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GAVBARI is a brand offering high-quality crystals, pearls and natural stones, in the form of beads, pendants and stones for gluing, among which there are the rarest and most expensive gemstones in nature, such as: emeralds, rubies and sapphires, as well as Rivoli semi-precious stones. They charm not only with their natural beauty, but also with impeccable cut and an astonishing blaze of colors. Jewelry with stones is considered the most valuable, timeless, unique, durable and symbolic, so it is worth using their magical power and composing collections that will dazzle your customers. In order to facilitate the creation of such decorations, we constantly design new patterns of jewelry findings for hanging and gluing, which perfectly match the stones, making the creation of jewelry extremely pleasant. Below we present silver findings dedicated to natural stones and GAVBARI crystals.

crystals for jewelry

Great Britain, which began an adventure with manufacturing crystals, using silica sand, limestone and potassium as early as the 12th century, is considered to be the initiation of the creation of crystals. The breakthrough came at the end of the 17th century, when the importer of Venetian glass, George Ravenscroft, developed a new recipe with the addition of lead oxide. The new technology made the glass softer and more impeccable, which made it possible to create perfectly smooth crystals, free from any blemishes and cavities. The crystals were used to create ancient vessels and goblets for toasts, which were additionally decorated with historical scenes, war episodes and portraits. Over time, the crystals took on more and more sophisticated and fanciful forms, thanks to which they were also used in interior design, where they have remained until today.

Over the years, newer cutting techniques were developed, which gave the crystals excellent optical properties and attractive light refraction, thanks to which they were started to be used in jewelry. Properly cut crystals confusingly resembled diamonds, delighted with their brilliance and gave the jewelry a unique character, which is why they were used to design exquisite jewelry that not many could afford. However, as time passed, crystals became more and more popular and allowed for creative and intricate patterns, offering endless possibilities. In addition to jewelry, they were also used to decorate various types of accessories and dance costumes. Currently, crystals are used by jewelers most often in combination with silver or gold, but they are also very popular among handmade jewelry makers in such techniques as: soutache, beading and wire wrapping.

If you would like to create extraordinary accessories with dazzling shine and attention to every detail, check our offer in the category GAVBARI crystals and jewelry findings.

GAVBARI crystals for gluing

GAVBARI crystals, due to their neutral white and transparent color, perfectly harmonize with any type of jewelry that meets the tastes of most women. Their impeccable transparency and dazzling shine make them a perfect match for both silver and gold. These elegant jewelry decorations are characterized by high brilliance, resulting from the reflection of rays of the incident light. From crystals, we can make accessories for many occasions and in various styles. From classic, through elegant, casual, avant-garde, artistic, to everyday jewelry. It is worth designing subtle sets of small crystals with silver or gold elements, obtaining sensual decorations distinguished by a delicate gloss and discreet elegance. But you can also let your imagination run wild and create massive, expressive and richly decorated sets for courageous women who want to attract attention and value luxurious body decorations. It is worth remembering that jewelry with crystals adds femininity and self-confidence, as well as subtly emphasizes the beauty of the owner and adds uniqueness to the entire styling.

Taking into account the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, we are constantly expanding our offer with new decorative elements, at the same time designing silver settings for them, which significantly facilitate work and make the finished products captivating and refined in every detail. Below we present a novelty in our offer in the form of crystals in various shapes, sizes and methods of applications. In the process of creating jewelry, the work is significantly facilitated by silver findings, which, accompanied by crystals, further emphasize their natural beauty and shine.


GAVBARI Rivoli crystals

Rivoli crystals are beautifully shimmering round crystals, with a precise cut, similar to that used in diamonds. The stone consists of 16 symmetrically radiating triangular facets that cluster in the pointed top of the crystal. Both its top and bottom have the same shape and turn into a cone. The bottom of the crystal, however, has been additionally covered with a mirror coating that reflects the incoming light, making the GAVBARI crystal gain an extraordinary glow. Thanks to this coating the crystal, after being glued into dedicated setting, still shimmers beautifully and does not lose its charm. What’s more, this model has no holes, so it is perfect for sticking into metal frames or other ones matched to the shape and size of the cavity. In our offer, you will find ready-made jewelry accessories dedicated to Rivoli crystals, which offer many creative possibilities. Among them there are also components for men in the form of silver cufflinks, which, after gluing in crystals, will become attractive men’s jewelry not only for special occasions, but also for less ceremonial meetings. Ready jewelry supplies make creating jewelry with crystals extremely easy and fun.

An example is the delicate setting of stud earrings, more massive silver leverbacks, in which we place one crystal each, or settings for long earrings, in which we can glue more Rivoli. Crystal earrings illuminate the face beautifully and emphasize the color of the eyes. It is also worth adding light or dark gold, pink gold, platinum or rhodium plating to them, in order to match the metal to the beauty or preferences of the owner. For people with no holes in the ears, we also offer silver clips.

With the help of jewelry making supplies, you can also create charming necklaces. One of the options is a necklace bail in the form of a pendant, into which we glue the crystal in, and then thread a silver chain through it. Another proposal is a delicate pendant bail for gluing-in, which we mount on a chain with jumprings or an additional bail, composing a necklace with a crystal. For fans of linking elements, we recommend a connector pendant, which you just need to join on both sides with a two-piece anchor chain to create an eye-catching necklace.

Jewelry with crystals can also beautifully decorate wrists. An interesting option is a universal bangle bracelet, which we decorate with two Rivoli crystals. If we are looking for more sophisticated models, a modular bracelet will be perfect, which can be embellished not only with crystals, but also with compositions of natural stones such as: quartz, chalcedony, chrysoprase, jade, carnelian, onyx or tiger’s eye – all available in our offer.

Rings with crystals are often a perfect complement to the decoration of the ears or neckline, therefore our offer also includes settings for rings such as: universal ring for one, two or three Rivoli crystals. In addition to settings for earrings, bracelets or rings – we also take care of a wide selection of pendants with motifs that can be used both as pendants for necklaces, earring pendants, as well as connectors and charms for bracelets. An example is the infinity pendant, the moon and the owl.

When creating subtle jewelry, it is worth trying styles with one crystal, which is the central part of the ornament. An example is Fatima’s hand pendant, a Greek maze, a butterfly and a heart pendant – the setting for Rivoli. If, however, you are looking for more sophisticated patterns, decorated with more crystals, an alternative will be a cross, triple pendant for earrings or necklace connector.
rivoli crystals jewelry

These famous gems are also often chosen by handmakers. They are used in techniques such as soutache and beading, where they are usually glued or threaded with finer beads, by use of needle and thread – creating a kind of bezel. Jewelry stones GAVBARI Rivoli, as well as dedicated silver settings, are available in various sizes, namely: Rivoli 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm.

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GAVBARI Square Cushion Crystals

An alternative to Rivoli’s round crystals is GAVBARI Square Cushion. The Square Cushion crystal is in the form of a rounded square in the size of 12 mm and its appearance resembles a cushion – as its name suggests. This stone, like the Rivoli crystal, is distinguished by a precise cut, thanks to which it exhibits high brilliance. Its bottom turns into a cone, which makes it possible to embed it deeply, thus reducing the risk of catching and losing the crystal. The bottom is also covered with foil, which reflects the light entering the crystal, enhancing its shine. Discover a wide selection of silver bases dedicated to crystal Cushion Square 12 mm.
square cushion
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GAVBARI Chaton Crystals

The 925CRAFT offer also includes Chaton crystals, known for their charm associated with the beauty of real diamonds. The offered Chatons are round, with a diameter of 8 mm, and their lower part, called the pavilion, turns into a cone, which has been additionally foiled. This process consists of covering the bottom of the crystal with a mirror coating that does not allow light to pass through, reflecting it and thus enhancing the brilliance of the crystal. Foiled crystals are most often placed in frames or tailor-made settings.

Their example are semi-finished products in which the cavities are perfectly matched to the bottom of this type of crystal. Silver settings dedicated to crystals not only facilitate and accelerate the process of jewelry creating, but also:

  • thanks to perfectly matched cavities, they hide foiling that does not look attractive from the outside,
  • protect the crystal from falling out, because it is glued along its entire circumference, and the adhesive surface connecting the base with the ornament – reaches up to the rim of the crystal,
  • in the case of foiled crystals, they allow to glue them freely without losing their natural glow,
  • they allow for effective exposure of the stone, because the light coming through the upper surface of the crystal is reflected from the mirror coating located in its lower part,
  • thanks to the smooth inner surface of the cups, they allow the light to enter evenly, which results in phenomenal reflections caused by surrounding lighting,
  • the perfectly matched frames and a deep cavities make the composed accessory streamlined, without protruding elements, which reduces the risk of snagging, chipping and, as a result, damage or loss of the crystal.

Elements with Chatons, made with the use of custom-made bases, are perfect as decorations for special occasions, but also thanks to the solid placement of the crystal in the base, they will be great as everyday jewelry. Another technique for creating this type of ornament is placing crystals in laser-cut or drilled cavities, securing them with glue. Below we present a few examples of settings dedicated to GAVBARI Chaton, thanks to which you can compose elegant silver studs, a delicate necklace with a bail, sensual earwires, a subtle ring with a chaton or long earrings with a pendant. 

 sterling silver stud earrings
silver bail rivoli setting
 earring hooks - rivoli settings
jewelry making
jewellery making materials

The GAVBARI Chaton crystals described above have a diameter of 8 mm, but in our offer you will also find tiny cuts with a diameter of only 1.3 mm. Such models are most often placed in modelling clays, ceramics, as well as epoxy resin or UV resins. In this way, we can place one larger crystal, or create whole compositions consisting of many crystals of different sizes, arranged next to each other or creating fancy patterns. On the other hand, non-foiled crystals, unlike foiled ones, will lose their charm when placed in full bases, so in the case of styles without mirror foil covering from the bottom, it is worth using the so-called openwork frames. Such settings usually hold the crystal with claws, and their open design allows maximum exposure to light, which brings out the most beautiful features of crystals. Openwork bases, however, are easier to hook on something, as a result of which the crystal can be chipped and lost, which is why this type of jewelry is usually intended for special occasions.

flat back crystals

GAVBARI Flat Back crystals

For cabochon fans, we offer GAVBARI Flat Back Chatons – round crystals with a flat bottom and a diameter of 1.7 mm. These types of crystals can also be placed in Swarovski Ceralun mass, as well as epoxy resin and UV resin, but due to their flat bottom – they offer more possibilities. These crystals are great for decorating flat surfaces, such as laser-cut findings, which can be used in many ways. For example, a heart pendant, after engraving and gluing a crystal and then combined with a sterling silver necklace chain, will become a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or other occasion. The letter pendant, after decorating with a crystal and attaching it to the bracelet chain, turns out to be a beautiful gift as a bracelet for a friend. Another example is a clover pendant that can be combined with earwires to create charming dangling earrings.

GAVBARI crystal pendants

What is the Aurora Borealis effect in crystals?

Aurora Borealis is a special effect applied to GAVBARI crystals to give them a richness of shine and shades. The name comes from Latin and means the northern lights, which it resembles. The crystal is sprinkled with particles of metal, which gives the impression of iridescence and depth of the stone, and also makes it sparkle with the colors of the rainbow depending on the surroundings and the incident light. Due to the dominant colors falling into shades of lavender, turquoise and yellow, the crystals perfectly match silver in the form of earwires for earrings, bails for necklaces, bases for bracelets or rings, as well as cufflinks. The inventor of this effect is considered to be Swarovski, which in the 1950s created it in collaboration with Christian Dior. For simplicity, the abbreviation AB is often used, which comes from the first letters of Aurora Borealis. The 925CRAFT offer includes crystals with a hole, i.e. bicone-type faceted beads, as well as pendants in the shape of almonds and hearts.

heart crystals pendants
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teardrop crystal pendant
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GAVBARI jewelry crystals in the form of pendants offer a wide range of possibilities for creating body adornments. As the name suggests, we most often mount them by hanging on other elements, making earrings, necklaces, or charms for bracelets and rings. The crystals available in our offer are the most popular heart-shaped and almond-shaped models. The almond pendant (teardrop) comes in a size of 9 × 16 mm, in two versions: clear crystal and crystal with the Aurora Borealis effect, while the heart pendant is available in sizes 10 mm and 14 mm, also with the AB effect. The crystals have neutral color, so they match gold and silver, as well as rose gold and rhodium-plated silver.
silver findings
crystals for jewelry making

Pendants can be connected with jump rings and chains to make a necklace or bracelet. If you are looking for a more sophisticated solution, it is worth choosing a jewelry bail, which you can mount in the holes of the crystal, and then thread it through the sterling silver chain – creating a phenomenal necklace. If you plan to make earrings with crystals, it is worth having leverbacks for crystals, equipped with pins, which are inserted into the crystal hole and after clamping – the earrings are ready to put on. If  you want to compose long earrings fashionable in recent seasons, just connect the earwires with a connector pendant, e.g. an infinity sign, a bee or an engraving tag, and then, using a jumpring, attach a bail with loop, then clamp the crystal and our dangling earrings are ready.

By creating jewelry with crystal pendants, depending on their size and the number of decorations, we are able to create models for both fans of subtle and more alluring jewelry. Silver earrings or a delicate necklace, e.g. with a small heart crystal pendant on a bail, will also be a perfect addition to your everyday style. Regardless of which crystals you choose, when designing your ornaments, we guarantee that each choice will be beautifully presented thanks to its magical glow. Crystal pendants can also be replaced with the same patterns made of semi-precious stones.

GAVBARI crystal bicone beads

GAVBARI crystal beads are in the form of cones with a height and width of 4 mm. Their walls are faceted – that is, polished in such a way that they shine beautifully depending on the incident light. In addition, the Aurora Borealis effect has been applied to the individual walls of the beads, which creates the impression of a rainbow, making the beads sparkle beautifully. GAVBARI crystal beads offer many possibilities in creating jewelry, because they can be threaded on various types of carriers such as: strings, cords, chains or jewelry pins.
 crystal beads wholesale
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Headpins wire lenght 35mm
Silver 925


An example will be a ready-made silver necklace base, consisting of a delicate anchor chain with the attached pin, on which you can thread bicone crystals or another composition based on beads and various decorations, such as pearls or natural stones. The jewelry pins ends with a hook on one side, while the other side is open to thread ornaments on it, and then, using round pliers, bend it into the same hook, locking the beads and connecting it to the other end of the chain. It is also worth making a jewelry set by adding a silver bracelet chain, which you can decorate with beads in the same way as a necklace. An example of a gold-plated bracelet with a pin and crystal bicones is shown above.

Another idea are very popular elastic bracelets, which can be composed of crystal beads or combined with other elements, such as: pearls, precious stones or jewelry findings such as pendants, spacers or silver balls.

An interesting proposition is also a multi-layer bracelet, made on the basis of a string decorated with faceted bicone beads and crimp beads that lock them in place. In this way, you can create a bracelet or a necklace that will be finished with a clasp, such as: lobster claw clasp, toggle or federing, as well as a chain necklace extension – to adjust the size of the jewelry to the preferences of the owner. It is worth finishing the chain extension with a silver ball or tag with hallmark or logo, which will additionally be its elegant finish. An example of a string bracelet is shown above.

Crystal beads for jewelry making are often selected as the main material for creating grape cluster jewelry. This technique involves threading beads on pins, hooks or strings and then forming a bunch of grapes out of them. Fans of natural stones instead of crystal bicone beads can use round faceted gemstone beads such as ruby, emerald and sapphire. Examples include dangling earrings with a pendant made on a bail with six hooks, or a beaded ring – seen in the photos above.

For fans of long, but delicate earrings, an interesting concept may be earrings composed of one long pin ended with a cap, with strung bicone beads, combined with a simple earwire. Silver pins are available in various lengths, wire diameters and with different endings such as a hook, ball, cap or melted tip, so everyone will find the option they need. For more patient people, we recommend a bracelet or necklace made of beads, strung according to a certain pattern. If you are interested, watch the video on how to make a bead bracelet on our YouTube channel: DIY with 925CRAFT.

GAVBARI crystals vs. Crystals from Swarovski

Due to the fact that Swarovski crystals will probably not soon be available in the current sales model due to the company’s business transformation, we encourage you to replace them with equally excellent quality and at the same time attractive prices of GAVBARI brand products:, such as: crystals, pearls and natural stones corresponding to the popular styles. As a company with almost 35 years of experience, serving over 37,000 customers, we make every effort to adapt our offer to customer expectations on an ongoing basis, and to supplement it with forms adequate to the patterns used for a long time. Below, we present GAVBARI crystals as equivalents of specific Swarovski models.



Swarovski Rivoli 1122 ss 29 crystal      ––> GAVBARI Rivoli 6 mm crystal
Swarovski Rivoli 1122 ss 39 crystal      ––> GAVBARI Rivoli 8 mm crystal
Swarovski Rivoli 1122 ss 47 crystal      ––> GAVBARI Rivoli 10 mm crystal
Swarovski Rivoli 1122 mm 12 crystal    ––> GAVBARI Rivoli 12 mm crystal
Swarovski 4470 mm 12 crystal               ––> GAVBARI Square Cushion 12 mm crystal
Swarovski 1088 pp 5 crystal                   ––> GAVBARI Chaton 1,3 mm crystal
Swarovski 1088 ss 39 crystal                 ––> GAVBARI Chaton 8 mm crystal
Swarovski 2058 ss 5 crystal                   ––> GAVBARI Flat back chaton 1.7 mm crystal


Swarovski 5328 mm 4 crystal AB.         ––> GAVBARI Bicone Bead 4 mm crystal AB


Swarovski 6106 mm 16 crystal              ––> GAVBARI Pendant almond 9 × 16 mm crystal
Swarovski 6106 mm 16 crystal AB       ––> GAVBARI Pendant almond 9 × 16 mm crystal AB
Swarovski 6228 mm 10 crystal AB        ––> GAVBARI Heart pendant 10 mm crystal AB
Swarovski 6228 mm 14 crystal AB        ––> GAVBARI Heart pendant 14 mm crystal AB
Choose silver findings for stones / crystals

Crystals have been with us for centuries and there is no indication that their popularity is decreasing, so it is worth using them in your collections and creating original, stylish and magnificent accessories that will delight with their wonderful shine and elegance. These magical ornaments should be combined with silver, which emphasizes their charm, and also never goes out of fashion and never fades away. Silver jewelry is extremely versatile, suitable for any occasion, as well as for any type of beauty, because for people with warm complexion or fans of gold, we offer gold-plating of all our components, i.e. covering the silver with a layer of 18- or 24-carat gold. What’s more, our silver is not only of the highest quality, but also does not contain allergenic nickel, therefore it is safe for allergy sufferers.

As a jewelry findings manufacturer, in addition to GAVBARI crystals and silver components, we also offer gold 585 and gold 333, as well as additional jewelry services such as: engraving, personalized and advertising jewelry, laser cutting, design and production of 2D and 3D jewelry, soldering, oxidation and many others. Therefore, if you are already creating or planning to create your own patterns, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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