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As a manufacturer of jewelry with 35 years of experience, we built a modern machine park, so in addition to the production itself, we also offer other jewelry solutions, such as CNC services, foundry services, galvanization, soldering, production of personalized jewelry and production of advertising jewelry (see the tabs above). In this article we will focus on CNC services including laser cutting jewelry and laser marking jewelry. The CNC comes from the term: Computer Numerical Control – which means automated control of processing metals and other materials. These processes bring production of jewelry components to a higher level – in terms of quality, quantity and speed of orders realization.

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Laser cutting jewelry

Metal laser cutting services have broadened the possibilities of making jewelry findings, in the form of attractive and sometimes very complex shapes – even in case of very small elements. A tiny beam of laser radiation facilitates a precise cutting line, and also gives unlimited possibilities of creating shapes and decorations. Advanced laser technology allows us very accurately reproduce projects developed by the use of specialized computer software. In addition to the fact that we create our own, innovative and unique jewellery designs, we also implement individual ideas of our clients based on vector projects. If clients don’t have dedicated projects for computer software, we are also able to make a project of laser-cut jewelry, based on the submitted sketches, photos, and even descriptions of ideas.
Jewelry components are cut on specially designed and automated machines for mass production, therefore we are able to produce very large orders in a quick and effective way. We currently provide laser-cut silver findings in the following thicknesses: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 , 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm, and gold findings in 0.3 and 0.5 mm. The minimum quantity for order 1.0 or 1.2 thickness is 1000 grams. Our standard offer of laser cut elements includes a wide selection of round, oval and rectangle pendants of various sizes and thicknesses. Apart from classic shapes, very popular are pendants with meaning, which are very often chosen for a gift. Most common are: hearts, infinity signs, baby’s feet, angels, medallions, crosses, wings, letters, names and zodiac signs. We also supply various forms of stars, moons, plants and animals, as well as engraved dog tags and jewelry end tags. Depending on seasons and occasions, patterns such as snowflake, reindeer, Christmas tree, swallow, tree of life, clover, Easter bunny, shell, seahorse, dolphin, coffee bean, owl or bat, are in favor. The perfect example presenting the precision of cutting are openwork pendants, that require extraordinary accuracy of the cutting line.

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Hallmarking jewelry

Apart from laser cutting, we also offer the possibility of hallmarking silver and gold, which is one of the forms of engraving. Thanks to very precise CNC machines, we are able to accurately reproduce designs, mark areas inaccessible to traditional methods, and apply very detailed patterns, both on large and small surfaces. Individual projects created by our clients, or designed by our creative and experienced employees, will add character and a unique look to even the most banal jewelry. Examples of designs may include a company’s name, logo, initials, a loved one’s name, important date, place, decorative pattern, emoticon, or other short message. In case of engraving a logo or trademark – jewelry becomes an advertising gadget, which apart from unique promotional values, may also turn out to be an ideal gift for customers. Our offer includes a large selection of gold and silver jewelry findings, made of silver 925 and gold 585, in classic and more avant-garde style, also decorated with crystals, Italian Alcantara leather, exotic wood and recently very popular – epoxy resin. We provide a wide choice of ready-made tags for engraving, but if you do not find the product you need, design your own or contact us, and we will happily advise, and produce it especially for you.
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Laser marking – advantages

  • laser marking is much faster than marking with traditional methods,
  • the laser beam often reaches areas where traditional marking is not possible,
  • a tiny beam of light is more precise, so it’s possible to make very small and intricate patterns, even on very small surfaces,
  • this technique allows very accurately to reproduce the designs developed by using specialized computer software,
  • the advantage of laser marking is repeatability, so the pattern looks exactly the same on all products,
  • the laser can mark various types of materials,
  • during laser marking there is a much lower risk of damaging the product.

Laser cut jewelry – examples

As a jewelry findings supplier we offer over 16,000 semi-finished products made of silver and gold, and many of them are laser cut. The broadest category includes pendants and connectors, but we also use laser-cut shapes to create stud earrings, cufflinks and charms bases, as well as hallmark tags. Laser cut elements offer many possibilities in jewelry making. Pendants and connectors can be combined with each other and with other elements like silver chains and jewelry bails, jump rings or jewelry clasps. They can decorate string bracelets, and be connected with earring wires – resulting as beautiful long earrings. 

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Laser cut components can also be soldered with silver posts, creating unique earrings, or with cufflinks mechanisms – creating fashionable jewelry for men. Another example is the finishing of bracelets and necklaces with engraved tags, thanks to which the jewelry gains diversity in terms of size matching and even greater visual uniqueness. Below we present the most desired patterns of laser cut jewelry.

Letter pendants

Initial pendants have dominated jewelry trends in recent seasons, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer in this category with new styles and sizes. Small alphabet pendants have always been fashionable, mostly decorating necklaces or charm bracelets, suggesting your own, your child’s or other loved one’s initials. Pendants with letters also often act as unique symbols or codes and are associated with the name of a favorite city or another magic word carrying an individual message. This year, in contrast to previous seasons, massive letters dominate, and they decorate not only necklaces, but also earrings. Jewelry made with them is often chosen as
a personalized gift. We present some jewelry inspirations below:
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personalized name necklace
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Animal pendants

Jewelry with animals has always carried a rich symbolism, and their meaning often depends on certain cultures, beliefs and traditions. Some meanings have evolved over the years, but many have remained the same and became universal to most cultures and places around the world. The most popular animal pendants are:
  • butterfly – symbolizing transformation and a new beginning,
  • dragonfly – renewal and immortality,
  • hummingbird – lightness and cheerfulness,
  • bee – diligence and tidiness,
  • swallow is a harbinger of spring, as well as a symbol of fertility and rebirth,
  • fox is associated with cleverness,
  • dolphin with intelligence,
  • owl with wisdom and vigilance,
  • elephant with strength and power,
  • horse with speed and vitality.
Animal jewelry apart from the fact that it carries a certain symbolism, it is a perfect gift for animal lovers. For the dog owner, a great gift makes a dog paw pendant, dog ring or dog earrings. For cat lovers, we recommend cat pendant pearl 8 mm base, cat ring, cat charms, cat earrings or cat pendant base for Rivoli 6 mm. In addition to the jewelry itself, it is worth engraving it with the pet’s name, date of birth, as well as a telephone number or address in case of loss. The above suggestions are also recommended for people who do not have pets, because the dog symbolizes loyalty and friendship, and the cat is associated with magic and following its own paths. Animal jewelry is also an interesting proposition as a gift for children, for example: dolphin earrings, butterfly earrings, an elephant pendant, or a mermaid pendant. Pendants with animals are perfect for decorating a necklace or bracelet, while animal shaped rings and stud earrings will complement any stylization in an interesting way. Our offer includes a wide selection of animal-inspired components, and below we present a few of them:
unicorn earrings
butterfly pendant
silver dog tag
bee pendant
cats earrings

Rosette pendants

Laser cut services, apart from classic pendants, also let producing more attractive ones, in the form of openwork pendants. One of the most sophisticated examples are light and delicate ornaments with intricate cuts and compositions – called rosettes. The rosette is a motif that has existed since prehistoric times, often considered as
a magic symbol and associated with the flower of life inscribed in a circle, as well as with the Slavic symbol of the Sun, protecting against evil powers. The rosette pendant itself is extremely decorative, light, delicate, resembling lace, and its meticulous motifs are characterized by extraordinary precision, so it is enough just to hang it on a chain, bracelet or combine with ear wires to create extraordinary earrings. Jewelry with a rosette emphasizes femininity and sensuality, and is also believed to ensure prosperity and protect from all misfortunes. Below are some examples of jewelry with rosettes:
rosette necklace
gold plated silver
rosette earrings
custom bracelets
sterling silver earring hooks

Gift jewelry

Jewelry has always been a charming gift idea, for women, men and children, and throughout the year there are many occasions perfect for handing out jewelry. For example for the birth of a child, a baby feet pendant with an engraved name or date of birth will be great. For baptism and communion, an angel pendant or medallion are very often chosen. Universal and timeless heart pendants are perfect for various occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, and the connectors with the infinity sign symbolize boundless love and friendship. As a Christmas gift, it is worth choosing personalised gifts related to the character or interests of a given person – for example a compass for a travel enthusiast, an anchor for marine lovers, a bike pendant is perfect for a cyclist, and horse earrings for a horse rider. Jewelry inspired by seasons such as snowflake, Christmas tree, reindeer, rainbow or Easter bunny is also popular. For birthdays, we recommend universal pendants symbolizing happiness, such as an elephant, horseshoe or four-leaf clover, as well as more youthful and humorous pendants, for example an emoticon, which will be perfectly complemented by a string bracelet. If you are looking for more luxurious models, you should choose one of the many pendants with crystals , such as the moon pendant. Below we present few gift ideas:

engraved baby feet pendant
heart shape pendant
angel pendant
infinity pendant

Pendants for men

Jewelry increasingly adorns men’s stylizations, not only as cufflinks and rings, but also bracelets and necklaces, made of delicate or heavy chains, worn individually or in sets, often decorated with pendants. The most popular of them are string bracelets with an anchor and an infinity sign pendant, a gun or a bull’s head, as well as chain necklaces with an eagle, a cross or an engraved dog tag. Men’s pendants can be combined with bracelets and necklaces, creating unique collections. Engravings can include text, symbol or graphics, which will add to mens jewelry a unique character. Below are some examples of jewelry for men:
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jewelry for men
 gift pendants
pendants for men

Long-term cooperation with many companies from around the world, prompts us to constantly expand our services to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs. For this purpose, a team of experienced employees is constantly working on introducing more advanced solutions, which not only facilitate and accelerate the production of jewelry findings, but also expand the range of our services. Laser cutting and marking services are perfect for producing patterns created by our designers, but they are also very popular among customers, who want to draw and manufacture jewelry according to their own ideas. In addition to an individual pattern, size, sheet thickness and type of metal, there is also the option of plating and engraving. The projects designed and created by yourself, will let you produce unique models, thanks to which the jewelry will stand out on the market and will surprise your customers. All silver jewelry supplies are available in 24-carat gold plating, 18-carat light gold plating, 18-carat pink gold plating, platinum, as well as light rhodium plating. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the offer of components made of gold 585 and gold 333.

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