Timeless hoop earrings

It is impossible not to appreciate the charm and the look of a classic pair of silver hoop earrings. This is a standard jewellery element always present in the collection of every fashionable woman. Another spring season has just arrived so it is the moment when we put our hats in the wardrobe, taking the step to reveal our ears with silver jewellery. The oversize look of the earrings will be a neverending trend that will continue to apply in fashion. A very attractive outcome will result from the harmonization with some large diameter hoop earrings, for example the 10 centimetres diameter ones, always to be found in the SILVEXCRAFT offer.


The classic round shape of the earrings would offer another advantage – they can be successfully weared by ladies of all ages, both mothers and daughters. The form of circles would fit perfectly with almost every creation. In SILVEXCRAFT’s offer, we can find these earrings in a wide range with various thicknesses and sizes. This type of earrings that can be weared perfectly as a finished product, but they represent also a base in creating more sophisticated designs, according to someone’s preferences. Silver, gold or rhodium-plated, hoop earrings would merge perfectly with Swarovski crystals, charms or tassels which are also available in the company’s offer. Let our imagination create our own composition and a pattern that we will always wear with pride and joy, giving the amazing final effect of originality.

Jewellery – understands beauty and hides small imperfections

Remember that jewellery is designed to emphasize feminine beauty. Sometimes they could have the role of even gently cover up some details that we would prefer not to show. When choosing the most suitable jewellery, the reasons to be taken into consideration are the occasion to wear it and what we would like to express. Please remember that the first impression always matters. An interesting result would come from combining silver and gold jewellery – it looks very original and allows us to be outstanding. If we decide on silver hoop earrings that are gold or rhodium plated, am interesting choice would be to combine them with creations of soft colors, for example, pastel. Gold jewellery pieces could also blend in extremely well with white and écru colors. Green tassels with a silver finish would harmonize extremely well with brown eyes, brown tassels with green eyes and shades of purple, with the blue ones. However, it is a choice for personal creations so each person could create the perfect combination according to will and desire.

Round hoop earrings 4,0 cm


Tassel earring base


Round earring 45 mm


When you choose the right size of earrings, it is also worth to take into consideration the shape of the face. Ladies with an oval face shape will enjoy the largest selection of hoop earrings sizes. An oval face decorated with earrings is charming and acquires admiration, regardless of the diameter of the earring. The slightly sharp features of the square face will be eased by oval earrings, creating a really nice look.
While searching in the collection of earrings and wondering which ones to wear, we should take into consideration the fact that we have to feel comfortable and be ourselves, no matter how beautiful the accessories would look. Too heavy earrings or elements that cling to clothes could distract our attention and well-being, turning for example, some special occasions and moments into a bad memory about how uncomfortable was a particular item.

Maybe earrings for Mother`s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching and it would be the ideal opportunity to offer presents to our mothers in the form of jewellery pieces. Earrings with a personalized charm, dedicated to mothers and daughters, will be always a touching gift expressing strong feelings and a close bond. In GIORRE silver collection there is a wide range of choices for a symbolic gifts with gold or rhodiumc over, for example hoop earrings with personalized charms. Using the engraving service, you can make an unique piece, engraving for example, the names of mother and daughter. Such a gift will be a subtle expression of love, gratitude and friendship.