Fashionable chain jewellery

Silver chains, which are available in a wide range of many beautiful patterns and various lengths have been very popular in jewellery trends for many decades. They are liked not only by women, but also by men who wear them very often, keeping up with fashion trends.

silver bulk chains

Nowadays, the chains in the form of thicker links, are popular not only among men, but this season their popularity has increased also among women. Although it would seem that this is a bold proposal sometimes, but thick chains form a pleasing combination both in sports and in more elegant styles. As an alternative for the lovers of more subtle chains, there is also a wide area of delicate and interesting ideas to match everyone’s preferences in silver, rhodium or gold plated chains that could be found in Silvexcraft’s offer.
Among them, the most popular according to the form of the links there are anchor, rolo, cardano, curb and snake chains. Although the chains could represent just a minimalistic addition to our dress code, beautiful in itself, it could also serve as a base for creating more sophisticated jewellery styles.

Chains as base for creating bracelets and necklaces

Silver chains are a good starting base material for creating your own unique jewelry. Although they are designed to look great on the neck, they could be a great complement to a personalized styling of earrings or hand or leg bracelets. According to someone’s preferences or imagination, a new idea could arise and a new piece of jewellery that distinguish us from the crowd could take shape. Another magnificent idea is represented by the simple way to multiply chains of different lengths and dazzlingly decorate the neckline. For modern and daring ladies who like to reveal their back, such an ornament will be ideal to complete the attire of an evening dress, drawing admiration through looks and attitude.
SILVEXCRAFT offer includes a large selection of gold and silver pendants, charms, Swarovski crystals and other jewellery components that can be additional elements to a particular project. Delicate and thin chains can be used to create special earrings that look very fashionable with this season’s tassels. With a minimalist chain, just by simply connecting any silver or gold pendant would lead to the creation of a celebrity fashionable necklace. Moreover, a combination with a personalized silver plate with engraving can also become a very good gift, bringing joy and having a deep meaning.

Wing pendant

Coreana chains

Angel wings necklaces

Today, one of the most fashionable motifs in silver jewelry supplies are the angel’s wings, which in combination with any type of chain, would make every individual concept to become a creative expression in reality. Many people prefer this special item because they associate it with its symbolic meaning: the long wanted desire of every human to fly, the thoughts and the feelings of freedom and victory. With this kind of jewellery supplies, everyone can freely compose necklaces or bracelet with wings motives, using it as a pendant or connnector.
When creating jewellery from chains, there is no limitation. Letting the imagination run free could lead to innovative ideas and connect the chains with different materials or conferring uniqueness to the composition by adding beads, crystals or feathers.
Regardless of how easily we succumb to fashion madness and trends, chains have been reigning and will reign everyday stylizations in jewellery fashion.

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