There is no doubt that the popularity of handmade products derives, among other things, from the fact that they offer almost infinite possibilities to express creativity and preferences according to each choice in particular. This is especially important for people who do not prefer routine designs and models available at every step, but choose to have something personalized and unique.

In order to create jewellery, professional accessories and jewellery tools are required, especially created not to damage the components but to speed up and to facilitate our work. One of these are various types and most used, are the special designed jewellery pliers. Using them, we could capture small pieces of jewellery, for example necklace fasteners or small jumprings. The same way goes also for jewellery tongs, we can easily place items dedicated for bases, tighten the end elements and bend the silver wire in such a way in order to obtain the desired shape.

Next to the tongs, a very helpful jewellery tool are the cutting ones used for pruning (eg. wire) and jewellery tweezers, which are used to capture and hold, for example, beads, crystals, pearls or stones. Among other useful accessories would also be a jeweler’s mat, made of a delicate material which prevents the scattering of beads and small components, at the same time not scratching them.

In order to create and materialize every DIY jewellery idea, anyone would be able to use any material for jewelley and semi-finished products – it all depends on the designer’s imagination. The most popular items for jewellery making still include gold and silver jewellery components, as well as Swarovski crystals and pearls, whose range of colors and patterns is constantly expanding.

One of the most popular and loved sets among customers to create your own jewels is “DIY jewellery kit – Do it yourself with SILVEXCRAFT NO.02002“. The set contains all the necessary elements for the personal implementation of the set: from silver bases to which rivoli crystals are glued, to silver chains from which we can compose a bracelet and a necklace, as well as small but necessary elements like the clasp to the bracelet and the mentioned jumprings.The set is completed by the beautiful Swarovski rivoli crystals, SILVEXCRAFT being a representative and a certified distributor.


Double ring setting for Rivoli


1122 SS 24 CRYSTAL F


Ring setting for Rivoli


Doing jewellery with this set should be extremely simple and should not cause any problems, but in order to acquire more knowledge and to improve the skills, we invite you to participate in interesting trainings carried out at the Jewellery Training Center at the headquarters of our company in Tyczyn, near Rzeszów.

Performing and making DIY jewellery brings immense satisfaction and joy, everybody love to be a creator and express their ideas and personality through something made by themselves. That is why those who doesn’t like finished things will find fun and pleasure in creating it.