newbies of this year are natural hexagonal stones, which are often referred to as bullet shaped. On our website, you will find them with a through hole, in which you can install components in the form of a simple jewelry bail or a snake pendant. Thanks to their structure, these silver findings can be easily threaded through most of the chains for necklaces, with small and large links. The most popular stone in this cut is crystal rock, rose quartz and aventurine, but in our offer you will also find other semi-precious stones in this shape.

If you are looking for ready-made solutions, we recommend a chain for necklace with a pin for threading stones. After inserting the decorations, the end of the pin needs to be bent into a hook. Flat and round jewelry pliers will make it easier. Finally, connect the created hook to the other end of the chain, making a fashionable necklace with a stone.

The currently prevailing jewelry trends for the summer of 2022 also match the layered necklaces, which offer endless arrangement possibilities in jewellery making. This season, let yourself be carried away by the aura of splendor and unconventional mixes of colors, materials and styles, and create unique combinations that perfectly match the current trends. Several chains around the neck of different lengths and weaves will be a sensual complement to beach outfits, as well as summer dresses with a deeper neckline. The chains will look magical in the company of beads made of natural stones, from which you can create a magical beaded necklace with pendants.

Necklace sets can be created in many ways, but remember that currently the more textures and colors the better. In addition to colored stones – hues can also be added by galvanic coatings in shades of gold and pink, which are available in the product card from the “Metal” drop-down menu. These types of necklaces can be combined with other chain body jewelry. When creating layered decorations for the neckline, it is also worth making sure that each of them can also be worn separately.

Rings with stones

The ring is a must-have accessory for every summer. This year we are accompanied by colorful stones rings in juicy sorbet colors, as well as stacked rings worn in layers on the same finger, or several fingers. Our assortment offers ring settings for gluing stones and crystals in rivoli cut, rose cut, chaton, cushion square and flat backs. In our store you will also find a wide collection of GAVBARI stones and crystals, which are represented by various types of stones in various sizes, cuts and colors, thanks to which you will create a multi-colored collection of rings for the summer. An alternative to stones are also silver blanks for resin jewelry, which are available in various designs on our website.

As we mentioned before, stackable rings also became a hit in the jewellery world for the summer 2022. In order to design such sets, we offer universal rings, such as rings based on a splint. They can be put on and worn in many ways, as well as combined into different sets and individual compositions. Below, we present modern and artistic forms that will make it easier for you to experiment and design ring that will fit in with summer jewelry trends.

ring findings for jewelry
sterling silver ring design
pierścionki na palec u nogi
sterling silver boho ring
sterling silver ring

Summer jewelry and jewelry ideas for summer holidays offer a lot of space and opportunities to make combinations and arrangements that will not always work well at other times of the year. For this reason, take advantage of this time and have fun with the trends by combining patterns that refer to summer. As a manufacturer of jewelry and findings, we offer not only silver, but also gold findings for making accessories that perfectly match the current jewelry trends. Thanks to them, you will create both fashionable and unique styles that will beautifully complement your summer stylizations and perfectly fit into the canon of charming jewellery for the holidays.


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