Handmade jewellery. Something that is worthing or not?

Among so many handicrafts areas, handmade jewellery earned its place and has become more and more popular nowdays, mostly due to originality and uniqueness. Jewellery has always been an inseparable part of our wardrobe, whether it is the day by day comfortable jewellery, sporting, or more elegant like evening sophisticated stylization.


Handmade as a gift

Jewellery represents also a great proposition for a unique, personalized gift, not to mention that according to someone’s idea and with wider ambitions, it could become a fascinating way to do business. As a consolation for some people: it doesn’t require inborn skills or certain characteristics to do it, just a little bit of creativity, a little exercise and the ambition to make it reality.

It`s easy!

The advantage of today’s handicrafts is also the fact that we do not have to be born artists or geniuses with a needle and thread in hand! The only thing we need is desire, motivation, perseverance, patience and patience again. In this field, it is appropriate to recall the saying that “practice makes wonders.” The more we practice, train, create, the better results we will have and our imagination will start to develop in time. Of course, it would be ideal to have manual skills, education in this direction, a well-developed imagination and creativity, but these are the skills that could be acquired, it all depends on our self-motivation!

DIY Jewellery Set – bracelet, silver 925, Swarovski, DIY


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Handmade as a job

Handicrafts become more and more a turning point for the lives of the people who are tired of everyday running, who work in large companies, usually sitting at the computer about 8 hours a day. The ones who have made this choice, have decided to completely change their lives and have opted for handmade or DIY (Do-IT-Yourself). They quit their work to start up their own business and opportunities, thus following their own passions. Another popular trend is represented by the women who are pregnant or on maternity leave, who finally have time for themselves and having more time would lead them to this direction and occupation,   having as a result beautiful handmade products.


More ambitious people reach that stage where, after the end of the maternity period, they also abandon their previous work and continue focusing on handicrafts.

An additional motivation would be the fact that handicrafts are growing in strength, and this is due to the fact that more and more of us:

– look for unique products as fairly cheap and artificial mass-produced jewellery has flooded the markets in the last years;

– start to care for quality and expect knowledge of what and how the product was made;

– identify with what we are wearing, thus choosing personalized jewellery, often custom made;

– support artists and craftsmen and appreciate the craftsmanship and efforts of handicraft creators;

– are more art conscious;

– enroll in courses to spend time with others, meet creative people and why not relax, because the handicraft has therapeutic properties.

Contemporary jewellery

Contemporary jewellery is a new trend that often deviates from traditional forms, breaking the established conventions and proposing orginal and unique pieces of jewellery. Visionary designers propose remarkable combinations of different materials, like metals, glass, wood, wool, felt, strings, dyes, brocades, resins, stones, crystals, pearls, fabrics, dried flowers, wires and many others that work well and suit with silver or other gold components such as: bases, pendants, fasteners, spacers, earwires, extensions, chains creating beautiful and unique earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or rings, as well as rich jewellery sets. Such an example could be found at Giorre: https://giorre.com/en/sets/2551-giorre-honeycomb-set-necklace-earrings-910000550194.html 

On the other hand, a wide selection of silver components in 925 silver with the option of plating is available at: https://pl.silvexcraft.eu

More about handmade jewellery in the next article!