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As a manufacturer of jewelry findings, apart from silver findings, we also offer a wide range of gold findings. Almost 30 years of experience and cooperation with many jewelers and designers contribute to the systematic introduction of new designs, based on the propositions and needs of our customers, as well as the suggestions of trendsetters. Thanks to dealing with specialists and artists, we stay ahead of the competition, and we surprise with both classic and avant-garde designs. Our gold jewelry findings are made of high-quality materials and are made with the utmost care at every stage of production.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your adventure with jewelry making, or you are already an experienced jeweler, thanks to our products, creating jewelry becomes easy and pleasant. However, if you have no idea or knowledge, our experienced employees will be happy to advise and design jewelry that will meet your expectations.

Gold – history

Gold is a precious metal that occurs much less frequently in nature than other metals, and it has been used in jewelry since ancient times. Gold mining has never been easy, so gold has always been considered a rare and high-value metal. Even nowadays, gold mining requires a lot of knowledge, persistence in searching, hard work, and
a lot of luck, thanks to which it remains a unique metal.
Gold has always been a symbol of beauty, and its color has been associated with the sun. In the past, items made of gold were very expensive, they were a symptom of wealth, power, and even divinity, which is why they most often belonged to royal families or people in high social positions. Even today, we can admire intricate goldsmithery in museums, that have survived from previous eras in the form of diadems, necklaces, rings, brooches, buckles, dishes, vases, candlesticks, chandeliers, caskets, statues, and objects for religious worship.
Over time, gold has also become a legal tender, and thanks to its great chemical resistance, it has found application in such areas as dentistry, electronics, automotive, aviation, medicine, cosmetology, food industry, and gastronomy. Even though gold is used in many areas of life today, it remains a luxury good.

Pure gold is very durable and ductile, making it easy to work with. Gold does not corrode, does not rust, does not oxidize in air and water, it is resistant to humidity and tarnish. It dissolves only in mercury and aqua regia — a mixture of concentrated hydrochloric and nitric acid, and its melting point is 1063 degrees Celsius. Because of gold plasticity, jewelry made of pure gold would be too soft, so it is mixed with less noble metals such as silver, copper, palladium, nickel, and zinc to form alloys. Admixtures of other metals change the hardness, ductility, melting point, color, and other properties of gold.
Gold usually does not sensitize or irritate the skin, so if this happens, it will probably be due to another metal mixed with the alloy. The measure of gold quality is its purity, expressed in fineness or carats. Most common finenesses are: 0.960 0.750 0.585 0.500 0.375 and 0.333, where 0.960 means that for 1 gram of alloy, pure gold is 0.960 g.
Due to the high value of gold, since ancient times alloys of this precious metal were falsified by replacing it with mixtures of copper and zinc, brass, and tombac. Such tactics are still popular, reaching the naive who buy jewelry occasionally, overpaying, and believing that it is jewelry made of real gold. Such situations usually occur in popular holiday areas, on city markets, and in online jewelry stores. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase both gold components and finished jewelry from reliable manufacturers, wholesalers, and jewelers.

Gold findings SILVEXCRAFT

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We are a manufacturer of jewelry components with many years of experience, which is why all the elements we create are made of the highest quality materials. In the case of gold findings, we use the most popular 14-carat gold 585 and additionally cover it with a layer of 24-carat gold. There is also a possibility of individual wholesale orders for elements made of 333 gold. We realize both wholesale and individual orders. Thanks to our components, you can create fashionable and unique jewelry that will steal the hearts of your customers. Gold jewelry, apart from being timeless, elegant, luxurious, and enriching even the simplest outfit, additionally dominated last season’s trends. Moreover, following the predictions of popular designers, it will continue to reign in the following seasons. Our products will allow you to create delicate and subtle jewelry, as well decorated, for example with high quality GAVBARI crystal pendants or Swarovski pendants. Among gold semi-finished products, gold chains are the most popular, thanks to which you can create simple and elegant necklaces, as well as cascade necklaces and layered bracelets decorated with many pendants and charms, which are a hit of current, and upcoming seasons. Using chains, you can also create dangling earrings and mismatched earrings, popular this season. Creating standard jewelry is very easy, just order a base for a necklace, a bail, and a pendant, and join everything together to create a necklace. In the case of earrings, it is enough to choose one of the post earrings, match them back stoppers and the earrings are ready. Gold components can also be necessary when creating handmade jewelry. If you are a gold lover or your customers are allergic to other metals, you can always include gold clasps when making string or macrame bracelets.

In case of making earrings with tassels or feathers, we recommend earrings with hooks or gold ear wires and jump rings to put all the elements together. When creating
a bracelet of pearls, or other precious stones, it is worth decorating it with gold balls and finishing it with a gold lobster clasp. If you want to increase its value, attach a gold chain extension and a finishing tag with an engraved logo. There are many possibilities and our wide offer will allow you to create almost endless combinations. Familiarize yourself with our products and create unique collections of timeless and very fashionable gold jewelry. Our offer includes:
– laser cut pendants,
– post earrings,
– gold ear wires,
– gold necklaces,
– gold bails,
– gold bracelets,
– gold clasps,
– gold balls,
– gold jump rings,
– gold wires,
– gold posts,
– gold chains,

Examples of using gold findings:


Laser cut pendants

The most popular gold findings for jewelry are gold plates for engraving and gold charms that are widely used in making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. To make
a necklace, just choose a ready pendant, simply connect it with a bail or a jump ring, and hang it on a chain necklace base. We laser cut gold pendants, thanks to which we can create very precise shapes and patterns. Some shapes take various forms, from intricate openwork patterns such as rosettes, a lotus flower, or the tree of life, to flat plates for engraving. Very popular are also occasional pendants, such as an angel or a medallion with the Mother of God – as a communion gift, a heart pendant – as
a Valentine’s Day gift or child’s feet – like a mother’s day gift. To add even more value to your jewelry, we offer the option of engraving your name, important date, short text, or company logo. In addition to pendants, we also offer gold connectors, which are perfect for a 2-piece chain base. Necklaces can be delicate with a single pendant, with many pendants, as well as necklaces consisting of several layers with different patterns and types. Gold necklaces with pendants not only perfectly emphasize the summer tan displayed in light airy outfits, but also add elegance to more sophisticated evening costumes. What’s more, gold cascade necklaces, richly decorated with pendants, have become a hit of the spring-summer 2020 trends, and their popularity will also remain in the fall-winter 2020/2021 season.

Gold earring bases

In addition to gold pendants for making necklaces and bracelets, our customers very often choose gold bases for earrings. In this category, we offer ready-made gold stud earrings in any shape such as crosses, hearts, feathers, peace symbols, honeycombs, or the infinity signs. If there is no pattern you are interested in, please contact us and we will produce it especially for you. If you create long earrings, decorated with pendants, crystals, tassels, or other ornaments, we recommend earrings with hooks, which allow you to combine other jewelry elements. When choosing post earrings, we recommend matching them with back stoppers to protect the earring from slipping out. As an alternative, choose gold ear wires, which also allow you to join with additional decorations.


Bases for necklaces, bails, bases for bracelets, chain extensions

Thanks to ready chain bases with clasps, you can create necklaces very quickly and easily. When making a necklace with a pendant, all you need to do is choosing the type and length of the chain, then the pendant, for example, monstera leaf, eagle, openwork angel wing, serotonin chemical formula, or an engraved pendant, connect it with jump ring or bail and hang it on a chain. However, if you decide to use a connector instead of a pendant, we recommend a 2-piece gold necklace chain base with attached jump rings, thanks to which you can mount a cross connector, clover leaf, or a rectangular plate for engraving. For fans of more sophisticated jewelry, such as cascade necklaces consisting of several layers of chains or other phenomenal body decorations, we recommend bulk chains, thanks to which you can create designs with no limits. Bases for bracelets, just like bases for necklaces, give the possibility of mounting a pendant or a connector on the attached jump rings, while in the case of enriching the bracelet with other jewelry elements, we recommend selecting the appropriate lobster clasp and attaching more charms. The advantage of this solution is the ability to easily detach and replace charms according to the situation, occasion, and styling. When making necklaces and bracelets for sale, it is worth adding chain extensions to them, thanks to which you can adjust their size to the client’s preferences, and decorate them with gold tag ends or the company logo plate, as well as decorative plates in the shape of a feather, heart or butterfly.


Bead balls, clasps, jump rings, wires, elements for soldering

When making eye-catching jewelry, in addition to ready pendants, earring bases, necklaces, and bracelets, it is worth embellishing your jewelry with, for example, gold bead balls that can play a role of separators between pearls, crystals, or other stones. Another function of bead balls can be elegant finishing of earrings, in the form of an additional decoration under the ear wires, a pin loop, or next to clasp in the case of necklaces or bracelets. Fans of jewelry made just of gold, may be tempted to have
a bracelet made of only bead balls placed next to each other.
Another useful category consists of gold clasps, which take the form of lobsters or federing. Clasps are most often used in necklaces and bracelets, but they are also often a link between charms and chains, thanks to which they enhance the jewelry.
An alternative for connecting elements can be jump rings, which can be used to link clasp or pendant with chain, ear wires with loop pins, a ring with charms, or chain extension with necklace or bracelet. These are just a few examples, but there are many more applications. The most commonly used jump rings are made of 0.8 mm diameter wire, 2.15 mm and 4.25 mm in size. Jump rings are also available in soldered versions. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, in the case of clasps and jump rings, remember to adjust their size to the elements with which they will connect.
Another proposition worth getting familiar with is gold wire, which allows you to create pins, ear wires, or other elements for jewelry on your own. The wire thickness is 0.7 mm and is considered as an alternative to creating some elements on your own. For earrings makers, in addition to gold studs for earrings, we also offer soldering studs. The stick is 0.9 mm thick and 11 mm long, it can be combined with bead balls, laser-cut plates, or other elements to create unique jewelry patterns.

Gold chains

Gold chains have long been intended mainly for the creation of occasional jewelry such as Communion and Baptism, but recently, when gold jewelry dominated the trends for autumn, winter, spring, and summer, gold chains decorate not only necks but also the entire body. Increasingly, in addition to making standard pendant necklaces, designers are going further by creating cascade necklaces, consisting of several types of chains, sizes, and lengths. For this purpose, a gold bulk chain is perfect, which allows you to create dazzling compositions, falling on the back, entwining the waist, or connecting the bracelet with the ring.
Another trend of the current and upcoming season are layered bracelets, where you need to just solder its ends with chain end caps and connect with other elements like clasp or jump rings.
The next fashionable proposition for which you can use bulk chains is long dangling earrings decorated with several layers of chains in the form of tassels, waves, or other interesting combinations.
We also offer ready 585 gold chain bases for necklaces. The most popular are:
– ankier with claps of the following lengths: 40, 42, 45, 50, 55, 60 cm,
– snake with claps, 45 and 50 cm long,
– ankle with a clasp 45-50 cm long,
– ankier coffee with a clasp, 45 and 50 cm long,
– and an ankier bulk chain.

Occasional jewelry

In the case of occasional  jewelry, the perfect complement for gold chains are pendants made of gold 585. In our offer, you will find gold crosses in various styles, like pendants and connectors, openwork angels, or plates for engraving, or medals with the Mother of God, which will be perfect as a gift for Communion, Baptism, day of birth, or any other occasion.


Examples of GIORRE jewelry brand

In our offer of gold findings, you will find many different designs from which you can create beautiful jewelry, but in the absence of the elements you need, contact us and we will produce individual designs especially for you. Below, we present an example of gold jewelry, designed especially for the GIORRE brand:


585 gold semi-finished products – jewelry services

As a manufacturer of jewelry findings, in addition to semi-finished products and ready elements for jewelry making, we also offer jewelry services. The most popular are:

a) CNC services, based on advanced technology that allows very precise laser cutting of 0.3 mm thick gold plates. Thanks to modern devices and software, many years of experience, and a skilled team, we create our unique patterns as well as individual projects of our clients. It is enough to send a photo, drawing, description, or vector file, and in the absence of an idea, we will advise and design a pattern for the client’s needs, and after his approval, we are able to complete a very large order in a short time. CNC cutting allows us to make:
– gold findings for earrings,
– gold findings for necklaces,
– gold findings for bracelets,
– gold findings for rings,
– gold single elements,
– and combined elements,
– whole sets of jewelry,
– classic simple patterns,
– and complex shapes,
– with a smooth texture,
– satin,
– or textured.
Our jewelry findings are characterized by perfect smoothness, which is obtained thanks to a long process of machine polishing, followed by manual polishing, which requires a lot of practical experience, as well as dexterity and patience. Learn more about laser cutting services: “Silver and gold laser cutting services”

b) another CNC service is laser marking of gold findings. We offer a wide range of components for marking and engraving, but you can always design your pattern. The engraving adds character and uniqueness to jewelry, so it is worth marking it with your logo, name, an important date, or other short text, that carries a certain message. Most often, we use laser engraving on plates in the form of pendants and connectors, which are commonly used in making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Find out more about laser gold services: “Silver and Gold Laser Marking Services” as well as engraving on other materials: “Other Marking Services”

c) thanks to CNC services, personalized jewelry is also created. This service gives customers full control over the design of unique jewelry, from A to Z according to their ideas. The most popular personalized gold jewelry are pendants in the form of plates. Our offer includes round, rectangular, heart-shaped, clover, or cross-shaped plaques, but if you do not find the shape you are looking for, send us your design, drawing, photos, or just a project description, and we will verify and design it according to your guidelines, then cut it out, and the design will stay available only for your review and re-production. In addition to the shape itself, it is worth going a step further and adding an engraving in the form of your logo, gold quality stamp, name, important date, or other short text. The next step is to hang personalized pendants on a chain with bail or on a bracelet by use of a jump ring or clasp, making a unique piece of jewelry with character. Read more about personalized jewelry: “Personalized jewelry production”

d) in addition to CNC services, we also offer gold soldering, which is joining gold jewelry findings with the use of heat. The complexity of some projects forced us to use several different methods and devices matched to the needs of customers, thanks to which we ensure high precision and durability of connections, as well as the aesthetic value of the soldered elements. Moreover, the elements are being mounted by hands, which eliminates the risk of product imperfections. Read more about gold soldering: “Silver and gold soldering”

e) another jewelry service in our offer is testing the thickness of galvanic coatings used on metals and testing the alloy composition in gold jewelry, solutions, powder, and granules, with an accuracy of 24 chemical elements. The tests are non-invasive, thanks to which the jewelry is not damaged. Find out more about galvanic coating thickness testing: “Galvanic coating thickness testing”

f) if you like jewelry in golden shades, but 585 gold jewelry seems too expensive to you, we recommend the option of gold plating of silver, which is also noble, high quality, beautiful, and much cheaper than gold. Gold plating jewelry is one of the galvanization processes and its procedure is to cover silver with 24 or 18-carat gold in the form of a layer 0.5 micrometers thick. The color of plating depends on the composition of the alloy, which is influenced by the amount and type of other metal admixtures. Our offer includes 24-carat gold plating, 18-carat light gold plating, and pink gold plating, also known as rose gold. Plating is used for visual and protective purposes, protecting the jewelry against the negative influence of external factors. However, it should be remembered that this layer does not last forever so it can fade and get scratched over time. Although there are methods of restoring plated jewelry, it is worth taking care of it and minimizing the risk of losing its charm by:
– avoiding its contact with salt and chlorinated water,
– avoiding its contact with detergents and other chemical solutions,
– avoiding its contact with cosmetics – remove jewelry while applying cosmetics and wait until the skin absorbs them,
– avoiding bathing in jewelry,
– after removing jewelry, store it in a dry place, preferably in a box dedicated to jewelry or a zip-up bag, avoid a bathroom as there is a high concentration of humidity.
Find out more about galvanic services: “Jewellery plating”


Gold jewelry trends are changing dynamically, therefore goldsmiths and jewelry designers must systematically follow new trends and stay ahead of the competition by creating modern and surprising designs. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we are in constant contact with our customers and help them in creating more and more innovative solutions. Thanks to this, when you decide to cooperate with us, you will receive not only the highest quality products but also advice and support in the development of your own jewelry brand. No matter what kind and style of jewelry you create, you will always need basic elements and accessories, and we will make sure that they meet your expectations.
Do you want to find out more?
Find out more about personalised jewellery: “Personalized jewellery with individual engraving”

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